Supermarket sausages: Which snag came out on top?

A taste test has revealed the best Aussie supermarket snags, with some surprising results! Did your favourite sausages make the

A taste test has revealed the best Aussie supermarket snags, with some surprising results! Did your favourite sausages make the winner’s list?

Good Food magazine visited regular grocery stores, and bought a variety of 36 different sausages. Together, the sausages cost a total of $300.

“For our experiment, we visited a typical suburban Coles supermarket, a Woolworths, an Aldi and two local IGAs”, said Angus Holland and Nina Rousseau from Good Food.

“A gun team of restaurant critics, editors, and food and drink writers put their palates on the line”, Good Food added.

The judges included food writer Peter Barrett, restaurant critic Gemima Cody, food columnist Richard Cornish, beverages expert Fred Siggins and sausage producer Mark Stehle, amongst others.

The testers were asked to taste nine sausages each, without knowing where the meat products were bought from. Bread, sauces and extra condiments were not allowed.

Instead, the testers were asked to focus on appearance, aroma, casing, texture, meat to fat ratio and overall sausage flavour.

Notes were then compared, and a shortlist was compiled. The next round involved cooking each shortlisted sausage, to see which ones were still juicy and retained flavour.

Winners ranked like this, with Aldi making the most appearances in the Top 10 wieners:

1. The All Natural Sausage Company, Italian Sausage (Coles) $7
2. Created With Jamie, Italian-Style Veal and Pork Sausages (Woolworths) $8
3. Outback Spirit, Pork Sausages with Kakadu Plum and Lemon Aspen (Coles) $5
4. Brannan’s Butchery, Pork and Apple Cider Gourmet Sausages (Aldi) $6.50
5. Brannan’s Butchery, Lamb and Rosemary Gourmet Sausages (Aldi) $6.50
6. Coles Finest, RSPCA Approved Chicken Sausages (Coles) $7
7. Coles Finest, Australian Angus Beef with Garlic and Parsley (Coles) $7
8. Coles Sausages, Beef, Herb and Garlic (Coles) $4.50
9. Brannan’s Butchery, Thin sausages (Aldi) $3.70
10. Brannan’s Butchery, Juicy Pork Sausages (Aldi) $3.70

Are your favourite snags on this list? Which supermarket do you buy sausages from? Or do you prefer to shop at your local butcher?

    • Agree IGA gourmet pork sausages are miles ahead of any and all at Coles and Woolies, and I have tried them all.

  1. My favourite is the IGA – slape & sons bbq sausage, very little fat and lots of taste, also natural skinned not plastic

  2. [email protected]  

    “…Winners ranked like this, with Aldi making the most appearances in the Top 10 wieners…”


    Coles 5/10
    Aldi 4/10
    Woolworths 1/10

  3. Try the sausage at the Currumbin Market. You will never buy a supermarket sausage again.

  4. All supermarket sausages suck. We only buy from our butcher Brian’s Gourmet Meats outside Woolworths at Marriot Waters shopping Centre Lyndhurst Vic. He makes a fantastic variety on site all gluten free!

  5. Flash’s Snags are the best. Award winning Sausages. From Andrew Welfare, Hallidays Butchers Portland Victoria.

  6. I make my own if I want a decent sausage. I was about to buy some from Aldi the other day as they looked nice, BUT I checked the ingredient list (as I do with any processed food. I rarely buy anything processed) and the second or third ingredient was sugar. Why in heavens name you’d put sugar in a sausage is beyond me. But then that is why our tainted tastebuds say things are good, as there is sugar tucked away in the most surprising of places. A good flavoursome sausage should have about 30% fat to get that flavour and consistency in there. Don’t be afraid of the fat but do be very afraid of the hidden sugar, and caking agents, and flavour enhancers etc etc

    • Thanks. I would never have thought of looking for sugar in sausages. Salt yes – that is why I like my home made because I can limit fat and salt and ramp up on the black pepper 🙂

    • Its the same with mayonaise. I make divine mayonnaise at home in less than two mins -flavoured with garlic or chilli or lime or whatever. Just oil eggs and the flavours. ANY shop bought mayo has sugar. Bread has sugar if you are talking horrid white sliced, Something like shop bought baked beans is drowning in sugar. If you make this stuff at home, non of it needs sugar (well maple syrup in boston baked beans but, that doesn’t count does it 😉 )

    • Max Maxwell  

      Animal fats are healthy fats; it’s the ”vegetable” oils, specially cheap industrial Canola Oil and hydrogenation that are killing us. But I agree the amount of additives in processed food that if you prepared the same thing at home you wouldn’t put into the mix is frightening. Even a tub of chick pea salad has an ingredient list that has me asking ”why in hell would you put that all those things in here ?” This is the reason I never buy processed ”food”. And yes often sugar is at the top of or near the top of the ingredient list. That and poisonous processed table salt. When I prepare food at home I only use Pink Himalayan Salt or Pink Murray River Salt.

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