The $100 million damage bill you’re paying for

Seeing as you’re going to have to help pay the clean-up bill, you might want to take a look at

Seeing as you’re going to have to help pay the clean-up bill, you might want to take a look at the damage inflicted on the detention centre at Christmas Island.

The Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection has released this footage showing the extent of the damage caused by rioting at the Christmas Island detention centre.

Damage caused by riots at Christmas Island Detention CentreAustralian Department of Immigration and Border Protection has now released footage showing the extent of the damage caused by rioting at the Christmas Island detention centre.Seven detainees have been taken from the island to a prison in Perth after officials brought the situation under control yesterday afternoon.

Posted by 612 ABC Brisbane on Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Yesterday, immigration minister Peter Dutton said the Federal Government is facing a $10 million damage bill following the riots.

He also said the people behind the disturbance were “some of the country’s worst criminals”.

The ABC reports that a police source says two of the New Zealanders that have been taken from Christmas Island to face criminal charges are members of outlaw motorcycle gangs.

Mr Dutton said, “We’re dealing with some of the country’s worst criminals. I think people recognise now that the population that’s in the immigration detention centre on Christmas Island is made up of some very serious criminals.”

Were we aware of this? Isn’t Christmas Island supposed to be a place where asylum seekers are processed? What were known criminals doing in the facility? And is it any coincidence they were involved in this incredible disturbance?

The riot was sparked by the death of Iranian Kurdish man Fazel Chegeni who appeared to have escaped the facility.

Were you aware that Christmas Island hosted criminals as well as asylum seekers? Do you think that’s right? And how do you feel about the $10 million bill we’re all facing?

  1. The people that are put in the Island concentration camps are supposed to be those seeking asylum and waiting to have their refugee status processed, Why are New Zealanders being detained in there? Put them on a flight and send them back to New Zealand. Why are we paying for these people ? This Liberal Government is turning Australia back into a prison Island

    • Leanne Stephenson: They are not “concentration camps” but detention centres for illegal immigrants. Get real! Do you have any idea what the term even signifies? Don’t demean it with your hyperbole! It is an insult to the people who died, or were incarcerated in the genuine concentration camps.

    • what a load of rubbish Hella Langer , when you detain people behind barb wire and restrict their movements and where women have to plead to men to be given sanitary pads.. is it not a holiday camp,

    • They are detaining men women and children for years Hella Langer, this is not processing them, that is punishing them

    • Hella Langer.Australia are signatories to to the United Nations refugees charter. They are not illegal immigrants.

    • Hella Langer
      Look up the difference between “refugees” and “illegal immigrants” .

      You are never too old to educate yourself about these things. But of course, some people are so bigoted that they think they know it all and refuse to educate themselves.

      • Ian  

        You are so busy apologising for these criminals that you have forgotten they have caused 100 million dollars damage. We don’t need “refugees” like them here.

      • Robb Gee  

        There is a recognised international process for refugees to move from one country to another and Australia adheres to this process. Anyone short cutting the process is breaking an international law. They are criminals, but we call them illegal immigrants to lessen the stigma. May be to stop the arguments over semantics, we need to pack them all up and return them to their supposed country of origin with a pamphlet in their own language explaining the legal process. And before all you bleeding hearts start, there are many who follow the rules and make it to Australia safe and well and are settled here as mostly law abiding people.

  2. Send the crims back to the place of origin and for god sake just get tougher on our laws. It’s an absolute disgrace too many getting off too easy only to reoffend again…..

  3. send these criminals back to New Zealand, it is cheaper to pay for a plane ticket than to pay to house them and pay for the damage

  4. Disgraceful how many more times are these invaders going to destroy these facilities before we say NO MORE and turn them around and send them back to where they came from. My in laws migrated to Australia from Austria after the war and spent years in migrant camps that were not very nice to live in but they were so grateful to have somewhere to stay that was safe for themselves and their children, these mongrels are not asylum seekers they are country shoppers and Australia should have the right to turn them away if they deem them unfit to come here.

    • Too many bleeding hearts here, of course there were criminals in amongst the supposed refugees, why else would they be throwing away any ID papers? Travelling across many countries to get to a place which gives them benefits they don’t get in their own shit country. Send them back, why should we have to pay to keep them in jail?

    • The troublemakers are New Zealanders not refugees. Did you not read the article. You show great prejudice in your haste to blame refugees for all the sins in the world.

