The controversial opinion about little Maddie McCann that no one wanted to express… until now

“I have never been allowed to say this before”, starts the piece by Katie Hopkins, controversial British television personality and newspaper

“I have never been allowed to say this before”, starts the piece by Katie Hopkins, controversial British television personality and newspaper columnist, who has previously spoken out about obesity in much the same style as her latest piece – without filter and completely open to hatred, or perhaps even more shockingly, agreement.

“Seeing the faces of Gerry and Kate McCann yet again this week, promoting the Child Rescue Alert Campaign to track down missing kids, I think it’s finally time to speak out: I believe the truth is that Madeleine McCann is never coming home”, Hopkins said.

Ms Hopkins op-ed for the Daily Mail comes just a day after Kate McCann, Maddie’s mum, told The Sun she can never feel ‘at peace’ without knowing what happened to her daughter.

Maddie went missing in 2007 on a family holiday to Portugal, and has not been seen since.

Speaking exclusively to The Sun she said: “All parents of missing children will say the same thing: you just can’t rest without knowing, it’s just that permanent state, often it’s like a physical thing, limbo, a feeling, just not at peace.”

But Ms Hopkins has no sympathy. She said, “[Maddie] is long gone. It is time to stop looking and stop imagining there is some happy ending to this sorry tale. Enough.

“There is no amount of money the will right the wrongs of the past, no libel action that will cancel out the damage the McCanns inflicted on themselves.

“Kate and Gerry McCann didn’t deserve £11million of our cash to look for Maddie or try to resolve their consciences or salvage reputations. Others have greater need.

“If you really must blame someone, then Kate and Gerry are right there in front of you. And yet, protected by some invisible force-shield I don’t understand.

“Show me a family from a council estate who left their child alone to go out eating and drinking who have been lauded with such support and the protection of the state.

“Last year, a father of a two year old was arrested and prosecuted after leaving his daughter in a car for two minutes whilst he ran in to a chemist to buy Calpol.

“They left their child in an unlocked ground-floor apartment next to two busy roads. Too self-assured to hire a babysitter and too self-centred to care”, she said.

Ms Hopkins further tweeted that British taxpayers spent AUD $15 million hunting Maddie because her parents didn’t want to waste AUD $13 on a babysitter.

It’s definitely a controversial opinion, considering the parents of the missing then-3-year-old have been the face of missing children campaigns for nearly a decade.

“The McCanns put their own children in harm’s way. Those kids were in danger. Because of their parents.

“There were 48 police questions Kate McCann refused to answer after Maddie was gone. Surely if you wanted to find your child you would give anything, tell police everything you knew, offer anything you had?

“But now the faces I associate with neglect are being used to promote the Child Rescue Alert campaign.

“And I am sorry, but I am not buying it. Because nothing in this story reads well to the mum in me. Or the dad if that’s you.

“The night before she became a memory, Maddie asked her mother, ‘Why did you not come when Sean and I cried last night?’

“I’d ask her the same question now. How did you leave the daughter you longed to have?

“Maddie wasn’t lost because someone took her. She was lost because she was left to be found”, Ms Hopkins concluded.

Responses to her article have been largely in support of the words no one seemed brave enough to say:

Tell us: what do you think happened to Maddie, or will we ever know? Who is to blame?

  1. Jude  

    My heart goes out to Kate, Gerry and family for the loss of their beautiful girl. These negative comments are appalling!! How would you feel if it was your child? Shame on you!!

    • Patricia  

      I would not leave my children alone, I would hire a baby sitter. It was a terrible thing to happen, my heart goes out to Little Maddie. Her parents were the neglectful ones.

      • Aidan Nitram  

        Jude, shame on us for not being as naive as the authorities?
        Your not wired up right..
        The only people I feel sorry for are Maddie, the twins..
        How would we feel if it was our child?
        I have no idea, I’ve never put myself in THAT situation because I love and care about my children too much to even think about it. I mean, maybe if I didn’t care about them, and had other priorities such as socialising, I’d imagine that I wouldn’t think a lot of them..

    • Are you stupid ? ,they left their children on their own,They should be ashamed of them selves to this day they have never admitted neglect

    • Elsa de Carvalho  

      You WRONG. The Katie Hopkins article summarises what happened on May 2007 and there were some details she could add
      revealing Maddie´s parents careless her and HER BROTHERS younger than her. DON´T FORGET THEY WERE THREE children left alone while parents went to have dinner and a lot of drinking. Both parents doctors in medicin !!!!! and
      with huge money possibilities of paying for a babysitter existing in the compond. They must feel a heavy guilty and
      they got 11 million pounds !!!!!!!! when there are thousands of children starving ??????? Shame on them, and sorrow
      for Maddy.

    • Kelly  

      My children wouldn’t be out of my site abroad, even in my own home I will not leave my 2 year old unsupervised and continually check my nearly 5 year old is safe and behaving. There’s no excuse to leave your children. I feel no sympathy for these 2 despicable parents, if it were anyone else their other children would be put into care.

