Supermarkets and Australia Post ruined Christmas for many customers – did this happen to you?

While so many of us were happily unwrapping presents and sitting down to a nice big turkey on Christmas Day,

While so many of us were happily unwrapping presents and sitting down to a nice big turkey on Christmas Day, there were others who found themselves at the rough end of failed service, meaning thousands of people missed out through no fault of their own.

The Daily Mail reports that customers are being offered gift vouchers and refunds today to make up for the “poor and unacceptable” service they received when orders made online for delivery on Christmas Eve did not arrive, or arrived incomplete.

The email says, “Whilst we know there is no way we can adequately make up for the incomplete delivery you received at this very busy time, we would like to apologise by providing you with a credit of $100 for your next Coles Online shop.”

However, for the people who were missing Christmas essentials like turkeys, puddings and goose fat or potatoes on the big day, it’s too little too late. A Coles spokesperson said the supermarket chain received unprecedented demand in the days before Christmas and could not fulfil some of the Christmas Eve orders.

One shopper wrote on the supermarket’s Facebook page, “It’s 12.40am and I can’t sleep as I’m so stressed. No turkey for Christmas dinner. No duck fat for Christmas roast potatoes. No pudding for Christmas dinner dessert.”

Meanwhile, Australia Post also experienced a social media outcry after many of its outlets were closed for New Year’s Eve, with many people still waiting for late Christmas presents and other mail.

“Yes, quite a few unhappy people standing outside my local Australia Post today – including me. Had a package delivered late yesterday afternoon, which I missed. Went to collect this morning – CLOSED,” wrote one customer.
“Will the post be delivered tomorrow or are you having another week off?” said another.

“Since when is today a public holiday????”

Did you experience poor service from these businesses or any others that ruined your Christmas? Share your story!

  1. For some people ordering groceries online is a necessity due to ill health, etc. They don’t do it for fun or convenience. This sort of thing is unacceptable. Not only Coles but ALL Australian companies who trade online need to raise their standards. They are nowhere near as good or reliable as overseas companies.

  2. How about people do a little planning in advance and not expect last minute orders to make it on time, could have the same problem even in the shops

    • Does always work for people who are time poor, have small children, have chronic illnesses or disabilities. Don’t put everyone in the same basket. Different matter if you are retired and have all the time in the world.

    • Anne Wade Who’s retired, I work at least 12 hrs a day, last minute planning and shopping is a disaster waiting to happen.

  3. not at xmas, but last year in august i sent a birthday card to my dranddaughter with $20 in it, she still not got it. i though this shit only happenes in 3rd world countries, not aussie.

  4. Perhaps the people themselves should take some of the blame – why leave everything to the last minute?

    • in my sons case both him and his wife work and the butcher shops are long shut before they even get home from work.

    • Turkey comes frozen, could be ordered weeks ahead, Ham keeps unopened in the fridge, Christmas pudding will keep for years unopened, vegetables etc can be bought a few days ahead. There are some cases where ordering on line, and last minute are the only options, but most people can plan ahead for events such as this.

    • If the majority of people who can shop ahead do so, it wouldn’t be so difficult for suppliers to deliver on time for those who can’t do it.

  5. Check Holiday closing times on the AusPost site. Clearly states closed NYE.
    There were parcel deliveries on Jan 2 & 3 though.

  6. Coles on line had a Xmas pre order to guarantee delivery or pick up Xmas eve…I would never leave things that late. As for Australia post they are only going to get worse…so much for post early for Xmas!

  7. Posted a parcel to New Zealand on the 3rd Dec with grandkids presents in it,still haven’t received it.Aust Post have put the delay down to a strike by customs staff somewhere,creating the backlog.

  8. I ordered weeks ahead and was delivered everything. The free range, organic turkey was delicious. Well done Coles! Too bad for all the people who left their orders until late, seriously did you not think they could run out?! How about taking some personal responsibility instead of more whinging.

    • Most of my parcels go to number 32…my house is number 23! The AP deliverers are obviously dyslexic!!!

  9. So what will Australia Post do for those people who went to the Post Office to buy their remaining concession stamps. You are only entitled to 50 a year and I still had a few books to collect so now I miss out. Can start again now for 2016 but if I use them all up will then have to pay $1 each. Now I will have to cut out sending my That’s Life and Take 5 competitions. Thanks Australia Post.

    • Your concession starts from the day you first apply and goes in 12 monthly cycles. It doesn’t go from 1/1 -31/12. So if you originally applied for them in say april, your new lot doesn’t start until April the following year.

    • Jo  

      Gloria your concession stamps are yearly from when you registered for them. They do not go by calendar year.

  10. They are not interested in pleasing customers anymore only making money !!!!

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