The most controversial letter Malcolm Turnbull will ever receive

A letter addressed to Malcolm Turnbull and Peter Dutton and signed by 600 refugees currently living on Manus Island in

A letter addressed to Malcolm Turnbull and Peter Dutton and signed by 600 refugees currently living on Manus Island in detention calls on the government to do the unthinkable.

The letter was published by Vice, and also on human rights lawyer Julian Burnside’s website and it is very difficult to read.

The letter’s signatories represent two-thirds of the detention centre population and they say they have done their job of stopping the boats.

The letter is pictured below, with a transcript beneath.

Manus refugees letter to Turnbull

Hello Dear Mr Malcolm Turnbull and Peter Dutton.
As the refugees and asylum seekers trapped in Manus Island detention we wold like to request you something different this time.
As previously we wrote and asked for help and there was no respond to our request to be freed out of detention we realized that there are no differences between us and rubbish but a bunch of slaves that helped to stop the boats by living in hellish condition. The only difference is that we are very costly for the Australian tax payers and the Politicians as our job to “stop the boats” is done.
We would like to give you some recommendations to stop the waste of this huge amount of money ruining Australian’s reputation and to keep the Australian boarders safe forever.
1. A navy ship that can put us all on board and dump us all in the ocean. (HMAS is always available)
2. A gas chamber (DECMIL will do it with a new contract)
3. Injection of a poison. (IHMS will help for this)
This is not a joke or a satire and please take it serious.
We are dying in Manus gradually, every single day we are literarly tortured and traumatized and there is no safe country to offer us protection as DIBP says.
Best regards
Merry Christmas in advance
Manus refugees and asylum seekers.

What do you think of this letter? How do you think the prime minister will respond?

  1. Hell, how tradgic is that, those poor souls must feel lost and abandone

    • No theyre not they can return home any time.. theyve got a roof over their heads 3 meals a day.. r they being educated whilst there.. think of it as a holiday camp

    • No Elaine King they can’t return home because we have bombed it to rubble . And I think people in prison have 3 meals a day and a roof over there head. . What would you do if where you live was was invaded and bombed into oblivion . Would you do your best to get your family out………….of course you would

    • That doesn’t matter Ernie, if you are a Christian then you believe in Christmas and you should want it to be a happy time of peace for all

    • Would love it if the World was at peace.Unfortunately it isn’t mainly because PC got in the way and created a huge problem for the West.

  2. Good try at manipulation . They are not tortured. Not living in the lap of luxury but ARE fed clothed and medically cared for. They also knew where they would go when they left to become a refugee it was well advertised. I guess they thought it wouldn’t last to long before they would get what they want. Perhaps they would like to go back or come here with no benifits after say 3 months !!

    • Betty Allen-Butler…Put in the same situation as the refugees what would you do?

      • Jenny brown  

        I agree with you Betty – this letter sounds like a ‘do-gooder’ scam. If they genuinely left their country because of persecution thy should be DELIghted to be anywhere but where they came from .

    • Betty have You been there and seen that these people are not tortured?? Or is this an assumption of Yours?!
      Get a grip and wake up!! They are being tortured!!

      • Maybe these people should have thought about what might happen before they payed to get on a boat

    • After all this time they are still living in tents, in the tropics where malaria and other diseases thrive

    • How do you know what the conditions are like ? No one is allowed in to find out.

    • The children have been sexually abused and women raped..sure they are having a fun time, no wonder they want to be gassed

    • They surely aren’t living in the lap of luxury. They probably don’t get the Murdoch papers so were unlikely to know they would end up living in these horrible conditions for LIFE! Put yourself in their shoes. You should be ashamed of yourself.

    • So you know this because you have been there and seen it for yourself? I don’t think you know what you’re talking about. All your statement has done is shown how disgustingly selfish you are Betty.

    • who is torturing them our police who are on the island whos raping women and sexually abusing children if its happening at all its most likely their own people doing it so until charges are laid no-one knows if its really happening anyway

    • What newspaper do you read? They have regularly bbeen refused urgent medical attention until it is too late.

    • And Lyne June Brooks there is ample evidence of guards demanding sexual favours for basic services.

    • Perhaps Betty and Lynne would like to spend a week or two over there. They might change their minds. Then again perhaps they like it like that. Whisperers have been told they will go to jail if they blab. They even got rid of the school and turned it into a gym for themselves.

    • Lyne June Brooks. Doesn’t the fact that no one knows what is happening ring alarm bells? Also why are they trying to prevent medical staff, social workers and teachers from saying what they have seen there. These are people who have spent time there effectively being threatened if they speak. That should make you wonder what exactly is going on there or are you completely lacking in empathy?

    • David James By Asylum seekers , None of the rapes , male or female or alleged rapes are by guards .

    • Dawn Bruce, you have proof? I think not!!! If you keep up with the news you will find out differently…

    • David James you’ve seen that with your own eyes have you? No, I didn’t think so. Idiot.

