The funniest political moments of 2015 sure make us smile

Remember right back to the beginning of 2015, when we Aussies and Kiwis lived in a different world.  It was

Remember right back to the beginning of 2015, when we Aussies and Kiwis lived in a different world.  It was Tony Abbott’s Kingdom here in Australia, and the New Zealand flag still confidently donned the union jack.  Before we knew it, it was Australia Day.  The sun was shining, the bushfires raging and what happened next took us all by surprise.  Instead of selecting some worthwhile everyday Aussie for our nation’s highest award of 2015, our Prime Minister chose to celebrate none other than Prince Phillip, Duke of Edinburgh, and whole country rolled their eyes.  Like he needs another title.   It was the Captains Call of the year and one of first nails in his political coffin.

Backing up in second place, for fine memories was none other than our Prime Minister of the moment again, Mr Abbott who suggested that Aboriginal Australians who lived in remote communities were doing so as a “lifestyle choice”.  Not popular that comment. Of equal popularity was Joe Hockey’s comment that first home buyers shouldn’t expect government help, but instead should “get a good job” that “pays good money”.   And in trying to reclaim his popularity after several months of agonising missteps, Tony Abbott went to a trick Bob Hawke was better known for, throwing back a beer in 6 seconds to cheers from pub patrons.  Not exactly the 1985 that Hawke did it in, the media furore I thin k even took him by surprise.  Was this the right behaviour for a modern day Prime Minister?  Everyone had an opinion. From here the politics of Australia got even more entertaining.  Barnaby Joyce decided that Johnny Depp’s dogs were a danger to society after arriving on his Private jet and failing to be checked through quarantine correctly.  He made the issue a massive international debate that turned into the politician and the movie star calling each other names in the international media the funniuest of which included Depp calling Joyce a sweaty big gutted man… over two dogs that no doubt had never got dirty and were no bigger than a handbag.  Hardly a national security risk.  And we’re still spending money on them, trying to get Depp’s wife back to face our courts…. Never going to happen!

Then, Clive Palmer… do we really need to go here?  Yes, 2015 would not have been the same without Clive.  After Jackie Lambie and Glenn Lazarus left him, he was served a triple blow when Jeff the Dinosaur was burned unceremoniously to the ground.  Palmer’s political antics made him few friends this year, but the media have loved him.

He has stormed out on not one, nor two, but three major interviews, leaving everyone shaking their head. He vowed not to support last years budget and is possibly one of the reasons Tony Abbott and Joe Hockey didn’t make it to 2016 in politics.

Then, we must remember when Bronny flew right into choppergate, catching a $5000 helicopter just down the road to a Liberal Party Fundraiser – no self-interest here!  He flagrant disregard for public money gave the media fodder for months of entertainment and effectively ended her high profile position as Speaker of the house as all anyone could talk about was Mrs Bishop hanging from a chopper in memes circulating the Internet.  A sad way to say goodbye to an incredibly experienced politician but the reality of the media today.

Then, and can you believe we’re only halfway through the year and Mr Abbott was still trying to raise his approval ratings, this time by eating an onion that caused the Internet to break.

  This onion became something of a legend when in September Mr Abbot was overthrown by Malcolm Turnbull, and the whole country put their onions out to say farewell to our controversial Prime Minister.


Then it was Malcolm Turnbull’s moment and Bill Shorten’s worst nightmare came true..  The tale of 2016 begins here.  Which Political manoeuvres do you think made 2015 most entertaining?

  1. The 3 things that will stick in my mind probably forever, was Abbott saying he was going to shirt front Putin, the Americans told Julia Bishop they had their money on Putin, me too. The onion incident, skin and all !! get real and the Bronwyn Bishop saga

  2. In many instances it was an embarrassing year for for us Internationally. Abbott made us the laughing stock of the World, thank heavens it is over

  3. POLITICS IN GENERAL it’s just one bloody big joke these day’s, oh yes Tony Abbott certainly suffers with FOOT AND MOUTH, however most POLITICIANS suffer with the same problem. Something must change because POLITICS has turned into a bloody circus.

  4. Thank Goodness Abbott is gone but he is making sure he is not forgotten, a poll in his electorate yesterday said that the majority want him to quit Parliament and I agree with them

    • Some poll, or other, showed that the age group with the largest Liberal voters are the over 60’s. This is the group that gets abused the most, pension cuts even though it’s already below poverty, cuts to PBS, cuts to Medicare, and then people like Owen stating he ‘misses Abbott’!!! Just go figure *SMH*.

    • Check out Abbott’s Facebook page! Then you’ll see who voted for him! Enough said!

    • Kathy Cochran , have never been so well off as I have been on the pension, the trouble with you is you must just read headlines and then rave on about all of these cuts, nothing has been cut for me and I am quite happy with what I get as a pension.

    • Josie Abreu , Check out Willie Shortasses poll results and see how many intend to vote for him, 14% if he is lucky !!

  5. Politics is like the weather,everyone talks about it,but it nevers changes ,no matter how much they talk about it!.

  6. Who really drives it I want to know..I have selective hearing now..they make it up as they go along..Tony Abbott was probably the only real politician that is why they got rid of him ..

    • Susan I don’t vote Liberal I will be honest but I don’t think they is why his party ousted him, he was hated by many, you have to look at how the polls have changed and they have the same policies

    • He had so many gaffs it made his role leader untenable. Medicare,tertiary fees, captain’s calls, Knights, shirtfront for Putin. The list goes on.

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