The best bits from our interview with Pauline Hanson

As part of the election campaign this year, Starts at Sixty will be talking to a number of politicians to

As part of the election campaign this year, Starts at Sixty will be talking to a number of politicians to find out how they are going to help the over 60s generation and what they see as they biggest issues heading into the election. We’ll also be getting to know them a little more personally and finding out what makes them tick. Here are a few highlights from our interview with Pauline Hanson today!

Biggest issues for over 60s

When it comes to the big issues faced by over 60s, Pauline says she believes people are concerned about a number of things. “People are concerned about Islam and terrorism and fear on our streets,” she said. “[And] they don’t to see our land sold to international interests.” She said it was time for politicans to start looking after senior Australians too. “We’ve got start looking after our aged. I’m calling for $100 increase a fortnight for pensioners and $150 for a couple. People are struggling with high rental costs and the cost of living.”

Her thoughts on Malcolm Turnbull and Bill Shorten

“You’ve got Bill Shorten and Malcolm Turnbull spending billions of dollars left, right and centre; someone’s got to be the parent here and it looks like it’s going to be me!” But she wasn’t finished there and went on to tell us how she really feels about them. “People don’t want either one of them. He [Malcolm] is on the wrong side of the aisle, he’s more Labor side. Bill Shorten is like a barbie that ‘s been programmed, wound up and let go!”

She will address politicians’ perks

“I believe in what’s fair for the people,” she said, referring to the huge bill taxpayers are left to foot for politicians’ perks. “Joe Hockey goes out and says the age of entitlement is over. Well it’s got to actually start at the top and you’ve actually got to prove that to the rest of the people.”

Her family life

Pauline was married at 16 and has four children and four grandchildren. Now that she’s back in politics, she doesn’t get to see them too often these days due to her busy life on the campaign trail, but says as a mother she always puts her kids first.

Getting into politics

She said as a young girl she never thought she’d end up in politics and when she did decide to her father didn’t want her to get into it either. “I never thought about getting into politics, she said. “Actually I’ve got six siblings and I’m the quiet one!” Before her father died though he told her to “keep going”. “‘Everyone loves you’, he said, ‘you’ve got to keep going’.”

You can watch our chat with Pauline in full below.

What do you think about Pauline’s comments? Will you be voting for her on July 2, or will your vote go elsewhere?