    • We need to hang our heads in shame over the treatment of these people.
      Anyone who thinks they are treated well should be sent over there for a month and then see how they feel.

    • Murray it had been reported. If these camps are well run and the people in them well cared for how come doctors, teachers and social workers are effectively being gagged about what they have WITNESSED there?

    • Murray Korff, when someone resorts to insults shows their intelligence of which you fail…

    • If it is such a paradise why are workers there muzzled. If it is indeed only a step or two down from staying at the Hilton why isn’t the government encouraging workers and visitors to proclaim this to concerned UN officials and Australians. The conditions are deplorable, these people are prisoners and living in far worse conditions than murderers and rapists in Australian gaols but they have actually committed no crime.

  3. It’s a shame the government don’t really care about these people, no one deserves to be treated this way irrespective of their status. I’m truly hoping this is going to cause harm to Abbott, Dutton and Morrison.

    • They knew the consequences. Theyre screaming cos they got busted.. pic of the camp look cleaner than their home towns except they need a roster team to clean up.the camp.. the pics of the toilets were disgusting.. i once saw.. they were excellent toilets.. but covered in crap.. cleaN up aftr yourself. That will give u something to do. If u come to australia u put your name on public housing youl be living on the streets for years that what its like.. realism be happy u got a roof n 3 meals a day.. some dont

    • The guards said the men were a problem, many were thugs, wanted to fight the world, But guards were not allowed to speak out, because it was never Asylum seekers fault , they achieved what they wanted PUBLICITY ,The guards lived in shacks, worse than the tents, no wonder the turn over is huge,

    • I can’t believe a woman would treat another human being like this, what a nasty horrible lot you are. You have absolutely no idea what their circumstances are, just make it up and behave like savage bitches, you disgust me.

    • The ALP treated them worse. There are fewer children and adults in detention now than under the ALP.

    • Well Fred why don’t u take a few into ur care . But make sure u don’t hv any 7 ur old girls there . As they believe they are old enough to become wife’s.

    • John Green, we can agree that Labor supported offshore detention but they are not responsible for the current policies and are not in a position to stop it, I don’t care who is in government, this has to stop, this is not a political football, it’s a humanitarian issue. I argue that Labor did not treat them worse, in fact processed them much more quickly. Len Hutchinson, keep your filthy low life remarks to yourself you racist, sectist bastard. What the hell would you know about these people, nothing, so you make up propaganda crap.

    • could be worse Fred, imagine being married to some of these ferl women, you would be asking eithanasia yourself to get away from them mate

    • Len Hutchingson. Your disgusting comment. Ain’t worthy of a reply. Your a sick man

    • your a dog Len Hutchingson and you sound like your speaking from experience yourself..your a sick man

    • I support the men here all except for that revolting little man Len Hutchingson He is not the sort of person you would invite home to meet your mother, you would have to boil his brain in bleach first and I do not support John Green.

    • some of these people it would kinder to put them out of their misery, imagine living life as mean and spiteful as that

    • Fred ur a bloody idiot thT remark of urs is a absolutely disgrace . Am I racist ur wrong I . Hv a lot of respect and am very pleased to hv people from other country’s here that don’t cause problems like chinese Vietnamese, and many other nationalities . But do they cause problems … They don’t rape and murder and cut off people’s heads ..they actually get a job not bludge off tax payer money . U r one hell off a fool to think this isn’t going to happen here . All ov the world they r killing innocent people and u want to bring these people into our country ur a very sick man . Oh unless u live over the nth shore …

    • And my remark is a fact they do marry 7 yr old baby girls . And tape and kill so don’t fool ur selves . That there belief. U people don’t want to here the true facts . So get ur head out of the sand and look up ..

    • Fred what would I know about kind of people . Well go for a drive throu Bankstown. Lakemba greenacre punch bowl . Majority Muslim . I live there for 30 yrs . So I would hv a bloody Gd idea of what’s going on ..

    • Fred u look a lovely warm caring man.. unfortunately i never found one like u.. my lifestyle was taught to me. It was violent it was the slums. Oh i got educated had great jobs bcos ive no crim history but i had to fight to raise my kids properly i had to learn to fight the mental n physical abuse which my partner he considered was normal he came fr a wealthy qld family.. i went without food to feed my kids . He partyed etc.. my kids r grown now n successful. My credit.. some of these refugees r genuine some r thugs.. id be happy to live in manus in one of those camps. Id treat it like a holiday.. bet they have hot showers. 3 meals a day bedding supplied.. do they have educational facilities. A beach nearby.. reminds me of summer camp when i was a kid or a military facility.. only problem that would be there r the untidy the messy n those who pinch your stuff.. .. oh i handed the brat back to his parents n we all lived happily ever aftr but never on centrelink payments.. we suçceeded. Maybe the government should throw a bit more bromine in the mashed potato. That would calm them.. i bet its the few bad apples living there making it bad 4 all.. thats what its like living in the slums. Some can succeed some go off the scales cos they demand more but cant appreciate what they have

    • I’m sorry to here of your life troubles and have deep empathy for you and I’m happy to here your children have turned out well. In respect of the asylum seekers, we have to understand that the situation indicates women and children are being physically, sexually and mentally abused, I’m sure you don’t advocate that kind of treatment. We also need to appreciate they have been incarcerated for a lengthy period. These people are not criminals, it’s lawful to go to another country and tequest asylum and that country is obligated to review the authentisity of that request and in the mean time treat them humanely.

