Sprinter angers fans by securing Olympic gold with desperate move

Bahamas sprinter Shaunae Miller may have finished first in the women’s 400m, securing her gold but it is the manner
Shaunae Miller stunned everyone by diving across the finish line. Photo via Youtube (Neelakuyil).

Bahamas sprinter Shaunae Miller may have finished first in the women’s 400m, securing her gold but it is the manner in which she did which has angered sports fans.

Instead of running until after the finish line, she actually dove.

Miller started strong and led most of the race when USA’s Allyson Felix was about to beat her, she dove in the last second and slid across the finish line.

Her torso fully crossed the finish line before Felix, destroying the American’s hope to bring home a fifth gold medal.

Photo via Youtube (Neelakuyil).
Photo via Youtube (Neelakuyil).

“I’ve never done it before,” Miller said of her dive. “I have some cuts and bruises, a few burns… it hurts.

“When I was on the ground I didn’t know I’d won,” the gold medalist added. “I still don’t know how it happened.

“What was in my mind was I had to get a gold medal. The next thing I was on the ground. It’s an amazing feeling.”

Jamaica’s Shericka Jackson finished third place.

Twitter quickly reacted to Miller’s win.

Another compared her finish to submitting a college paper on the last minute.

Yet another one took pictures of a stunned Andre de Grasse, of Canada, who took bronze in the men’s 100m sprint, saying: “You mean I could’ve DOVE????”

While many are upset with her winning this way, others feel that it was not against the rule as she did technically cross the line first and that she should instead be applauded for having such determination. What do you think?

Who’s wrong, here?

  1. What some people do not understand is that in a 4OO metre race runners very often go “All Out” to win especially if an Olympic Gold medal is at stake.By going “All out” then over the last 50 metres of the race the runners legs can begin to go wobbly and feel like jelly, this is mostly due to Latic acid build up, and oxygen debt, they also begin to slow down.That is why it often gives the apperance that other runners have suddenly sped up but they have simply run the race more evenly.So in desperation the tiring runner lunges for the line and if too tired can fall over as the legs give way, running on a wet track does not help either.I have sprinted for over 40 years and have only fallen twice in that time, neither were deliberate, for it really hurts hitting the track surface at full speed I can tell you!
    Perhaps there could be a rule change in that a runner/sprinter must be in a generally upright position when crossing the finishing line.???

    • It’s a sprinting competition, not a diving competition and if her whole body hadn’t crossed the line ahead of the other runner she should not have been given first place.

  2. Joy  

    It means that Australia bowling underarm wasn’t so bad after all!!

    • Lee Banes  

      Sorry, but I have to say this, I’m an Australian who loves cricket, but the underarm bowling was so bad! Taking a dive in sport is usually not the done thing, but in this instance I feel it’s okay. Good on her!

  3. Ronin  

    Bad form. Not the Olympic spirit.

  4. Ted Owczarski  

    Just another example of the Olympic spirit gone astray. The attitude of winning at all costs no matter the indignity. I wonder how she’ll explain this to her grand children when she’s trying to teach them lessons of good sportsmanship and pride in doing the right thing.

  5. Glen  

    It is technically a win, but if allowed to continue they’ll all be doing it and competing to see who can dive earliest. It has to be nipped in the bud. It isn’t really sportsmanship.

  6. Di Field  

    Just another reason the Olympics has lost me… with all the athletes and swimmers who have been banned for taking drugs still allowed to compete, it’s a disgrace . The spirit of the Olympics is dead as far as I’m concerned .

  7. Mary Heffernan  

    Maybe she should have gone into the swimming events instead! BAD FORM!!

  8. Barb Bishop  

    Well she may have won the Gold & I suppose good luck to her however – she will be remembered for all the wrong reasons. After watching the sportsman/woman-ship of some of the distance runners, this is very poor form. The rule should state – athlete must finish in an upright position. It may be legal for now but she’s the ONLY person who felt it necessary to cross the boundary of unsportsmanship behaviour.
    You’ve all made your opinions known, to which you’re entitled & this is mine.

  9. Deb  

    I think it is very poor form. She should not have won without her whole body being over the line. You watch now, everyone will start doing it, it will have to be banned in future events.

  10. Truth 13  

    What’s all the fuss about the win by Miller, in the 400 metre race. People should realise the amount of effort, time & money, put out in to four years or more, to compete in the Olympics. Miller led all the way in the 400 meters, and there is no reason to give it up, without a fight, at the end. No one knows whether she fell deliberately or not, but one thing is sure, she didn’t break any rules. Coming from a poorer country like Bahamas, competing with an athlete from USA, the mighty rich country, should be a welcoming thing, and she should be given credit for that. If some people are upset about the “fall”, are they also upset, when a Boxer get beaten unmercifully in the Olympic Games ring, and will the same people blame the winner. Everyone goes to any meet is, ONLY TO WIN. No person with will never go, only to loose. Cheer up & give the credit, where it is due. Well done Shaunae Miller.

    • Mareela  

      Truth 13, Miller is no honest sports woman. Win or lose, play the game and be honest. It was a dishonest tactic and she certainly doesn’t deserve any accolades.

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