Stuart Kelly took his own life after being bullied over lockout laws

Yesterday, millions of Australians mourned the loss of Stuart Kelly, the brother of one punch victim Thomas Kelly who was

Yesterday, millions of Australians mourned the loss of Stuart Kelly, the brother of one punch victim Thomas Kelly who was killed four years ago.

Now, it has been revealed that Stuart, 19, was relentlessly bullied leading up to his death, causing him to take his own life.

The Kelly family campaigned for tougher laws against alcohol-fuelled violence after Thomas’ death and were instrumental in the new lockout laws being implemented around the country.

They worked tirelessly with New South Wales premier Mike Baird to introduce the laws, which see pubs and nightclubs barring people from entering a venue after 1:30am and calling for last drinks at 3am.

Takeaway alcohol sales in NSW also stop at 10pm for bottle shops, hotels and clubs.

Stuart spoke out many times about the need for the laws and how he was utterly shattered by his brother’s death, who he called his best friend.

Reports say that Stuart was abused in person and received hate mail for his stance on the issue, so much so that he was forced to quit St Paul’s College at the University of Sydney early and postpone his studies.

Unfortunately, the bullying continued.

The entire Kelly family has been subjected to similar abuse, with a memorial for Thomas and fellow one punch victim Daniel Christie – who was killed in a separate incident – vandalised twice this year.

Thomas and Stuart’s parents and their sister are now left to mourn the loss of another beloved son and brother, thanks to the cruelty and cowardice of others.

Such a heartbreaking tragedy leads us to ask: when will people learn?

Online bullying has become rife across the internet over the past ten years, with people seeming not to care about the damage their words can do.

There is no doubt those who bullied and abused Stuart will have to live with the guilt of their actions, but will they learn a lesson from it?

Share your thoughts about this issue and condolences for the Kelly family below.

  1. Fran  

    These trolls need to be accountable, My heart goes out to the Kelly family.

  2. Disey  

    Heartbreakingly sad, my heart goes out to this poor family.

  3. When is this going to end. Poor family so much pain, loosing a child is not easy. my condolences to his family. 🙁

  4. Mandy Trist  

    What a tragedy for this lovely boy and his strong family,rest in peace Stuart.Heartfelt sympathy to hie family.You did make a difference for the future.


  6. Michelle Wilson  

    So sad for this family – the worst part is that the people who do this bullying do not seem to care 😟😟😟


    • Joy Anne Bourke  

      I totally agree. Very sad indeed, these bullies need to be charged for Stuart’s death. Must be something we can do.
      Condolences to the Kelly family. RIP Stuart

  7. Absolutely devastating
    Words cannot describe the pain I feel for this family
    How will this family ever recover?
    My heart and prayers go out to them

  8. Chris  

    Very very tragic thing to hear. The internet, facebook etc can be used for good but it seems there are idiots in this world who just have nothing better to do than use it for bad. Shame on them.

  9. marina phillips  

    these people out there who do this sort of thing hope you feel better now you are all morons this family has been through hell LEAVE THEM ALONE this is tragic RIP Stuart

  10. Christine  

    My heart breaks for the Kelly family. The karma these cowards get will not be pretty and they will wonder why their life is c..p. They need to look in the mirror and see that they are despicable people. All for lock out laws. What a disgrace and one punch is evil and cowardly.

  11. Maru  

    How very sad. Only those who have experienced what this family have would understand, how dare such callous people, if you can call them people, torture a person/family who only want to stop someone else suffering as they are. Shame on them, and I hope their conscious is making them very miserable and riddled with guilt.

  12. How terrible for the family and so cowardly of these creeps to blame this poor young man for the lockout laws. This family and many others have suffered enough from drinking and the resultant behaviour of irresponsible violent people.

    I cannot see why anyone would need longer than 1.30 in the morning to get into a nightclub and why on earth would anyone need to drink after 3am? Can’t they pour enough down their mouths between 10am in the morning in the pubs and 3am in the night club? That’s 17 HOURS of drinking per day.

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