The majority of Australians still don’t know who they will vote for

Australia is only a few weeks away from heading to the polls to elect its 30th prime minister, but most

Australia is only a few weeks away from heading to the polls to elect its 30th prime minister, but most voters still have no idea who they are going to choose on the day.

Research from Twitter has revealed that a whopping six in ten voters are still waiting to be wooed by a candidate before the big day.

According to the latest polls from Roy Morgan, Labor is leading the Liberals 52.5 percent versus 47.5 per cent on a two-party preferred basis.

However, with most people still undecided the election really could go either way.

Jonathon Harley, Director of Media Partnerships at Twitter, said there are effectively “millions of votes up for grabs”.

“Information is the currency of democracy and Twitter is the place where democracy is at its richest in the 2016 election,” Harley told The Huffington Post Australia.

Social media is proving to be the fastest and the best way to win over voters this election, with many people saying they regularly change their views about both parties based on what they see online.

Taking note of this, politicians on both sides of the aisle have stepped up their social media game over the past few weeks.

Opposition Leader Bill Shorten was captured on Twitter appeasing the younger voters by using slang and saying “thanks bro” to a young man at a meet and greet – something which won over a lot of under 30s.

The best moment though has to go to Foreign Minister Julie Bishop who photobombed a Channel 7 reporter live on air.

Even though it technically happened on TV, it was shared thousands of times across social media and won her a bevy of new fans.

Who will you be voting for on election day? Or, are you still undecided?

  1. Liz Tant  

    Will vote alp and independants

  2. Annette  

    Will be voting for as many patriotic groups that appear on the Senate papers!
    .house of reps…who knows? Certainly hope there is an alternative other than the big 3 down here in Tassie..

    • Henry  

      Australian Liberty Alliance , Xenophon Party , Lambie, Lazarus and Family First, all for the the Senate. You can check out who the candidates are and in which consttuent. Google the question. You can practice how to vote on the AEO website.

  3. Lynette Nelson  

    Will vote for my local member great guy really in touch with the neighbourhood but will fill out the senate paper with who I want to be on the senate would like to make my vote count

  4. Fran  

    Not sure but no way Bill Shorten. Remember the bully from years ago? The boy who back stabbed Julia Gillard.Tania Plebersek if she was the leader

    • Henry  

      YUK! Plebersek is the one who removed the Dental subsidy for elderly people. She will not be getting any votes from people who can’t afford the high price for dentistry.
      Dentists today, are forcing patients to have their teeth cleaned first before they start any work on your teeth, each time you visit. Some dentist charge $50 each time others are charging $250 each time. It’s a bloody scam!
      Imagine, if a dentist drove his car in for mechanical service and was told, ” Sure, that will be $250 to have your car washed before we start any mechanical service”. I wonder how pleased they would be with that?
      Nah! The Pleberseks of this world are not for me.

  5. Michael Leitch  

    None of them are offering anything, Being in power seems to be their motives, Maybe we pay too much for them to care

    • Henry  

      They pay themselves high incomes , high superannuation and expense perks out of our income tax and then tell us to live within our means. What a bunch of bastards they are.

  6. Henry  

    Probably, because at this stage, voters do not know the election candidate’s political party preferences until 6 June 2016. Do another poll a week or so after that date. You should see a remarkable change.

  7. Pam Bodger  

    Like many others I too will be voting independents , Pauline Hansen, Jacqui Lambie, etc The 3 major parties are going last on my voting paper. I really don’t think the polls have picked up this huge swing away from the three parties. Here is hoping we get some different blood in the Senate at least.

  8. Ray Brown  

    When one of the parties comes out and states they will stop selling Australia and will take no more refugees I will have something to consider.

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