Tennis legend speaks up for ‘troubled’ Australian Open star

Australian tennis star Nick Kyrgios has his fair share of critics. He’s been accused of not playing to his potential,

Australian tennis star Nick Kyrgios has his fair share of critics. He’s been accused of not playing to his potential, not training, and it seems that the advice of experts and other players are starting to get to him as when he exited the Australian Open he said that it might be time to get a coach.

A tennis legend and reformed celebrity “bad boy” has come out with some sage advice for Kyrgios. Speaking to the ABC legendary player Andre Agassi says that the coach that Kyrgios needs also needs to get him to get to the core of his problems.

On the court, Agassi said Kyrgios has “as much talent as possibly you could ever see on a tennis court”. Adding, “You just never know what journey someone’s been through”. Agassi continued, “You just never know what journey someone’s been through,” Agassi said from Las Vegas.

“Has he ever really had somebody who attempts to understand him? Has he ever really felt that he’s worthy enough to be cared about?

“What is his struggle and what is his angst and what does he feel? Has anybody done anything except bark at him about what he should be versus understanding who it is that he is?

“Those simple human engagements create a dynamic where you either earn respect or you don’t.

“I can honestly say from a distance if Nick Kyrgios doesn’t respect you, it’s because you haven’t earned it or it’s because he doesn’t respect himself.”

Agassi also stated that the job isn’t going to be easy. He said, “I don’t think anybody’s going to drop wisdom on Nick that changes the trajectory of somebody’s life”. He added, “Unfortunately life has to be the greatest teacher. Life can strip us, it can humble us and it’s only at those points that we search for something deeper, of more value.”

Do you agree with Agassi’s assessment of Kyrgios? Should Agassi coach him?

  1. ted partridge  

    first time ive seen him with hair ..agassi that is.the other one is always pulling his out

  2. Ben Manion  

    Sad Kyrgios needs immediate psychological advise I pity the psychologist

  3. Rosy  

    I honestly believe that Nick has ADHD and because he is a professional sportsman, no suitable medication is available to him.
    I have experienced others with the same mood swings and anti-social behaviours, the same “stuff it, who cares” attitude. These people will sabotage themselves and their success and if left untreated, their lives as well. Often the end result if left unmanaged is suicide. Nobody wants that for this talented young man.

  4. Maybe a coach would be good for Nick to guide him through the pressures of playing to win, and to accept losing like a professional instead of making excuses for his aches and pains when he loses. As for the above comment on Agassi’s hair, it’s a wig! He wore this for many years and later on admitted to it.

  5. Diana  

    Kyrgios has admitted several times that he would rather be playing basketball. This is borne out by the fact that he has “tanked” on numerous cocasions, sledged in a disgusting manner another player – Stan Warwrinka – thrown his racket, screamed at umpires and in this last incident, make it very plain that he was in a sulk and almost refused to play at all. This was insulting to his opponent and made fools of the people who were cheering for him in the stand, including a mob of excited children. Nick Kyrgios need to make up his mind whether to play tennis and behave himself, including psychological assistance – or he needs to change his sport.

  6. desleigh clarke  

    Spoilt brat, if he doesn’t like it don’t play it & don’t take the big money. He’d be the same with any sport he plays with his attitude. If he really wants to play (and he CAN ) why not model himself on Federer instead of one of the super brats?

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