The Earth’s rotation is rapidly changing due to melting ice

Whether you stand with the majority of the world’s scientists on global warming, or remain sceptical about humanity’s role in

Whether you stand with the majority of the world’s scientists on global warming, or remain sceptical about humanity’s role in it, one thing is certain: it is a very real phenomenon. And it could be changing even more about our planet than we thought.

A new Nasa study has revealed that melting ice sheets are causing the North Pole to change course… and in turn, change the very way the Earth wobbles on its axis.

The biggest culprits appear to be the melting ice sheets near Greenland, which are changing the weight distribution on Earth.

According to The Guardian, scientists have been accurately measuring the motion of the Earth’s poles since 1899, making recent changes particularly noteworthy.

“The recent shift from the 20th-century direction is very dramatic,” said Surendra Adhikari from Nasa’s Jet Propulsion Lab, lead author of the study.

The good news is that this shift is technically harmless.

The bad news: it shows we could be having a far greater impact on our planet then we thought, presenting some of the most real and devastating evidence yet of how much damage we’re doing.

Jonathan Overpack, professor of geosciences at the University of Arizona, said “this highlights how real and profoundly large an impact humans are having on the planet.”

Jianli Chen of the University of Texas’ Center for Space Research, who examined the phenomenon in a prior study, said there was “nothing to worry about”.

“It is just another interesting effect of climate change.”

How concerned are you about climate change? Do these latest findings affect your stance?

  1. harry Vincent  

    Humans are having a big effect on our planet, but the above piece on information is most likely not correct.
    the earths magnetic field has been changing but not because of the above.

  2. Isn’t this a bit late? April 1st was a week ago.
    Two comments…
    The weight of the ice sheet is negligible compared to the weight of the planet and, as the article states, the shift (if any) is technically harmless.

    Another scaremongering wannabe ‘scientific’ theory

  3. Z.E.Charlton  

    Why on earth are we still talking about .’Is it caused by Man ?’. That doesn’t matter. What matters is how can we as a species, aware of there being a future, adapt ahead of the inevitable uncomfortable changes ahead ?
    In history, people and species who fail to adapt, and adapt quickly, to changes in envitonment soon become weak and extinct.
    Our so -called leaders are stuck in a mindset and short-term thinking that prevents real action.
    I feel it is time to hand over to scientists and artists, creative and intelligent thinkers who can see how we can all move along with the new demands of our Natural planet.

  4. Rick  

    Only the Creator of this planet can save man from himself

    • Allan Partridge  

      Well we are stuffed then, it is a figment of imagination, this creator!

  5. the ice caps are melting the great barrier reef is being killed off ( though i dont beleive global warming is the only cause of the reef issue I also beleive its what we are dumping into the ocean , farm run off etc that is the main cause.

  6. yes world is dieing it from us what put down sink and loo, the product we use flush down our sink and company run off get in sea, more people more cars, planes, trucks more everthing world was not made clean up our mess, we take all the oil out of the ground leave big hole in under ground then build big city weight megatonnes it not going counter weight the world up, U can not remove millions tonnes of oil from one place then build heavly building sum were else, how many cars in world each can weight 2000+kg x 100 million then add trcks, place, trains, then say the melting ice sheets if do melt the water is going go around earth any ways level out. then got gov using hydrogen bomb how many these have been set off over past 70 years [ivan] explosion’s atmospheric shockwave traveled around the Earth three times before it dissipated you think it the [ice caps are melting] making earth sick lot s–t i have xxy sorry spelling it best do.

  7. John Bruce Norman  

    When you view earth from space..I often think..Mr. Columbus ..if you saw that would have shat in your balloon pants.

  8. Norma  

    This is laughable. Human caused global warming (or is it climate change this week?) is a fraud.
    If you tell people the same lie often enough, it becomes their truth.

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