Steve Martin forced to remove his tribute to Carrie Fisher

Comedian Steve Martin is known for his wit, timing, and often off-centre jokes. The same could be said for the

Comedian Steve Martin is known for his wit, timing, and often off-centre jokes. The same could be said for the late-great Carrie Fisher who was a renowned joker and had an incredible wit with a self-depreciating humour.

After the announcement of her death, many took to social media to share their thoughts and feelings of the much beloved Star Wars actress. Martin chose to do it with a variation of one of his jokes when he tweeted, “When I was a young man, Carrie Fisher was the most beautiful creature I had ever seen. She turned out to be witty and bright as well.” While many who have followed the career of Martin would know that this was obviously a play on thought.

However, this is the internet, and it didn’t take long for people to get outraged. So many, it seems, that Martin was forced to delete his tweet about Carrie Fisher. Many claimed that Martin’s tweet represented a sexism that Hollywood has with many more calling for Martin to apologise. With one Twitter user posting, “Seriously @SteveMartinToGo quit being such a jerk for thinking Carrie Fisher was beautiful and saying so on the occasion of her death…”

For the ones that attacked Martin, some others came to his defence saying “If you were upset by Steve Martin’s tweet about Carrie Fisher, congratulations! You are officially addicted to outrage. “

What do you think? Do you think it was a harmless tribute to his friend? Or do you think that it did show Hollywood’s infatuation with a woman’s looks? Are some people getting mad for the sake of being mad?

  1. gary hutchison  

    i dont see anything wrong with what he said.

    • Junne  

      People! Get a life! Steve most likely just meant that she was more than just “a pretty face”. That there was more to her than meets the eye. It’s a complement! There is absolutely nothing wrong with saying that! And even if he did just mean that she’s beautiful…so what?! She was!!! And will forever be beautiful!

    • Jo Marsh  

      Why is it that rather than treat these tiny minded, nasty little creatures as idiots whose witterings are unworthy of even the slightest consideration, we allowed their dim-witted myopic misunderstanding of the situation to make Steve Martin feel shamed into removing his memory of Carrie. He didn’t get the benefit of the doubt, did he? But these poisonous toads, whose entire life revolves around being mean minded and spiteful, their only sport in life to be on the constant lookout for some meaning they can twist. Such pond life have the bully’s unerring knowledge that someone is weak enough to be manipulated. And off they go.

      Everyone has a right to grieve for whomever they wish without someone attacking that process.

      Please, can we stop taking notice of and publicising the tedious ramblings of vicious people who are clearly only interested in causing trouble for others.

  2. Faye Paull  

    Stupid is as stupid does. Don’t understand the outrage.

  3. Fran  

    Wit is one persons opinion. Soon we will not be able to say anything. We are stifling humour.

  4. Gail Coghlan  

    I believe Steve Martin only intended to pay the highest tribute to someone he holds in the highest esteem.

  5. pat  

    What is wrong with our world? I hope someone says something that nice and respectful about me when I go.
    We have lost our humour and sense of fun and we are all the poorer for it.

  6. Sylvia  

    I see nothing wrong in saying someone was beautiful. Good gracious anyone would think he had said something awful. I hope some friend will say that of me. What better tribute.internets getting ridiculous.

  7. Joan Fellowes  

    They were friends in life and he had probably said those words to her many times. I think it was a lovely tribute .

  8. That comment didn’t sound sexist to me- why can’t people let others express themselves ! God Bless you Steve- Carrie is smiling.

  9. What the hell????!!!!!!people need to get a life!!!! I thought I was going to read something really offensive and rude??????? What a compliment now is bad????? Small minded uneducated jealous people!!!!!!

  10. Lorraine  

    Some people are just too precious. She was a beautiful lady. So I would say these people who got offended are probably jealous

  11. Elizabeth Bruers  

    I can’t see anything offensive in his tribute to Carrie, honestly people need to get a life and let us be in what we’re thinking and would like to say. I would be honoured if that was said about me when I go. One of these days our tributes and sayings will be vetted before it’s posted just like phone calls which can be vetted before answering. Stupid stupid stupid is all I can say

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