Surprise win by Shooters, Fishers and Farmers Party leaves major parties nervous

A relatively unknown party has come from behind to score a major win in the Orange byelection today. The party’s
The Shooters, Fishers and Farmers Party and One Nation are on the rise.

A relatively unknown party has come from behind to score a major win in the Orange byelection today. The party’s candidate Philip Donato will take a seat in the lower house of the NSW Parliament after a stunning victory in the country town.

While it’s a big win for Mr Donato and the party, it has left both Labor and the LNP nervous as more and more voters start looking for alternative ways to use their vote.

The seat of Orange was previously held by the Nationals who conceded defeat by just 50 votes.

“I’m humbled and deeply honoured by the support I’ve received and the trust the community has placed in me,” Mr Donato told Fairfax Media.

“I will work hard as I can to represent the whole electorate and obtain the trust of those who voted and didn’t vote for me.”

So why did the party manage to pull in the votes despite being up against the full force of the Nationals? It seems like we’ve seen this a lot lately across the country, notably with Pauline Hanson’s One Nation party, which took home a whopping six seats in Queensland during the election earlier this year.

The rise of the alternative parties and candidates is being felt around the world too. America just elected Donald Trump who campaigned on the promise to rid Washington of the “sewage” that politics had created, while far-right parties are gaining traction around Europe.

Could the world be gearing up for it’s next big political swing and moving away from the globalisation we have embraced over the past few decades?

Many have noted the increasing rhetoric around nationalism and the idea of “looking after your own first”.

While many are still all for inclusiveness and freedom to move from country to country with ease, the voices of the objectors seem to be getting louder and securing powerful political positions along the way.

What are your thoughts on this?

Do you think we should just put our own country first? Or should we be open to everyone who wants to come and live the Australian life?

  1. Kevin  

    It really should not be such a big surprise – people are sick of the ‘big 2’ parties in this country and if they keep targeting the over 60’s incomes – pensions, superannuation etc – then they should expect more of the same.

  2. clifford  

    Liberal & labor should be renamed :……THE LISTENING DEAF & THE SIGHTED BLIND ” PARTIES ” ….as they do not “Hear ‘ the General public …We Elect Government to Run the country …The Country Should not try to run Government !! Everybody has an AGENDA ….you wouldn’t be a thinking person, if you did not have an opinion…..I think most people are ” Over ” hearing about the ” Boats ” ( we would like to hear about the 200,000 overstayers who ” flew in ” ) As for Us OLD AGE PENSIONERS ..(we represent 38% of the voting public ) we are a PATHETIC LOT ..We do not have a Party representing us ….NOT ONE POLITICIAN ..FROM ANY PARTY ..AT THE LAST ELECTION.. ..DID NOT MENTION US !! As i said we are not represented …we are mere pawns …it’s about time we woke up and smelt the coffee !! WHO AMONGST US IS WILLING TO STEP UP TO THE CREASE and go to bat for us ??

    • Tony Bahr  

      Well said clifford . There needs to be a pensioners voice . We represent potentially the biggest voting block . I know we all need to tighten our belts to balance the books , but when you see billions being thrown away in political decisions that are not in the nations best interests , its hard to cop tightening ones belt . Come Jan 2017 lots of pensioners are going to get less pension . At the same time there is a call to increase tax payer funded maternity leave by a further 2 weeks . Why , and who is calling for this ? That’s just 1 example . I’m frustrated and angry. So yes we do need the protection of Australian Pensioners Party . Maybe we could get Mark Latham to form it .Only straight shooter out there and that coming from someone who has voted liberal most of my life .

    • Heather leszczewicz  

      How about the politicians take a cut in wages and. Pensions stop targeting vulnerable people People that have worked their ass off for years. and they want to cut their pensions it makes me furious

  3. Truth 13  

    Hi Clifford, I am with you. In fact, in the last two years, I have spoken to many over 60 year old, to unite & from a political party. A good name will be Australian Pensioners & Retirees Party. I even wrote to Prof. Kirwan of the Griffith University, who compiled the costs to have our politicians, WHICH IS ABOUT $390 MILLION A YEAR, who can get their pension at any age, & we have to wait till 65 years old, & our children till 70 years. Joe Hockey at 51 years, is getting a pension being in the Parliament for 19 years only, where as many people working for over 30 to 40 years will get a pension, only if their taxable income is less than $18,000 & has less than $816,000, TOTAL assets. The whole country knows, The Boof Head Joe Hockey, has farms & bought houseS on his wife’s name. For him, there is no “Age of entitlement”. TIME TO GET TOGETHER TO CHASE THESE HYPOCRITES, AND HAVE ONE RULE FOR ALL.

    • Barbara Allsop  

      I’m with you all. It disgusts me to see the entitlements that ex-pollies claim and the state of poverty in which so many older Australians live.. So..Starts at 60.. are you up for starting a Seniors Party?

  4. Typical… “while far-right parties are gaining traction around Europe” . That’s what’s wrong with you at SAS and the majority of newspapers. Left wing sympathisers with no clue as to what you’re really supporting. Go back 50-60yrs and see what far right, far left and then either side of centre was really all about. Then you’ll find it’s the left that’s the problem. This new progressive neo-marxist BS which runs the UN, the EU and is espoused by the likes of Hollande, Trudeau, Clinton and Merkel, merely masquerades as ‘left’ but is really so far socialist left that it makes the centre look far right. THAT’S what’s happening and THAT’S why we’re having these changes because people have just had enough of being bullied and abused. As a result, we’ve seen Brexit and now, thankfully, we’ve also seen the demise of Clinton (and WW3 averted). Soon enough Merkel and Hollande will disappear and Wilders will take over in Holland meaning and there will be a re-balance in Europe as well which the EU, which is run by unelected ‘unrepresentative swill’ may not survive that. And we’re seeing it here as well. For mine, it can’t happen fast enough!

  5. Bruce Taylor  

    The one minor party that worries me is One Nation which has all the hallmarks of Hitlers Nazi Germany.

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