The cost of Karl Stefanovic’s split from Cassandra Thorburn

Friends are speculating that things could ‘get ugly’ in the split between Karl Stefanovic and his wife of 21 years,

Friends are speculating that things could ‘get ugly’ in the split between Karl Stefanovic and his wife of 21 years, Cassandra Thurburn.

According to Woman’s Day magazine, one friend reveals, “The Karl she [Cassandra] fell in love with is very different from who Karl is today.”

It is reported that Cassandra preferred to live her life outside of the limelight, while Karl’s increasing popularity only served to inflate his ego, which made him difficult to live with.

The couple, who had been married for 21 years and who have three children together, had reportedly been living separate lives in the lead up to the split, with Karl pursuing a much faster lifestyle and more time on the road for his appearances on the Today Show and 60 Minutes.

Recently, Cassandra Thurburn broke her silence on the separation in an open letter published on social media.

She described the break-up as “one of the hardest times of mine and my children’s lives”.

It followed a Facebook post where she congratulated the Channel 9 team on its number one rating status for the Today Show, saying: “Apparently Today Show finally won a year. This took a huge toll on my family and I, and I’m congratulating myself today for all the effort that went into making that [ratings] happen”.

It has also been reported that both Karl and Cassandra have met with real estate agents in a bid to sell their multi-million dollar home in Lindfield, and that Cassandra is looking to secure a slice of Karl’s $3 million salary over a number of years. The couple had recently purchased a $7 million waterfront property elsewhere and it is anticipated Cassandra will keep the property in the settlement.

All in all the split could cost anywhere in the vicinity of $20 million, according to the magazine.

Have you ever endured a marriage breakdown? What toll did it take on your life and/or the lives of your children?

  1. Leslee  

    Thousands’ of marriages’ break-down yearly, in this Country.

    If he wasn’t on tv, we’d know nothing about it, which is the way I’d prefer!
    Not interested. None of my, or anybody else’s business, actually….

    • Joy Anne Bourke  

      Leslee, I agree. Leave them alone to sort things out. I think she is being greedy though especially to keep the house they just bought recently. Sell the present house and buy a house elsewhere. $7 million house too much for a single Mum with 3 children. That is over the top. Money hungry is Cassandra.
      They should have gone to counsellors and sorted this out. I do not like wives who take their husband or partner to the cleaners just because they think they should. I just divided half/half when I divorced, and still supported the kids.

    • Leslee well said, leave them alone, it is no one elses buisness, break ups are hard enough without all this carry on.

    • Carol wilson  

      It’s the.children who suffer for parents large egos. In celebrity separations, I have heard Karl on many occasions profess his love for his kids, well where did that love go when started getting big headed. They make so much money out of these reported breakups that is a dime a dozen now. So so sad.

  2. Jan butcher  

    I’m sure she has lived a live of luxury while whinging . It’s a mothers job to stay home and look after the children if they can afford it. If she wanted a career she shouldn’t had kids . Suck it up

  3. Ray Harvey  

    Karl has become self-centered and egotistical. Thinks h’es funny and so up-himself. Cassandra is probably better off without this pompous goose!

  4. Leeanne  

    Its no-one elses business anyway but the media always push it in our faces & keep it news, but i will say that as much as i like watching Karl & co each morning, i can believe that he would have an ego going & loves all the lime light with the ‘famous’! But then who wouldnt? Hope its sorted out without too much hurt& ill feelings among those concerned .

  5. delma shotton  

    he hasn’t got a sensible word to say,spends his morning being stupid.

  6. Nowel  

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  7. Joan Bagnall  

    Karl loves to get the “nitty gritty” on every one else’s break ups but he is lacking in offering any details of his own!!!! This makes for double standards!!! I liked Karl but he has grown too big for his boots & I don’t like that he has cast his wife & children aside!!!!!

  8. Patricia Farrugia  

    Any marriage breakup is a difficult process to go through. Its unfortunate that it is publically broadcast, although that is the lifestyle that Karl thrives on. I must say though that he an overegostical bore and I would find it impossible to live with him. Time to move on Karl.

    • Susan  

      I think you just made up a word Patricia !?

  9. Mrs. Puddles  

    All this hoohah makes me love ‘Paul Newman’ all the more. He, during his life time, had the kind of successes Karl could only dream of, but Paul, til the end, kept faith with his wife. Divorce is always hard, especially on the one who has kept faith with the marriage.

    In my experience, in a marriage break-up, it’s the welfare and well being of the children that should be first and foremost, and everything that it takes to make sure it stays that way, should be the primary concern. The reality is that men, second time around, usually marry again, and to much younger women. So first marriage children can soon be forgotten (at least financially). Not always of course.

    When a family is involved – divorce may end the marriage – but it is only the beginning of all the difficulties, over a life time, that a split family faces. If the welfare and well being of the children traversing down that rocky path is genuinely the priority for both parents, then both partners may retain the respect of those same children and their extended families. Easier said than done.

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