Sonia Kruger just dug a bigger hole for herself with “reverse discrimination” comment

First, Kruger said Australia should close its borders to Muslim migrants; a comment that landed her in hot soup with the
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First, Kruger said Australia should close its borders to Muslim migrants; a comment that landed her in hot soup with the public.

Latest, the television host has found herself in another hole after referring to a scholarship for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender children as “reverse discrimination”.

The Australian Business and Community Network Scholarship Foundation (ABCN) has begun targeting high school students who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and/or intersex (LGBTI) for financial and mentoring scholarships.

The scholarships, valued at $7000 over three years, are for students to spend on study resources and help with financial hardships.

In previous years, applying students were asked whether they were male or female but now, for first time, the ABCN has offered a scholarship that includes targeted questions about a candidates sexual and gender identity.

While some people say that it is a fair question to ask in a form, Kruger said she found it “odd” to ask Year 10 students about their sexual preferences.
She also said she didn’t understand how the scholarship related to a person’s sexuality, reports Daily Mail.

“I don’t think it should have anything to do with the awarding of a scholarship. I thinks scholarships should be given on merit.”

Damian Wyld who is the national policy officer for Family Voice Australia had a similar sentiment towards the new scholarship saying that it was an example of ideological activism.
“Why should children, especially in a school setting, be asked to declare their sexuality or gender identity?” Mr Wyld said.
“Many 15-year-olds are still working through issues around sexuality. Offering a financial ­incentive to identify as “lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and/or intersex” is completely inappropriate.”

Just last month, Kruger’s comments on Muslim migrants sparked fierce debate on social media.

A member of the public said, “I can’t believe you can make such racist and horrid remarks about immigration on national television. That is disgusting.”

Some say that Kruger, who has increasingly become more vocal about her opinion, should not be stopped from speaking her mind. One of Kruger’s supporters wrote, “Refreshing to hear someone voice their honest opinion #concerned #notracist.”

Others say that there is a difference between being honest and being offensive. What do you think?

Has Sonia gone too far, this time?

  1. Bev Mors  

    Scholarships were given in as a reward for achievement and were never gender specific. I am worried how so many politically correct “issues” are being used to create dissension. I admire Sonya for speaking out .

    • sue  

      Well very ODD . Me think that if thats a way of getting the money HOW MANY will come to that decision. I also feel it should got to those as it always has to those need it badly re family hardship ect.

    • Marilyn Craft  

      I also admire Sonya, it is about time somebody stood up and spoke of real issues instead of hiding behind “political correctness “

    • Sharon Borg  

      I agree with Sonya. Any scholarship should be offered on MERIT and NOT gender or sexual orientation. These issues have absolutely nothing g to do with whether the person selected deserves the award.

    • That’s true is about achievement not about sexual desire or gender complication. What am thinking as well, this LBGTI pushing about marriage legalised. Wonder whether they can defacto relationship. LBGTI pushing about marriage, men and women prefer to stay together for some reason. This about humans being opportunist, greedy, making life more complex then ever.

  2. Wayne Watkins  

    They should be based on merit , so whether you are male , female , transgender or bi-sexual has nothing to do with it and that question should not be asked . Sonia is correct in her comments and she like any other Australian is free to make a comment .

  3. Sonya your great…as for scholars hips it is very hard to get one on merit alone, so someone out there create s scholarships for many different people, my son was lucky enough to get free university due to a disability. It drove him harder to achieve and has been fully employed since he left. Thankyou to anyone who finances scholarships for what ever reason.

  4. Lorraine Pearsall  

    I can’t for the life of me understand why anyone would think Sonia has said something wrong. What does ones sexuallity have to do with getting a scholarship?

  5. Sonia is correct. Scholarships have everything to do with achievement and nothing to do with sexuality, religion or the colour of your skin. We are so PC nowadays we can’t see the wood for the trees.

  6. She was dead wrong on migraton and Islam, but I do agree with her on this.

  7. Jane mcmellon  

    I agree with Sonia, she is speaking her mind and only saying what most of us are thinking. Children around the ages 15/16 are only beginning to understand their sexuality and for the school asking them to state what they are just to get a scholarship is disgusting. It’s no ones business but the child’s!

  8. Pam  

    Scholarships should be given out to the person, regardless of what sex, gender or anything else they are, why are people so stupidly politically correct, it doesn’t matter what you say these days, somebody gets upset. Everybody needs to chill out and take a deep breath. They should not be setting scholarships for certain types of people, and this sort of thing wouldn’t happen.

  9. I agree with Sonia on both counts because she is right

    • Michie Simpson  

      Agree with Sonia, Scholarships should be granted on MERIT not on questions that bear no relationship to the scholarship or in learning. Year 10 students are flat out figuring out who they are not what they are, about time the adults got a grip on reality.

  10. David Edwards  

    What’s this? A vendetta against Sonia.
    Just another form of bullying …leave her alone.
    How anyone can think what Sonia said as “Gone to far”
    Must be another slow news day…please give s a break.

    • Joy Anne Bourke  

      I agree wholly. Leave Sonia alone. The media are to blame with this, for heavens sake Sonia is so right.

  11. Terry Fitzgerald  

    On merit isn’t it?she has a right to a opinion,or are only if some people agree with your opinion is it ok? Sounds pc jibber that storm in a teacup.

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