The $10 reason why more people will be flocking to ALDI

ALDI has been very popular with the over-60 shoppers thanks to their budget-friendly price range and also product offerings that seem

ALDI has been very popular with the over-60 shoppers thanks to their budget-friendly price range and also product offerings that seem to suit the more mature shopper.

If you have been shopping in peace in ALDI, well watch out, they have just launched a new decor line that looks luxurious but starts at a low price of just $9.99.

The new home decor range includes items like sophisticated monochrome linen, cushions and matte black and rose gold lamps.

Aldi's new home decor range aims to draw younger people into their stores.
Aldi’s new home decor range aims to draw younger people into their stores.

They’re also offering Moroccan inspired patterns, tarnished metals and exotic rugs and ottomans, as well as embellished quilt cover sets, 500 thread count Egyptian cotton sheets and copper side tables.

aldi blue decor set
They also have a leather replica butterfly chair for AUD $199, a fraction of the price of the original version which often sell for $1,500 and above. The Special Buys range is available while stocks last, and starts at AUD $9.99 for a photo frame.

Have you seen the new items? Do you think you will be buying any of these?

  1. Rachelle  

    No, as refuse to shop there, so won’t be buying, either!
    Those who wish to, I hope they get what they want, & that they last!

    My home is set-up with furniture from my Mother, who bought from ‘Hixco’, ‘Bell Bros’, & ‘R.B.Window & Son’.
    Quality items of solid Rosewood, & Walnut, which are currently just on 60 years’ old, & STILL look beautiful!
    I’m very fortunate to have such enjoyable pieces’ to not only admire, but to sit upon, & dine at!

    • Dieter  

      Mate this is a story about Aldi.
      Quite frankly who cares what you got and what you inherited. It totally missed the topic.
      Sorry mate try again.

      • Rachelle  

        You missed my point in that I’ve no NEED to buy their products.
        Your reply is ignorant in the extreme.
        So you must be a ‘typical’ Aldi shopper!

        • Alison Mahoney  

          And just who is ‘ a typical Aldi shopper’?

        • Christine  

          You pretentious pratt! Go and boast your old wares somewhere else

    • Absolutely, why would you refuse to shop there? Excellent bargains and keeping Coles and WWs honest. Their furnishing range is wonderful and longlasting. Your loss, I’d say.

      • Rachelle  

        I’ve a choice, & am exercising it!
        My loss? Doubt THAT very much……
        Would be interesting to be around in 60 years’ to check if the aldi product lasted that long……….

  2. Madelyn Farrugia  

    I buy from Aldi all my weekly things and I have a cupboard not with Home Brands but with exact lables. If I do not like or I need to change Aldi will. I love Aldi.

  3. Joy Anne Bourke  

    I love Aldi also. Being a pensioner things are much cheaper, also excellent Vegs and stay fresh for longer then any other store. Meat is tender but I find getting a bit expensive some cuts for me. Cleaning products, like Bleach, which is the same ingredients as the one Woolies and Coles sell and is only $1.49 not over $3. Toilet paper excellent.
    I have bought some of there quilt covers which are fabulous as they are cotton and not polyester crap. There tools are excellent also. I will always shop at Aldi. Only go to Woollies to buy a couple of things which I have preferred for many years.

  4. Yvonne Seebohm  

    Really enjoy shopping at Aldies, enjoy seeing something different every week not like Coles and Woollies which seem to have the same things all the time.

  5. Wonder why soneone would ‘refuse’ to shop there? Anyway, we like Aldi very much. It has only been in W.A. for a few months and is certainly giving Coles and Woolies a run for their money. Find the products of good quality, excellent prices, and also love ‘the centre aisle’ for all their Specials. It is a great way to get different demographics into the store when they feature tools, camping and 4WD , homewares etc. Yes, there are items they do not carry but I have the time to go elsewhere for those. Great to have the choice now.

  6. patricia greenwood  

    I refuse to shop rhere and I am a Senior! Their money goes to Germany and their groceries are not to my taste. Only once bought Nescafe at Aldis tasted awful, in fine writing product of Thailand! They will never come anywhere near Kmart for homewares.

    • Manfred Ihms  

      So you rather your money to go to China

    • Dieter  

      Some people are just ignorant.
      Bad luck for them I would say.
      All the big supermarkets are owned by foreigners so what.
      If you want the money to stay in Oz you have to buy at the cornershop but this would be pretty expensive over time.

    • Jarrod thames  

      Just FYI… Only 10% of profits go back to Germany. The rest stays in Australia

  7. Jean Walker  

    I only wish we had an Aldi here in Tasmania. Even if a few people don’t like them, at least it gives competition to the other two which is all we have here and they have complete monopoly I go to Aldi whenever we are in England and find them very good. Mind you, I wish we had Marks and Spenser’s food halls here – now that is really good food.

    As for money going to Germany, I take it then you buy nothing made in Japan or Korea? That must be fairly difficult these days!

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