The controversial opinion about little Maddie McCann that no one wanted to express… until now

“I have never been allowed to say this before”, starts the piece by Katie Hopkins, controversial British television personality and newspaper
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“I have never been allowed to say this before”, starts the piece by Katie Hopkins, controversial British television personality and newspaper columnist, who has previously spoken out about obesity in much the same style as her latest piece – without filter and completely open to hatred, or perhaps even more shockingly, agreement.

“Seeing the faces of Gerry and Kate McCann yet again this week, promoting the Child Rescue Alert Campaign to track down missing kids, I think it’s finally time to speak out: I believe the truth is that Madeleine McCann is never coming home”, Hopkins said.

Ms Hopkins op-ed for the Daily Mail comes just a day after Kate McCann, Maddie’s mum, told The Sun she can never feel ‘at peace’ without knowing what happened to her daughter.

Maddie went missing in 2007 on a family holiday to Portugal, and has not been seen since.

Speaking exclusively to The Sun she said: “All parents of missing children will say the same thing: you just can’t rest without knowing, it’s just that permanent state, often it’s like a physical thing, limbo, a feeling, just not at peace.”

But Ms Hopkins has no sympathy. She said, “[Maddie] is long gone. It is time to stop looking and stop imagining there is some happy ending to this sorry tale. Enough.

“There is no amount of money the will right the wrongs of the past, no libel action that will cancel out the damage the McCanns inflicted on themselves.

“Kate and Gerry McCann didn’t deserve £11million of our cash to look for Maddie or try to resolve their consciences or salvage reputations. Others have greater need.

“If you really must blame someone, then Kate and Gerry are right there in front of you. And yet, protected by some invisible force-shield I don’t understand.

“Show me a family from a council estate who left their child alone to go out eating and drinking who have been lauded with such support and the protection of the state.

“Last year, a father of a two year old was arrested and prosecuted after leaving his daughter in a car for two minutes whilst he ran in to a chemist to buy Calpol.

“They left their child in an unlocked ground-floor apartment next to two busy roads. Too self-assured to hire a babysitter and too self-centred to care”, she said.

Ms Hopkins further tweeted that British taxpayers spent AUD $15 million hunting Maddie because her parents didn’t want to waste AUD $13 on a babysitter.

It’s definitely a controversial opinion, considering the parents of the missing then-3-year-old have been the face of missing children campaigns for nearly a decade.

“The McCanns put their own children in harm’s way. Those kids were in danger. Because of their parents.

“There were 48 police questions Kate McCann refused to answer after Maddie was gone. Surely if you wanted to find your child you would give anything, tell police everything you knew, offer anything you had?

“But now the faces I associate with neglect are being used to promote the Child Rescue Alert campaign.

“And I am sorry, but I am not buying it. Because nothing in this story reads well to the mum in me. Or the dad if that’s you.

“The night before she became a memory, Maddie asked her mother, ‘Why did you not come when Sean and I cried last night?’

“I’d ask her the same question now. How did you leave the daughter you longed to have?

“Maddie wasn’t lost because someone took her. She was lost because she was left to be found”, Ms Hopkins concluded.

Responses to her article have been largely in support of the words no one seemed brave enough to say:

Tell us: what do you think happened to Maddie, or will we ever know? Who is to blame?