Supermarket adds coffins to their Australian shelves

It’s not every day you see a coffin in the supermarket aisle, but then again Costco isn’t your average supermarket.

It’s not every day you see a coffin in the supermarket aisle, but then again Costco isn’t your average supermarket.

The big box US retailer has just announced they’ll be selling coffins at their Australian stores.

Burial caskets and coffin have already hit the shelves in Ringwood, Victoria, and the Brisbane Times reports there are plans to introduce them to the low-cost retailer’s seven other Australian stores in the coming months.

Costco said 14 different coffins and caskets ranging in price from $360 to $3800 were on offer, next to products for your home, pantry and garden.

According to manufacturer Scientia’s founder and chief executive Issac Leung, “Dying is expensive and funeral costs are evidently going higher and higher.

“You’re going to have people that are cost-conscious and are going to look for those savings.”

But will people actually take advantage of these to-die-for offers?

Mr Leung said yes, in fact the US stores have had a lot of success with the products.

The coffins are made in either China or Italy from materials including eco-friendly MDF and timber, Mr Lueng told Fairfax.

The members-only store is known for its bulk items and pallets of stock across the showroom floors. They also sell everything from engagement rings to food to hearing aids.

Tell us, do you think selling coffins in a supermarket is a good or bad idea?

  1. chrism  

    why not? I think I would at least look. It is a market that has for a long time been in the hands of funeral homes and at a time when a family is grief stricken. It usually comes with a very hefty price tag. So, yes, I would give it consideration.

  2. annie wright  

    it would make a great storage box in the meantime, I’d be a starter if they were here in NZ

    • Yes, annie wright , that was what I thought. You could use them while waiting for someone to die! However, I think I will opt for a cardboard one.

    • Heather  

      Me too. Nothing wrong with this!!!

  3. Jennifer Dickson  

    Makes perfect sense to me, tho I already have my funeral and all costs paid for. Tried to imagine where I could put it in my 1 bedroom unit, without scaring the other elders around here and my family as well. Still laughing at some ideas I had.

  4. Janet  

    What a great idea you could have your wake early , what about the old buy one get one free deal ,I have always wanted to but a shop dummy and dress it up omg the fun I would have with the two of them together .well hopefully I have made someone smile with my comments .Not sure if we have Costco in W.A though 👋👋

  5. judy  

    Id prefer the rush optiin in the UK. Then again, I could paint a wooden one with all those hippie sayings “ban the bomb, peace, etc”

  6. robin mcleod  

    make a nice coffee table while wating for god.How many visitors would start a conversation about it.Make an excellent spare bed when Nana comes to visit.

  7. Mal Pace  

    Hi Robin, Nana speaking!!! Joking, think its a great idea wish we had it here in NZ, I would store it in garage you never know when it would come in handy!

  8. What about cardboard coffins…..that is what I want…..dont believe wood should be burned…..all those trees…..cardboard for me please.

  9. Val Boyd  

    Undertakers and Funeral Homes have had a monopoly on these and charge what they like. That is unconscionable at a time when folk are grieving and vulnerable. Of course we love the ones who we are organising a funeral for. Does this mean we have to pay $7000 to a funeral home to prove it? I watched this happen to my step father when my mother died. Whilst his heart was breaking they led him to the most expensive coffin at $7000 and he paid it. Funeral Homes have been rubbing their little hands all the way to the bank. Enough is enough. If it takes supermarket sales to change this then so be it.

  10. Judy Coad  

    Great idea. They should also sell cardboard ones, shrouds, and put it together yourself ones, so it could be stored easily. Too long have the funeral homes etc have had the monopoly and dying is sooooo expensive. I have two friends who didn’t have a funeral at all and still the cost was way too much. The cheaper anyone can make dying the better.

    • Robyn  

      A flat pack, now that’s a good idea .. just for people who don’t have enough storage space like me.

      • Glynnis  

        absolutely love the idea of flat pack!! I also think it would be a great project for Men’s Sheds to offer classes for those who would like ot build their own!!

  11. facebook_elda.quinton  

    A cardboard one would do me.

  12. Rob Ozanne  

    When are Costco coming to Australia ?

    • Christine James  

      They are already in Melbourne, Australia, located at Docklands and Ringwood!

    • Deirdre Green  

      They are also in Queensland. At North Lakes to be precise.

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