Tara Brown and crew may face child abduction charges

Things seem to be going from bad to worse for 60 Minutes journalist Tara Brown and her news crew as

Things seem to be going from bad to worse for 60 Minutes journalist Tara Brown and her news crew as they face serious charges over the botched recovery of two Australian children.

Prosecutors in the case have asked the judge to investigate child abduction charges against the children’s Australian mother Sally Faulkner and the Channel Nine crew.

The prosecutor said the crime was one of deprivation of liberty, or abduction, which is punishable by a minimum three years in jail in Lebanon.

Tara and her four-man crew were detained by authorities after snatching Ms Faulkner’s children off the street where they were walking with their grandmother.

Sally Faulkner and two of her children. Photo: Facebook.
Sally Faulkner and two of her children. Photo: Facebook.

Police say they have footage of the ‘recovery team’ hired by Channel Nine and one of Nine’s cameramen grabbing the children and knocking over their grandmother as they escaped in a getaway car.

Soon after the children were reunited with their mother, Tara, her crew, the recovery team, and Ms Faulkner and her children were all taken away by Lebanese authorities and detained.

It is understood that Tara and Ms Faulkner have been separated from the men and moved to a women-only facility.

Due to the strict religious laws in Lebanon, Ms Faulkner has limited rights when it comes to her children, who were taken their by their father for a holiday and never returned.

Julie Bishop and the Department of Foreign Affairs say they are working with Lebanese authorities to sort out the situation, but fears are growing over the case could play out.

Last year, Australian journalist Peter Greste was released from prison in Egypt where he was held for a year after being convicted of conspiring to falsify news to defame the Egyptian government.

Peter and his news crew were arrested and he was sentenced to seven years in prison, but was released after lengthly negotiations. Many people are fearful that something similar could happen to Tara and her crew.

What are your thoughts on this case? What do you think will happen to those involved?

  1. George  

    If the crew went to the country with the intention of break the law, if Channel nine in any way financed the exercise then I’m sorry for the crew but they must face the repercussions of breaking the law of the country

  2. Clearly there were issues before it got to this stage, so the question is why did the mother allow the children to be taken overseas …as David Cook said you go to another country you respect their laws and rules

  3. Deanna  

    trying to get more drama for the screen, leave to people who know what they are doing.

  4. John  

    Your 4th. Paragraph states that Tara and her team attempted the abduction.Is this right?Very,very serious stuff for Tara if so.Or is it a monumental reporting error on SAS’ behalf.If so you need to consider the laws of defamation carefully.If wrong I suggest you correct your statement “Tara and her 4 man crew…………..after snatching…..”
    Get my drift.

  5. Chris Rae  

    how much time and tax payers money are we going to spend on something that was illegal in the first place and knowingly attempted by people who were paid or paying for the privilege, as far as im concerned they deserve what they get and i for one dont want to see money wasted on negotiating for them

  6. Joy Anne Bourke  

    I don’t believe that they were involved in the kidnapping. First of all the Father should not have been allowed to take the children even though the mother gave permission for a holiday. The Father should be charged with Kidnapping. The Mother should not be without her children. The Mother had custody, and therefore she has the right to her children.
    I wonder if her Ex is Australian Citizen if so, then the Foreign Affairs should be able to get the children back.
    This Mother was desperate to get her children back. The Father has done the wrong thing. The Father should be charged for kidnapping the children in the first place.

    • Marie  

      Any woman silly enough to marry an arabic man, deserves what happens. the story has been told a thousand times : woman let husband take kids on holidays, or goes with her family on holidays to lebanon or one of these arabic countries and next thing you know, she can’t come back or without her kids. you pay the price for stupidity. no matter how educated they are, arab men remain backward people, treating women like animals. the women after cry about the way they are treated. you can what you ask for.

      • Wiso  

        I agree Marie. It is a high price to pay for stupidity isn’t it. And our stupid Government is still welcoming these men into our country and even when they flout our Australian laws and flee back to their sand traps they cannot be made to stand accountable. So one-sided.

  7. Katharine Oakes  

    Very sorry for the mother, Tara and the rest of the channel nine team. Fingers crossed that things go well for them but not hopeful.

  8. Katharine Oakes  

    Very sorry for the mother, Tara and the rest of the channel nine team. Fingers crossed that things go well for them but not hopeful.

  9. Leonie  

    As a Mother of 2 Tara should not be going over to a country where women are treated as nothing. What they were doing in that country was against their laws. Silly mother Sally for giving her ex husband permission to take them o/seas when she had full custody.

  10. Marion Pallas  

    This is why these Arabs should not be allowed into our country, their laws deny any rights to women or children

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