    • Mama Magz  

      Katie Hopkins, you are a dreadful self obsessive moron. Why is your opinion always heard, nobody cares. The McCanns and many other people have lost children m, have you not ever made a mistake as a parent, well maybe you haven’t because I don’t actually think you have a life, you jump on the back of any one else’s. Keep your mouth shut and your options to yourself because you talk garbage 😡

    • Vicki  

      How about she shouldn’t have neglected her child when she went off drinking and they were left alone

  2. joanna galea  

    I have always and still am so sorry for little Maddie. How terrified she must have been. I have always thought how could two professionals making so much money did not get a baby sitter? I agree completely with this article.

  3. Angie B  

    While I am horrified at the fact that Maddie was taken, I do agree in some part with this writer. Appalling judgement on the part of the parents to leave the child alone while they went out to dinner. No way I would do it.

  4. Just damn answer those 48 police questions…what was there to hide?

  5. R. O'Donnell  

    totally agree with everything said here,who would not take the children with them or if not then order takeaway in the room, a family holiday should include the whole family, whever my family and I have been on holiday we all do everything “Together” yes this couple are to blame for the loss of a beautiful child. no one else but them.

  6. Faye  

    It is a tragedy all round. Of course they should have got a baby sitter, and have paid the price with guilt ever since. But I doubt she will be found alive, and where has she been all this time if she was, and what sort of life would she have been having. Just horrible really.

  7. Helen townsend  

    No one can say what happened to little Maddie. Every parent on the planet has done something they regret while parenting their children. No it wasn’t right that the children were left alone but that does not mean the McCanns need to be eternally condemned as parents. I cannot believe there are so many people speaking so nastily about this case when all that should matter is little Maddie and the future health and well being of her family who will live every day regretting what they did. Show some people respect people, you haven’t been personally affected by this tragedy.

    • If they weren’t so self centred and neglectful then the whole thing would never have happened. They only have themselves to blame, crying about it won’t change the fact that their daughter disappeared because of something they chose to do without a thought of their kids. No sympathy or forgiveness whatsoever is deserved or should be given.

  8. Joy Anne Bourke  

    I agree with Jude, they were on holiday and not easy finding a babysitter in another country that you can trust. They were extremely close to the hotel and many other parents do the same thing on holidays. I would not but its up to the parents what they do. There a lot of cases we don’t hear about that do the exactly same thing as the McCanns

    • Aidan Nitram  

      Are you wise?
      I’ve been on holiday with my kids and wouldn’t ever think about leaving them out of my sight..
      And that is ridiculous saying its hard to find a babysitter you can trust! Are you serious??
      There are babysitters in the hotels that go through all sorts of checks, but your saying you’d leave them and that way they would be safer?from choking, from a fire or from , wait, this might be a bit far fetched but… Kidnappers 😱 Which could have been the case with Maddie, if her drunken parents hadn’t of got there first..

    • Normally, if parents can’t find a babysitter, they don’t go out. It’s called priorities. Maddie didn’t sleep well, so she could have gotten up, found her parents weren’t there and gone looking for them as the door to the apartment was unlocked. There is no evidence of abduction, but sniffer dogs did find evidence of blood and cadaver smell.

    • Jay  

      Joy, they weren’t extremely close to the hotel. Firstly, it was an apartment. Secondly, they couldn’t even see the balcony from where they were seated at the restaurant. Thirdly, the babysitter would have been part of the same team they were happy to leave the kids with, all day every day. Out of interest, how do you know of all these families who do the same thing if we never hear of them? I hope you see the flaw in your argument and I hope you educate yourself as to the facts of this case. Have a good day.

    • Not true I’m afraid. Reviews of the place where they stayed praises their childcare provision. The Mcanns made full use of the crèche during the day times. Why not the babysitting service at night?

    • Sarah  

      Are you deluded!? Who the hell in their right mind would leave their kids in a hotel room on their own especially at that age, they could have woken up and got scared, had an accident.. But worst of all she’s been taken, anybody who would even think about doing something like that shouldn’t be allowed to have kids. Pure neglect.
      Low life scum

  9. I totally agree with this article. I have very little sympathy for these parents and always thought it suspicious that they would go out and leave a child alone.

  10. Judith Fitzsimmons  

    I wouldn’t leave my kids alone without a babysitter so that I could go out to dinner. Especially in a busy holiday spot. These people are supposed to be intelligent professionals, I find it hard to believe that they would do that. My heart goes out to them but somewhere along the line the truth has to be faced, they should have got a babysitter

  11. Pamela  

    I agree!

    Same with the Morecombes and many other parents of lost/taken kids.

    • TG  

      Maddie McCann was a very young child. This is vastly different from the Morecombes, as Daniel was much older. Lots of children younger than Daniel have to catch buses every single day just to go to school, and it is NOT unreasonable for Daniel to have done so to go shopping. If you as a parent do not let a thirteen year old catch a bus, when will you? Will you make them wait until they are 25 or 49? If the bus he was waiting for had stopped instead of driving past, he would have been safe, as he timed his journey so he would not be hanging around beside the road for ages.

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