  4. Helen Hart  

    Its even more costly for us for them to be living on social security for the rest of their lives. They are mostly unwilling to integrate with Australians, and take any job or to learn English.

  5. Written by a Lawyer no doubt.A lot of Lawyers are missing out big time since the Boats were stopped,and they don’t like it.Every chance they get they will stir the pot,and what they don’t know they will make up.

  6. Comparing themselves to slaves is completely wrong, slaves were taken from their homes involuntarily to be used for greedy commercialism. These people were warned that we were not accepting illegal migrants any more , but they still paid thousand of dollars to Indonesian crews to transport them here. They were determined to get here and break our laws thinking that once they were here that we had no choice but to accept them on to mainland Australia,

    • I agree Joan. I am afraid after Paris I have a heart of stone. They knew the consequences, but they still came thinking to take advantage of our compassion. Well I for one am all out of compassion for people who try and jump the queue. Controlled immigration is what we want. We get to choose who we accept and who we don’t. Maybe Japan might be interested.

    • These people were in custody long before the situation in europe, most of them were opportunists not in danger of their lives like the poor souls who are fleeing now,. There was a documentary some months ago showing some very well heeled Shri Lankan young men, all of them IT specialists, who were living in absolute luxury in Indonesia just waiting for their turn to catch a boat. They admitted that they were in no danger in their home country but wanted a better lifestyle. It was also pointed out that they had been refused legal entry.

    • Gregory Joseph Patterson I read recently a guard who worked on Manus or Nauru, not sure from 2011 to 2013, He said they are not treated badly , food was good, yes maybe the tents weren’t luxuries, but most admitted it was better than where they came from , He said the guards were the ones affected, they got same food ,not bad, not what he was used to, but was healthy & plenty of it, The guards slept in accomodation that was basic, basically falling down, & were not allowed to complain of any bad treatment by the men ,no matter what as it got criticism from Govts, He said many asylum seeker men getaway with murder

    • Dawn Bruce, you must have a different view on humanity??? Some get away with murder? Would that be in the majority? I think not!

    • Dawn Bruce you clearly spoke to someone masquerading as a guard. The actual guards live, sleep and eat on board a ship specially equipped with amenities that are most certainly not available to the refugees we are wrongfully imprisoning.

  7. Rikda  

    Well I believe it is imperative that border security be maintained.
    Having said that, there has to be a plan “B”
    We need to find a way of absorbing these people.
    I think the message has been received loud & clear, that this is the last of this process & unless we can get a bipartisan processing system with Indonesia, the boats will be turned around.
    This is an international problem that has proven to be a complete & utter display of incompetence of the UN. & the UNHCR
    Playing around like immigration traffic light is not a solution, it’s a cop out.

  8. Our border security is important. Come through the front door and you might have had a better chance…

    • Sometimes, in some countries there is no front door available, especially when you are fleeing for your life.

    • So true Margaret. We are free to travel wherever we wish. We can criticise our government with impunity. Not all people have that right in their own countries.

    • And yet most were living in peace and safety in Indonesia prior to getting on a boat.

      • Jan Edwards  

        I don’t know about this letter. The first and second handwritten letters spell rubbish as rubish, the typewritten one spells it as rubbish which is the correct spelling. Now if it is an educated person, one assumes they know how to spell. I don’t believe it and think it’s just a red herring. Now if some of you who believe that these people should be rescued when they might well have been living safely in Indonesia without any threat, by all means have a rant. But first just tell me how these impoverished people managed to afford the price of the fare to begin with. They are apparently running away from danger and if they are like some of those from Syria with their expensive iphones etc, I wonder just how impoverished they are. Also there are a lot of people who seem to twist the things people say to suit their own agenda. Many a story can be misrepresented and while there could be rape, beatings etc, no assumptions can be made with certainty. Equally so though, it must be said that many of you might also not have seen the camps either but there are some very vitriolic remarks towards anyone who doesn’t want to rush in and rescue these people. They obviously knew that it wouldn’t be beer and skittles.

    • Not peace and safety at all actually .They were stateless people – unable to claim any support, unable to obtain medical treatment, unable to educate their children or establish a business without penalties. Do try to inform yourself before making such statements Clinton.

    • thousands do come in through the “front door” Cinton namely English,Europeans,Chinese etc and they stay long after their visa has expired.Get yourself informed

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