Sussan Ley resigns, Malcolm Turnbull announces drastic changes to pollie expenses

In news just out this afternoon, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has announced that Health Minister Sussan Ley will resign after
The prime minister has blasted his colleagues today.

In news just out this afternoon, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has announced that Health Minister Sussan Ley will resign after she was found to have used taxpayers money on trips to the Gold Coast during her time as a federal party member.

Mr Turnbull addressed the media at a press conference just moments ago where he also announced a drastic overhaul in the way politicians will claim expenses going forward.

In regards to Ms Ley, the PM said she will tender her resignation effective immediately and that her replacement will be announced next week.

He then went on to practically scold his colleagues for the way they had been using taxpayers’ money and reiterated the fact they were spending other peoples money.

“Australians are entitled to expect that politicians spend taxpayers’ money carefully, ensuring at all times that their work expenditure represents an efficient, effective and ethical use of public resources,” he said.

“We should be, as politicians, backbenchers and ministers, we should be as careful and as accountable with taxpayers’ money as we possibly can be.”

In a move that is sure to please many, he said the government would be arranging an independent body to oversee politicians’ expenses and that all claims made by MPs will be made public every month for taxpayers to search and monitor.

“The Government believes that the work expenses of parliamentarians, including ministers, should be administered and overseen by an independent agency,” he said.

“An independent parliamentary expenses authority will be a compliance, reporting and transparency body. It will monitor and adjudicate all claims by MPs, senators and ministers, ensuring that taxpayers’ funds are spent appropriately and in compliance with the rules.”

What do you think about this news? Are you pleased to hear pollies will be held more accountable from now on? Do you think Sussan Ley was right to resign?

  1. patricia dick  

    The need for transparency is vital. No family should be included in trips. They aren’t on holidays are they?
    Why not use SKYPE. Technology today stops all this need for them to travel as much as they do.
    This “stealing by deception” must stop NOW

    • Joy Anne Bourke  

      Totally agree Patricia. NO FAMILY MEMBERS INCLUDED IN TRIPS Their Huge Salaries should be able to pay for the family members wishing to go. In fact why should family members go at all if on Business.

  2. alan stonham  

    plenty of time to do her private shopping now,no loss to the electorate she represents,her biggest appearance in the electorate was via her regular tax payer funded flier,turnbull will just hand the baton to another mp,with his snout in the trough,that is the liberal way

    • Geoffrey eyers  

      I am very disappointed ln Susan I thought she was a good minister sad to see her go but you reap what you sow ,very interesting that the labor party have been so quiet maybe something a bit fishy going on.

    • Mary  

      Common Alan, The Liberals are not the only ones doing it, the Labor party are just as bad as Bill Shorten has just proved.

    • Ross Simon  

      Labour Pollies never do that, do they?

    • Kathy Banks  

      But surely she just goes to the back bench, she will still be in her electorate until the next election. She hasn’t left government, just her ministerial position.

  3. Aileen  

    Transparency is definitely required from all parties, cut the crap and do the job and stop wasting money. This has all gone too far. Susan is our local member and has done herself a great injustice. Time they all learnt that we public have a BIG voice and DO NOT like the way they are behaving. Notice how quiet the Labour party are !!!!

  4. Stella  

    They will just have their salaries increased so that they can easily cover their costs.

    • Joy Anne Bourke  

      They have already been given an increase of 3% for next 3 yrs straight after the election. Pensioners got $3. What an insult.

  5. Philip Carroll  

    Offering to pay after one has been caught out is the same as a shoplifter offering to pay after one has been caught shoplifting.

    • graham  

      exactly philip,we all have to abide by rules,pollies are not exempt

  6. Anyone else would be charged with theft, hung out to dry. But no politicians say “I’m sorry, I will pay back the money.” Then hopefully everyone should be happy. no no no…….Politicians are not that special or above the law.


