Susan Sarandon shows off cleavage in new music video

You might remember earlier in the year when Susan Sarandon showed off her cleavage at the Cannes Film Festival? How
Susan Sarandon in the new music video for Justice's song Fire. Source: YouTube

You might remember earlier in the year when Susan Sarandon showed off her cleavage at the Cannes Film Festival?

How about the controversy she caused when she showed off her cleavage while presenting the in-memoriam section at the Screen Actors Guild Awards?

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Well, she’s done it again – and this time she’s giving us all a throwback to her Thelma & Louise days.

The actress appears in a new music video for the band Justice and it’s her sex appeal that has everyone talking.

70-year-old Sarandon appears at one point in the video dancing around in a low-cut white t-shirt and blue jeans.

And everyone seems to be talking about her cleavage, with some pointing out that she doesn’t appear to be wearing a bra in the video clip.

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The video clip for the song Fire is being interpreted as being inspired by Sarandon’s film Thelma & Louisa.

But instead of portraying Thelma, The Fix points to her role in the video as similar to that of Brad Pitt’s role in Thelma & Louise – as the hunky stranger in the back seat.

You might be wondering why Sarandon was cast to appear in the music video?

Well, the director of the music video Pascal Teixeira was quoted by The Fix as saying he chose her because she was an “iconic mix of cool, allure and strength”.

You watch the video above.

Tell us what you think? Are you a fan of Susan Sarandon’s sex appeal?



  1. Steve  

    Cleavage? What cleavage? And why is this important anyway? She’s a very sexy lady, yes, but she’s not revealing anything unusual or naughty… not wearing a bra is nothing new or noteworthy, either.

    If cleavage is your thing, go to any beach or public pool, there you will see far more than you need…

    By all means show us the new music video – but don’t attempt to play to the salacious by focusing on non-existent cleavage. Makes you look a bit ‘tacky’.




      Steve..what a sanctimonious wanker you are!

      The woman is 70 and obviously looked after herself …tons of attitude and sexy as hell.

      I’d take those puppies for a walk anytime.

      Luv her…Geoff

    • Ron  

      Do you always take things so seriously? Salacious – ‘having or conveying undue or indecent interest in sexual matters’? How did you arrive at this conclusion and who are you to sit in judgement of anybody? Or are you just speaking for yourself?
      Take the video for what it is – showing a 70 year old woman who has obviously looked after herself enjoying life to the fullest!
      Also it goes to show how much you looked at the video – she IS wearing a bra!
      I suppose you felt good using a big word too eh!

  2. Sarah  

    I don’t know what all the fuss is about. Anyway, I reckon there is some support there, could be built in to the top. Didn’t see any cleavage. I think she is great.

  3. Dianne Evans  

    She looks great and is showing nothing !

  4. Kay  

    Can’t see that clip winning any awards it very ordinary. A big ado about nothing!! Who ever prints this rubbish should get a life.

  5. Is there a male equivalent of “cleavage” that women can perve at?
    If there is (apart from the good old plumber’s crack), why don’t the fellas complain about being looked at?
    If the girls show off their womanly lumps, why complain when people look at them? They show them, the boys, unless we’re talking about those “other” boys, will look at them. They can’t have it both ways.
    Also, the “news” about Terri and Russell NOT getting hitched will devastate the No Idea and the Woman’s Daze mob, won’t it?

  6. John McDonald  

    The scene where Susan Sarandon played the cello in “Three Witches of eastwick” was very sexy (my sympathies to the other witches Sher and Michelle Pfeiffer who were also trying hard to look sexy). No body parts on display in that scene.

  7. J Sarkozi  

    Interesting clip…but you really did suck me in….just a bit dishonest….

    • ‘twould seem that SAS is descending to the same level as the women’s/Murdoch rags with the “shows off cleavage” suck-in head …

  8. Susan Bell  

    would like to remind you that this is the twenty first century not the nineteenth. Why are you writing about women’s bodies, why are you judging women’s bodies why are you talking about cleavages.

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