Supermarket stocks Easter items within days of Christmas and causes social media meltdown

It seems like Christmas was just a few days ago. But if you step into Woolworths, you could be fooled
Supermarket stocks Easter items within days of Christmas and causes social media meltdown.

It seems like Christmas was just a few days ago. But if you step into Woolworths, you could be fooled into thinking that it’s already April. Head to the shops now and you’ll see hot cross buns began materialising on shelves. According to a tweet, Woolworths is just giving shoppers what they want, but shoppers are fuming with angry comments exploding on social media. People are stirring at the sight of the Easter treat in some Woolworths stores before Christmas trees have even been taken down.

The early arrival of the baked goods has caused mixed reactions from customers, who have praised and pummelled the supermarket chain on social media.

Aside from hot cross buns, Easter egg chocolates have also been spotted in Target.

Woolworths responded to the fuss on Twitter to say they were selling them due to “overwhelming demand from our customers”.
A Coles spokeswoman said hot cross buns would not be sold until the new year, reports

Despite pouring negative tweets and Facebook, a number of customers have come forward to support the move.

Target has also jumped on the Easter bandwagon, and has put out its Easter egg display a little early.

Should the supermarket be praised for planning ahead? Is it fair to accuse them of being too profit-driven?

  1. marilyn flynn  

    well someone has to be buying them or they wouldn’t put them out for sale. FAT people????????

    • peter  

      people with anorexia ? people with more money then sense ? people who what to be FAT ? which category do you fit in to ?

    • Maureen Gunton  

      How rude – not all “fat people” buy them or eat them – very offensive remark – no doubt you think you are “perfect”

  2. Dianne Fogarty  

    Who cares – you don’t have to buy them. It’s called marketing.

  3. Rob Ozanne  

    I saw hot cross buns in a supermarket in the UK in September !

  4. Diana  

    I know we don’t have to buy them, but the emotional impact of the greed which is displayed by the corporates is awful. One can’t ignore the Easter eggs and hot cross buns, but their presence besmirches the meaning of Easter, and long before that arrives, many people – myself included – are jaded and so “over it” that the joy of the meaning of the festival is lost. Perhaps millions don’t care, but I do and I am constantly disappointed that marketing is storming over all our religious holidays.

    I bet anything anyone likes that the corporates won’t have fake/resin slaughtered sheep and goats on the shelves when Ramadan comes around! It’s okay to offend the Christians though, because they think we won’t kick up a fuss.

    • J E Sinagra  

      I agree with you Diana. I have been saying that for years. Why does anyone want to buy Easter eggs soooo far in advance. It’s ridiculous

  5. Mel  

    Oh please….go and get up in arms about something really important like homelessness, domestic violence, child abuse or gay marriage rights. The’re just bread rolls with some fruit in them!

  6. Graeme  

    Simple – if no one buys them they won’t keep doing it

  7. jo myles  

    Hang on, they have forgotten New Years Eve, Australia Day, Valentines Day, come before Easter. There are thigs we HAVE to BUY for these occassions first.

    • Sue  

      I agree with you jo myles! I said this when I saw a post from a friend on Boxing Day at her father’s local Woolies.

      Pleas let us get over Christmas, New Year, Australia Day and Valentine’s Day first!

      I know that we don’t have to buy them, Carmel, but it’s the timing that’s wrong. 4 weeks before Easter is plenty of time for the sale of both the buns & eggs! Do you, or the CEOs of these giants even know the meaning of the symbols of Easter & Christmas?

  8. Maureen Gunton  

    Sad that this seems to worry anyone – no-one forces you to buy them! Plenty of other concerns in life than the sale of buns!! Get over it and move on

  9. alison gimbert  

    I really do wonder what is in those buns that makes them last so long. I for one won’t buy them either now or at Easter, just money grubbers and selling foods full of preservatives. Come on Woolies tell us the ingredients. I make my own and they wouldn’t last that long.

  10. GrumpyOldS  

    “overwhelming demand from our customers”?? Overwhelming huh? Must have been an avalanche of tweets, emails and phone calls…

    Has anyone seen the paperwork they hold, that records all the details of the customers that suddenly demanded to have this product available at this time of year?

    More spin…

  11. Dog Vowell  

    They will be pretty stale by Easter,

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