The first Muslim mayor of London…should we follow their lead?

Sadiq Khan looks set to become London’s first Muslim mayor, after elections in the UK capital ip largely in his
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Sadiq Khan looks set to become London’s first Muslim mayor, after elections in the UK capital ip largely in his favour.

The son of a bus driver and a Muslim, Mr Khan is going to make history. It makes us wonder: should Australia follow suit?

We have had a number of prominent Muslims in our governments. The former mayor of Dandenong in Victoria, Jim Memeti; Salim Mehajer, the Deputy Mayor of Auburn in Sydney; and Houssam Abiad, Deputy Lord Mayor City of Adelaide. But could it ever be conceivable that the mayor of our biggest city, Sydney, could be Muslim?

Mr Khan may be popular due to his contrasting upbringing to his rival. The 45-year-old soon-to-be-mayor is the son of a bus driver and grew up in public housing in inner city London. Conservative Zac Goldsmith, on the other hand is the son of a billionaire financier.

Mr Khan faced accusations by Mr Goldsmith that he has supported radical Muslim speakers and given “oxygen” to extremists, reports the ABC.

Mr Khan said he has fought extremism all his life and that he regrets sharing a stage with speakers who held “abhorrent” views.

The votes are still being counted but it seems the city of 8.6 million people is already celebrating the progressive change after 8 years of Boris Johnson’s mayorship.

Some compared the victory to Obama’s 2008 landmark presidency, while others said the city had won the fight against hate:


It certainly is an interesting discussion and we’re interested in your views. Do you think Sydney or another major capital city could have a Muslim mayor? Would it go a long way in changing prejudices or would it cause issues?


  1. This is a step into the an enlightened age of race relations.
    The smear campaign has started by racists and righ twing facists. I think we will need to engage in a dialoge with these elements and assuage their fears and counter their fear campaigns.
    Lets hope that this trend will be taken up all over the world. It is a very big dream.

    • It’s happening……Such a terrible shame for the whole world. We are bowing down to a group that has only one thing in mind, the destruction of the Western World….

      • Robert Green  

        You are right Michelle. The leftist fools are bowing down to a demon intent on the destruction of anything that is not under the barbaric Muslim foot.

        If you lefttard fools want to commit suicide, cut your own throats, don’t decide the rest of us should go into a fools grave with you.

        • agree with Robert and Michelle, you only need to see what is happening in Europe to know we do not want or need that in Australia.

  2. Joan Marshall  

    Not all Muslims are bad it is the minority who make it bad for the majority. That said I would not marry any one of a different religion or standards to mine. It is not racist it is practicality for the future. You do not spend your time in bed in a marriage if you do not have the same standards or religion you are asking for problems. Some people thrive on confusion in a relationship I do not. Remember too FREEDOM OF CHOICE.

  3. Heather Ward  

    I’ll be damned if I would enter a meeting from a segregated door – putting equality back hundreds of years. I fear for my grand children and great grand children to be if this is what the future holds.

  4. Geoff  

    I hope it never happens in Australia.Their aim is to take over the world and they are on the way in UK & Europe.

  5. Henry  

    Muslims have only one dedication, one loyalty, which is Islam and Islam’s (sharia) laws. Nothing else and nobody else matters. Anything but, means that you are not a true Muslim. Every mosque built is a ‘Town Hall’ for Islam. Unless, of course, if Islam reforms like Christianity reformed. Whether one believes in Jesus or not, one can not argue that the story of Jesus was the greatest legacy, for meaningful peaceful coexistence, bequeathed to all human kind. Londoners will in time see if the new mayor of London will lead like a true Muslim or not.

  6. Helen Williams  

    The people hane spoken. Good on him!

  7. Islamic ideology is incompatible with Australian values and principles of freedom and democracy.
    That being the case, we should do all we can to suppress it, especially by keeping moslems out of critical offices because every time a moslem gets into office it’s another move in the wedge that will eventually see them take over.
    The London moslem was apparently elected in a democratic process and if you agree with democracy (as I do), you can’t whine when a person you don’t prefer gets into office; our democracy, tolerance and decency will be out downfall.

  8. I don’t think the people of London are giving him the keys to the city, so silly people who think he’s going to impose Sharia law are being childish. If he even mentioned the term Sharia he would be out on his ear. He’s just the mayor, not a king. There will be no separate door for men and women, though he has upset some people by voting for same sex marriage. Some Christians will be outraged at his being elected, but same sex marriage is not anything to do with Sharia law. As for Australia, I think that Waleed Ali’s popularity will send a message that to be a Muslim is not necessarily a crime.

  9. No bloody way look at the bloody idiot mayor of auburn now, he’s just been caught with his hand in the cookie jar and rigging votes.

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