    • yes they are holding us to ransom with their behaviour… We cannot just allow people in and not detain them, when are people going to learn from this… New Zealanders didn’t do all this, its been going on from the beginning… stop blaming one group, one very small group. Also it was “stinking Kiwis” as you call them, who fought alongside us in the world wars and kep our country safe for people here and t hose to come here and live and immigrate.. without them we would have been doomed… hence ANZACS. remember that. please.

    • No. It’s not the refugees. It’s the criminals who are awaiting deportation back to their country of origin who are causing this. People who have lived in Australia for years but you have chosen a life of crime.
      You are falling for the LNP gossip that it is the refugees causing this trouble.

    • Some people are so bigoted that they are willing to blame the refugees for anything, this LNP Government is at fault for putting hardend criminals in a facility for people who are claiming asylum. Jail or deprtation is the only answer for these crims

    • Fighting in wars beside us does not give anyone the right from any country to destroy Australian property, these people were being held there for a reason Jennifer Anderson and it was NOT because they were of good behavior and doing charity work.. they should be deported NOW. only refugees seeking asylum should be on any of these Islands

    • Barbara Easthope For your information the riot was sparked by the death of Iranian Kurdish man Fazel Chegeni who appeared to have escaped the facility. Fazel Chegeni WAS a Kurdish Iranian refugee that was denied a bridging visa and in reply to your question yes i did read the article, you obviously didn’t.

    • Why was this man trying to flee on an Island he had no escape from and what caused his death? did it have anything to do with the New Zealand criminals who had taken over and were running the Christmas Island Detention Center? we probably never know because Government has nothing but lies and secrecy to tell us

    • Sandra Kay Neuhuber the New Zealand criminals did the damaging and the rioting the excuse was the death of that poor man stop blaming the refugees to suit your own agenda. It is clear what that is.

  5. Wake Up Australia, send them back, and send the bill for the damage to the UN, Its their job to solve this problem

    • The UN are not responsible for the New Zealand criminals they are putting in there, our Government is. Why are they not just deporting them?

    • If the UN was ding its job their would be no refugees and no need for detention centres, Why are we giving millions of $ to the UN, And any criminals should be deported of this country,

    • Kelvin Hines read the article or just listen to the news the refugees did not do the rioting New Zealand criminals did.

  6. They were there because they were appealing the decision to deport them.But they should have been held somewhere more secure.🍀🍀🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🍀🍀

    • New Zealand is our closets neighbour, many have already left and appealing it in New Zealand. Send them all back if they want appeal they can appeal from there

    • They have already served their sentences in Australian jails! Why are they even on Christmas Island?

  7. If they are criminals I can’t understand why they are allowed to challenge their deportation in our courts. They shouldn’t be allowed to use our judicial system that we the taxpayer are paying for when they aren’t even citizens of Australia. Put them on a plane and send them back where they came from, we feed them, clothe them, put a roof over their heads and now a million dollare clean up bill and they are still here. It’s a total joke and Governments tell us we have to be more tolerant, my tolerance has run out with these people and it’s time we all protested because our taxes are being wasted on criminals.

    • I am with you on this Sandra, I can’t understand the delay in deportation if the legislation spells it out clearly. Why on earth are these people allowed to appeal, no doubt via tax payer funded legal aid to add to the farce.

  8. As if the money couldn’t be used more effectively! Good to know that the ringleaders are now in maximum security. They should have no more access to appeals etc – just ship them back to wherever

  9. Question – if these people are criminals then why aren’t they in jail? Why are they in a detention center? My solution – Australian citizens jail. People who aren’t Australian citizens – send them back to their country of origin.

    • Debbie, they have all served their sentences in Australia, then when they are freed and expect to go back to their families, they are immediately taken to Christmas Island. They are from N.Z. But have lived in Australia for many years, and have families and in some cases, jobs here. Peter Dutton would have us believe that they are “violent criminals” but in a lot of cases, that is just not true, plus they have served their sentences!

  10. Stinking Kiwi OMG organised crime members who are angry at being deported.

    • Kiwis, aren’t stinking, some have only had one strike against them… others are allowed to walk our streets, ie peodophiles who do crimes over and over and over, killing children for Gods sake… please done put them in a basket with these sorts of people… some are drug dealing… well in this day and age…Many Many walk our streets and are still doing this some way shape or form/

    • Go away.. They are convicted criminals who are challenging our laws and paid for by the taxpayer. You fail to mention the witnesses and the victims of their crimes.

    • Hahaha you are a bloody joke Baf Kuka…. like no Australian has EVER committed a crime.. PFT

    • Non citizen criminals are deported … What part of that don’t you get?

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