The Census is now collecting…those fines

Well, they did say they were going to do it! If you didn’t fill out the Census a few weeks

Well, they did say they were going to do it! If you didn’t fill out the Census a few weeks ago, you could expect a knock at the door, a call on the phone, or a letter in your mailbox. All of which might include a fine.

It doesn’t seem to matter that thousands of people failed to fill in the Census due to the utter collapse of the website. The zero tolerance police from the Australian Bureau of Statistics is still going to go after the millions that have not lodged their surveys.

Small Business Minster Michael McCormack told 7 News, “People have this weekend to get in their paper forms, and they have until next Friday to get in their online forms”. Michael added, “Anyone who willingly participates in the Census will not be fined.”

However, those that don’t want to take part in the Census due to the outstanding privacy issues, not the mention the “it was hacked; it wasn’t hacked” website debacle, you can expect to be hit with the $180-a-day non-compliance fine!

To assist those that don’t want the find the ABS sill be sending doorknockers out this week to areas that had the biggest number of non-returns. Census Program Manager Duncan Young wants to give folks this “last chance” to get the forms in. Duncan told 7, “Having the outline site off for a while has meant that more people complete on paper”. He added, “We will be knocking on doors to make sure they have all the material they need to make sure they understand that the Census is compulsory.”

So for the many that didn’t, or won’t, complete the forms the Federal Government is issuing this final warning. Complete your forms or cop the fine.

Do you believe that the government should waive the fines considering the problems the Census has had? Do you think this information is vital, and those that don’t participate should be fined? Are you one that is not going to return your form?

  1. Ellen  

    They’re going to fine millions of people? That would electoral suicide.

    • Susan  

      I posted mine in, then weeks later a guy knocked at my door with papers to tell me to fill in and post off!! I told him I had already done that and he said They had such a back log probably haven’t received mine yet.
      I won’t be paying a fine if they have lost them in the back log !!!

    • Well, if they do get voted out, they’ll be able to put more in their already well-padded bickie barrels to assuage their pain on getting the boot, won’t they?
      Think they’d care?

  2. Roy  

    A push poll is an interactive marketing technique, most commonly employed during political campaigning, in which an individual or organization attempts to manipulate or alter prospective voters’ views/beliefs under the guise of conducting an opinion poll.

  3. Judy  

    We filled our form out on the night of the Census. We were on holidays in Nth Qld. All good….or so we thought. Before we posted it, I took a photo of the mumber on the front of the envelope. 10 days ago a Census worker arrived to ask why we hadn’t completed our Census. We showed him the photo with the number….sorry, all good he told us. He would chase it up. Last Thursday we received another Census form in the mail!! So I wrote a note on it with the reference number of our completed form and posted it all back…again. We better not receive a fine. They’re hopeless.

  4. I believe that no country can exist with out knowing what the country need but can see how some off the questions are not relevant for example religion is a private choice so not relevant

    • Ellen  

      The Census is not very useful for anything government does.

      The current head of the ABS told a Senate committee “There is a lot of, perhaps, misinformation about the value of census. There is a sense in the community that a lot of the information is derived from the census, which is just not true.”

    • Barry GulBransen  

      It is all on our medicare card…more wasted money

    • Ernesteg  

      Julie, I agree with you about the usefulness of the Census. I don’t think any government – Federal, State or Local – can operate in blind ignorance of the economic-social fabric of the country. The Census is an objective way of bypassing the static created by the loudest voices on talk-back radio and the idealogical opinions of social media celebrities.

  5. Pamela  

    We posted ours but when the caller came a week or more later, they had no record of it!

  6. Wayne Watkins  

    I still cannot log on with my under one year old computer and have sent them email requesting paper copies , but nothing has arrived . So how can they fine me for an impossible task ?

    • Judith  

      Why didn’t you just go and get the form yourself?
      I think laziness counts for so much non action and then BIG grumbles when a fine comes.
      Don’t expect others to do it for you; get off your arse and get your own form. You had plenty of time.

  7. Mary  

    There are thousands of Australians overseas. The first question was who was at this address. The answer 0. Could not fill in form told to ring, could not get through. Checked they were to get this information from departure forms. Still got paper delivered to empty house even though paid Aust post so my home would not look unoccupied and be alerted to thieves. Finally sent email to let them know. Pity poor people who are not as persistent as I

  8. Truth 13  

    On the 11th August, I wrote, to say, the failure of the ABS & it’s website may be another gimmick, to make a quick buck, from the people, accusing them of not filling up the Census Forms. My prediction has come true. I even wrote to ask ABS to keep a record of my complain & inability to get on the website. The Federal government cut down the funds to ABC, and probably someone suggested to them, how to make money to replace the short fall, so that all those BIG salaries could be paid the to the UTTERLY FAILED people at ABS. WHAT PEOPLE SHOULD DO IS TO THROW THE FINE NOTICE IN THE BIN & STICK TOGETHER TO DEFEAT THIS DAY LIGHT ROBBERY. THEY SHOULD TAKE A CLASS ACTION, AGAINST THE ABS, FOR PREVENTING THEIR DEMOCRATIC LEGAL RIGHT TO TAKE PART IN THE CENSUS.

    • Garry Tempest  

      Maybe the fines being inflicted on all the innocent people not completing the census is the governments way to pay for the gay marriage plebiscite……just thinking. What does everyone else think? It seems funny to me that all of a sudden the government can find the mega millions for that but find it hard to fund necessary things like health and education etc. Funny eh? Maybe a grand plan.

