The drama just won’t end for Lindy and Michael Chamberlain

It’s been 30 years, but Lindy and Michael Chamberlain are still at loggerheads over what happened on that fateful day

It’s been 30 years, but Lindy and Michael Chamberlain are still at loggerheads over what happened on that fateful day in the Northern Territory.

Michael Chamberlain has hit back at his ex-wife Lindy after she spoke publicly about her struggle to forgive him after their daughter disappeared.

The whole country was captivated by the Chamberlain’s story in 1980 when their baby girl Azaria was snatched by a dingo as she lay sleeping in their tent at Uluru.

After a police investigation, Lindy was charged with murder, and Michael an accessory after the fact. A distraught Lindy spent years in jail until the pair were exonerated and Lindy was released in 1986.

Earlier this week, Linday revealed that despite everything police and the public put her through it is her ex-husband Michael who she still holds resentment towards.

Speaking to a crowd at a National Christian Conference in Sydney she refused to say exactly what it was she felt she couldn’t forgive him for, claiming “that’s private”.

Now, Michael has hit back saying he was surprised to hear her say that – especially in a public forum.

“It’s two different perspectives. I’ve moved on,” he said.

“I don’t agree with her. I never have.

“If she wants to she can talk to me personally or privately but she’s never done that.

“I’ve got nothing against her and welcome a chat.

“I wish her well in any path she chooses to follow.”

Both Lindy and Michael have remarried, but Michael’s wife suffered a stroke five years ago and was left paralysed and in need of around the clock care.

“My life — I don’t wish it on anyone,” Michael said.

“I’m looking after my profoundly disabled wife in what is essentially our hospital home.

“I’ve done that for the past five years, except the last seven months when we got three attendants to support us.

“She had a massive stroke … she’s paralysed. She needs care in every way.

“This is a hell of a thing to happen.”

While both Lindy and Michael have many supporters, there are some who say they should let the past stay in the past and stop airing their private life publicly.

Do you remember following this case in the 1980s? What are your thoughts on the Chamberlains’ comments?

  1. Cynthia Powe  

    One of the most intriguing real life dramas that this country has ever seen. Although vindicated many people still believe that the true story has never been told. Afraid to say that I also fall into this category.It appears to me that Michael was more controlling than it first appeared. I do hope that one day in my lifetime there will be closure on this case, as they appear to be still at loggerheads.

  2. How can you say that the case has not been resolved. The jacket was found with a tooth mark in it, it was so forensically tested over tested probably. Linda would not harm her baby in any way, it was so unfair to blame her in the first place. I can understand her resenting her ex-husband maybe she felt she did not get the support she desperately needed and plus she was taken away from her other children, never to have that same relationship with them again. As a mother I can understand that. Lindy I am so pleased you found love again and a man who supports you I just hope you find peace eventually even towards Michael. By the way, it sounds like he is living in his hell now – so karma has it’s own way and it’s own time.

    • Shirley Walden  

      Well said Jennifer Blakeney. Agree entirely.

    • Shirley Walden  

      Well said Jennifer Blakeney. Agree entirely.

    • Shirley Walden  

      Well said Jennifer Blakeney. Agree entirely.

  3. lyn mcgowran  

    I just posted a comment, but it has come back to me to post again. I lived in Alice Springs at the time, heard talk from everyone. I was called up for Jury duty, however the case was transferred to Darwin. Unless everyone has all the facts (and no-one REALLY DOES) people should be careful about their judgements.

    • Diana Mitchell  

      Agree with you Lyn..In my mind, there’s still something not quite right about the whole story. Still unsure what to believe..!

  4. Patsy Osborne  

    I always believed in their innocence and I always will. the media had a lot to answer for, since this happened I lost faith in what the media reports on. I remember when they reported that blood was found sprayed in the body of the car I just knew it would be rust proofing spray, but that didn’t fit with their agenda. I wish the two of them could find peace now in private.

  5. John  

    Lindy has not forgiven Michael for suggesting a camping trip with a new born baby in tow. Really so irrelevant after all this time.

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