Sir Cliff Richard’s next album features a special ‘duet’

Sir Cliff Richard is ready to put the past behind him and is gearing up for the launch of a

Sir Cliff Richard is ready to put the past behind him and is gearing up for the launch of a new album – his 101st!

A jubilant Sir Cliff told BBC Radio 2 he was “back to work” now his abuse claims ordeal is over and is setting his sights on a Christmas hit.

At 75, the veteran singer was happy to get back into the musical seat and to celebrate his new album, Just… Fabulous Rock ‘n’ Roll he jumped on a motorbike.

The album is said to feature renditions of songs such as ‘Roll Over Beethoven’, ‘Great Balls of Fire’, and ‘Sweet Little Sixteen’, as well as a new original track, ‘It’s Better to Dream’ and his debut single from 1958, ‘Move It’.

The album — his 45th studio recording — was recorded in Nashville and it’s a ‘duet’ with Elvis Presley that makes Just… Fabulous Rock ‘n’ Roll a special album for Sir Cliff as he realises a long-held dream.

As you might expect, Elvis appears on the new version of ‘Blue Suede Shoes’ with Sir Cliff’s voice mixed with archival recordings of The King. The track was made with the approval of Elvis Presley’s estate.

“My new CD is another dip into an incredible period of our musical history,” the singer says. “A happy, creative and in many ways innocent time.”

Sir Cliff has previously had number ones over the festive season with three singles and one album all making their way to the top of the charts.

In more good news for the singer, it was revealed on September 27 that the Crown Prosecution Service upheld its decision not to prosecute him over claims of historical sex offences. Two of his accusers had appealed the June ruling over allegations dating back to 1958 after a 22-month inquiry.

Sir Cliff’s new album is due for release in November.

Would you buy Sir Cliff’s Just… Fabulous Rock ‘n’ Roll? Are you relieved for the singer that the charges against him have now been dismissed?

  1. Susan  

    Cliff has had an army of supporters throughout this ordeal, people have signed petitions taken it to Downing Street, gone to his sellout concerts for his 75th Birthday. Showed so,diarists at the two wine signings in Portugal, this year there was at least one thousand people queuing in the hot sun to to have that special photo with him, me included. Of course we are relieved that Justice prevailed. So although he scaled down working in this dreadful two year period he never really stopped. Good for you Cliff and here’s to your next number 1 xxx

  2. Jennifer  

    When I was young, my Parents’ were very pleased I didn’t ‘go’ for Cliff Richards.
    They wouldn’t tell me the ‘why’, but it’s something they knew about him.

    • Lynn Delmont  

      Don’t write comments like this unless u can back them up with facts.

      • Jennifer  

        My Parents’ are dead.
        Aren’t you just a b@&$/……..

  3. Chris sterrett  

    So pleased cliff is cleared.
    Never doubted for a moment he wouldn’t be.
    Such tossers out there trying to grab the limelight.
    I am 66 and cliff was all over my wall when I was 14.
    Always such neat things written about him.

  4. pauline hayel  

    has anyone noticed that the house were cliff used to go years ago doesn’t get mentioned. he used to sign in as “Kitty” and the house was famous for child molestation.especially young boys. all this and a lot more was a available on the Internet not so long ago. Tony Blair was said to be a member signing in as”miranda.I believe they had to drop this case against cliff Richard bcos if they hadn’t I think he wld have exposed many dark secrets about that house and prominent people who visited there. he wld have taken everyone down with him.I wish all about that house wld be in the public eye again and let everyone see what cliff Richard is all about

    • Julieanne  

      There seems to be those on this thread who don’t want to believe what he is, & has been for a damn l o n g time!

  5. Janny Doossche  

    If you can’t say anything nice just shut up.
    Cliff has been cleared for a reason… He is innocent

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