  9. Truth 13  

    ABS & the Fed. government are full of duds. Don’t they know, when a baby is born, they are registered, all young children are registered for the Medicare Card, 5 years & over go to a school & the government has records of their age & other required details. University students have provided all details, including the address of the place they live. Banks have the names, address & the date of birth, of all account holders, and they provide to the Tax Dept., all details, including the Tax File Number, names, addresses & numbers of accounts including the Interest earned, it is not possible to get a drivers license without providing name, age & place of residence, every person who has a Medicare Card has provided all the information to the Federal Government, Immigration Dept. knows when & where people travel overseas & the details of people who flew overseas on the 9th August, , Airlines have all the details of bookings, names including the date of birth of everyone who fly, Credit card providers know every detail, including what a person buy & use the Card for, all people who depend on welfare & Seniors have provided all details to the Centre Link, no one can get electricity, gas, water, own a house, have insurance, without providing the name, address & date of birth. There are hundreds of ways, the ABS(if they have anyone with a bit of brains) & the Federal Government to know EVERY DETAIL OF THE PEOPLE WHO WERE IN THE COUNTRY & WHO WERE NOT. Only thing they don’t know is, where the people who are here illegally, but ABS does not count them, & the illegals will not give them any information where they are hiding. UNFORTUNATELY, IT LOOKS, NO ONE IN THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT & THE ABC SEEMS TO KNOW, OR HAS BRAINS TO THINK, THAT THEY ARE SITTING ON ALL THE INFORMATION THEY WANT TO KNOW. “THEY SEEMS TO BE SITTING ON THEIR BRAINS”. WHEN THE COUNTRY IS RUN BY IDIOTS, ABS HAS CLOWNS, WHO ARE ONLY KEEN ON WHAT THEY CAN MAKE, ONLY THING THEY CAN THINK OF IS, FINE PEOPLE, TO MAKE THE COFFERS FULL. WHAT A SHAME, WE HAVE SO MANY DUDS, VERY WELL PAID , UNABLE TO TO THINK. My advise to the ABS is, go back to the basics, & get the government to provide the necessary links. BY THE WAY, I AM NOT CHARGING THEM FOR MY ADVISE.

    • Fran Coyle  

      Well said and so true you have covered every aspect and I could add more as to the duds they have employed on taxpayer’s money from first hand experience.

    • when I go to my accountant to lodge my tax return he logs onto my file at the ATO and tells me all my bank interests shares bought and sold etc . All I have to do is provide receipts for items that I can claim .
      A couple of years ago I lost my wallet while traveling overseas I notified banks and Government departments and by the time I got back to Australia all my lost cards and documents had been replaced .with one exception . My Queensland drivers license . Since my car caravan and trailer registrations were due I proceeded to Queensland transport and paid them . I requested a renewal of my driver’s license as it was lost with my wallet .
      I had my car, caravan, and trailer registrations,renewals . my medicare card,pension card ,Passport, International driving permit 3 bank debit cards 2 credit cards . and my birth certificate and a copy of my Voter registration .
      Blondie “No sorry we can’t give you a new license unless you can show us your old one”
      Me: Like”HELLOOOO what part of “it was lost in my wallet overseas ” don’t you understand ? ”
      Blondie: ” no we must see your old license before we can issue a new one ”
      ME: look on your computer you have a copy with my picture on file :
      BLONDIE ; ” No I’m not allowed to do that ”
      ME: ” let me speak to a manager .”
      Go through it all again with him .
      He says ” we can’t issue a replacement because you might be trying to establish a false Identity we have to see your old license . ”
      ME: ” what with all the identity documents that I have what more do you need . If I wasn’t me why would I be paying my car caravan and trailer registrations ”
      INDIAN : ” we can’t issue a replacement because you might be trying to establish a false Identity we have to see your old license . ”
      The conversation got very personal and racist after that but eventually I walked out with a copy of my original license which only had 1 month to go till renewal ,
      I guess if they had a brain they wouldn’t be working for the government

    • truth 13
      what a wonderful post… could you send it to the papers…. it is so true…. we just dont think about it…
      just a bu the way…. i have been with centerlink over the years off and on since it started….. and when i went to register for the pension… they told me i had to produce a full birth certificate or a passport…. i replied that i had never wanted to leave australia… but you are tempting me… and whats wrong with the one you have been using for 40 years…. the answer was that they had changed something to do with their computers and now it had to be a full birth certificate…. so i had to pay $75 to get one that i will probably never use again

  10. Max  

    I know my Census Paper Form #, time, date, & into which AustPost pillar-box it was posted.

    End of.

  11. Jane  

    I rang. Got my forms on the 8/8/16. Filled the in. Posted on 12/8/16 and am still getting reminder letters And last Friday another form put in my letter box. How much is this costing the tax payer.
    I can’t help if Australia post has my copy. Am not doing it again.

  12. Jim  

    No sympathy for anyone who is fined if they made no effort to fill out the census, it was a 15 minute task …and to worry about ‘privacy’ …..the moment you applied for a Medicare card, drivers licence, etc etc all your details are recorded….just my thoughts…

    • Ernesteg  

      I agree with you, Jim. The ABS faced a severe logistical challenge in their addressing process. As one example, there may have been some miscalculation of new apartment occupancies.

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