      It makes you to throw up on these hypocrites,just pay back money.If I’m caught on red light camera why I can not reverse and wait for green light to correct my mistake.

  7. She has obviously been allowed to resign, rather than be dismissed. Does this mean she will be entitled to a pension?
    I sincerely hope not. Mr. Turnbull must surely realise that the Electorate will not tolerate this. Bronwyn Bishop was more than enough. Vale Liberal Party.

    • Jane mcmellon  

      I think she just goes to the back benches.

      • Kathy Banks  

        Yes that is right. Ley is not gone from government or her electorate. She simply goes to the back bench, takes a salary cut for no longer being a minister and that has repercussions for her superannuation.

    • hellen  

      if they resign they will get all their entitlements I believe…..SHAME SHAME SHAME both sides are as bad as one another

      • Kathy Banks  

        Susan Ley just goes to the back bench. Turnbull couldn’t possibly sack her entirely from the government as he holds government by a majority of one. If she were to go we would have a hung parliament!

  8. Cheryle  

    I think they should pay out of their own pockets and then get reimbursed for only what they are entitled to,that way everyone will know what they are using taxpayers money for.

  9. Sue Ekert  

    All so called pollie salaries, perks and pensions must be openly transparent to taxpayers. They are nothing special at all and must only receive pensions like all taxpayers are. All current pollie pensions must be brought into line immediately

    • Joy Anne Bourke  

      Yes I agree. I have been saying this for a long time. NO RETIREMENT PENSIONS OR PERKS FOR ANY POLITIAN.
      If they are entitled to a pension then they should get what Pensioners receive NO MORE.

    • Diana  

      In business, you have to pay for your transport and accommodation and then put in the receipts for a refund when you return. The business flyer usually has to take the cheapest flight too. Why can’t the politicians do the same?

      Susan Ley reckoned that there were no commerical flights available when she wanted to do. Well, I have news for her – there are flights coming and going to all the capital cities and the Gold Coast pretty much every hour. Why can’t she take an economy ticket anyway? If she’s only in the air an hour or so, what’s wrong with that?

  10. Garry Bates  

    At last; I was beginning to think we no longer had a Prime Minister. Ley should resign from Parliament, not just as Minister. Why has it taken this long and this furor to have some sort of control on MPs claims?

    • Rhonda  

      Heavens if everyone of them resigned from Parliament who had done the same thing as Sussan Ley there would be no one left!!

    • Kathy Banks  

      If Susan Ley resigned from parliament the Coalition government would lose their majority of one and then Turnbull would face a hung parliament! He is not about to do this.

  11. Glenys Horne  

    Hope she misses out on a pension too.

    • Kathy Banks  

      There seems to be a misunderstanding, perhaps due to the wording of this article. Susan Ley has only resigned as Minister not entirely from the government. Turnbull wouldn’t dare do this to an elected representative, but more than this he holds government with a majority of only 1. This could call into question whether he legitimately holds the balance of power. Ley just goes to the backbench where her significantly reduced salary will have a bearing on her superannuation when she does eventually leave parliament some time in the future.

  12. Ray Hosken  

    Let’s not forget about the absurd pensions Mr TURNBULL…. The parliamentary pensions, which in today’s society, are so antiquated, need to be scrapped and retrospectively to anyone receiving them. This is the biggest rort,costing millions of dollars annually, and no one has the gonads to change it

    • Lorraine Delaney  

      I agree with you wholeheartedly.

    • Joy Anne Bourke  

      Ray yes totally agree. NO RETIREMENT PENSIONS OR PERKS FOR POLITIANS. If they are entitled to a pension then they get the same as Pensioners get, which is bugger all. I am over $60 f/n behind since Turnbull took over. With all the increases in Electricity, Medication, Rent we pensioners need to catch up. I struggle. Time for Malcolm Turnbull to GO. Worst PM every by giving the rich more and taking from Pensioners and all low income earners.

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