Suzi Quatro has some advice for today’s youth

It comes as no surprise that Suzi would have something to say about this.
Rocker Suzi has still got it all these years later.

Legendary rocker Suzi Quatro has dished out some straight-shooter advice to today’s youth, basically telling them to keep their pants on.

Speaking to The Sydney Morning Herald, Quatro said she was sick of seeing young stars parading around in revealing outfits.

With celebrities being such a big influence on young people, these dressed-down standards appear to be filtering through to a lot of young people who are taking the ‘less is more’ motto a bit too far.

“I think women take off too many clothes now. Leave something to the imagination, you know? I mean, I might have had a black leather jumpsuit, but I was covered,” she told SMH.

She took particular aim at singer Mariah Carey, saying she, and others, were distracting from their talent with their lack of clothes.

“There’s nothing hardly covering her,” she said.

“It’s like Adam and Eve without the fig leaf, you know? How far can you go? And these are all hugely talented people, hugely. Mariah Carey, her voice is to die for, but how many clothes can you take off? Have a look at yourself.”

Do you think she has a point? Is fashion too revealing nowadays? Or is it just kids being kids?

  1. Just wondering  

    Go Suzi! Never more truth was spoken.

    • Lisa Digirolamo  

      I KNEW I ALWAYS LIKED HER FOR A REASON……l totally agree with her. Especially being the proud mama of an impressionable 10yr old girl.

  2. desleigh clarke  

    Amen to that! You get one lot taking everything off and another lot covering up everything!! Surely there’s a happy medium somewhere??

  3. [email protected]  

    One of those true entertainers who did not use a scruffy strip show draw crowds. Just real talent.

  4. Julie Brown  

    Absolutely agree with her. Sometimes I think celebs forget they age and what might have been cute and attractive at 20 ain’t necessarily so at 40 or more.

    • Alexandra Browning  

      You are absolutely right!!

  5. Heather_Herighty  

    Yes. Just because one can “wear it” doesn’t alway mean “one should”

  6. Joe  

    I get really confused cause the great sisterhood these days demands respect and not to be treated like sex objects….yet the celeb types thinks it’s alright to toss the idea of being good role models in the trash can and project themselves as, you guessed it, sex objects…but I guess that’s alright as long as it’s in the pursuit of a dollar and their “art”….yet I don’t see the sisterhood marching in the streets cause of this disloyalty to the cause.

    • Alexandra Browning  

      Oh no, they might upset the named celebrities!!

  7. Jan_Mckenzie  

    Well said Sizi … Mariah sure loves to see her boobs out front . Not a nice look

  8. Joan Marshall  

    Western Society lacks self respect. I have never seen so much exposure of the body anywhere else in the world. Women want the same rights as a man then let themselves down badly. Leave something to the imagination.

  9. Shaz  

    This is what people want nowadays isn’t it.
    This is Europe and USA, democratic society freedom for makind By mankind not any muslim country where covering of Your mother, sister and wife is necessary for modesty and dignity.. Suzie might just be right! (Joan you are right)

  10. Shaz  

    Mariah your a dump not a role model. No self esteem and no dignity to mother nature…
    Is this what children of today are expected to watch… just for a few dollars

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