Should you be worried about another hung parliament?

Polls being what they are, if an election was held tomorrow — and we all know the prime minister is

Polls being what they are, if an election was held tomorrow — and we all know the prime minister is holing off formalising things until after the budget in May — the results would be too close to call.

You’ve seen the personal ratings of Malcolm Turnbull and Bill Shorten narrow, but a deeper look at the polls carried out by Paul Murray recently shows a real issue. Should you be worried about another hung parliament?

If there is no single party (or coalition) with a majority of seats after the next election, Australian history will be repeating itself in more ways than one.

Who could forget Kevin Rudd being thrown to the curb by his party in his first term, which appears similar to Tony Abbott’s departure. Some might say Malcolm Turnbull is enjoying the last of the honeymoon before dysfunction ponies up for his demise, just like Julia Gillard.

A formal calling on the Federal election will follow budget week – probably on the weekend of May 7-8. It’s safe to assume you’ll go to the polls on July 2, while it will be the first double dissolution election since the 1980s. Meanwhile the Government is intent on getting the budget finalised, and all eyes will be on tax.

According to The Conversation, the state of Australia’s political landscape is as a result of not just the perceived poor performance (or behaviour) of politicians, journalists, commentators and votes must also take the blame.

“The throwaway culture of consumerism has transferred into attitudes towards politicians. The selfishness of voters is only matched by politicians’ selfish grab for power. And journalists, while not entirely to blame for the way they cover politics, share the blame for the lack of focus on policy,” authors Peter van Onselen and Wayne Errington say.

Do you agree? What will you be looking for in the lead up to the election?

  1. Kevin Stephens  

    OMG. I hope not. We need a Government that can make decisions and get things moving. If they mess up we can turf them out in a few years, but under hung governments we are just slipping backwards. I only hope and pray it’s not Shorten OMG!

  2. Joan  

    Contrary to popular belief, as spouted by the media and opposition, Julia Gillard’s government passed more legislation than any other, and she had to negotiate with cross benchers in both houses. A hung parliament can be good for the electorate when the leader has good negotiation skills. The cross benchers can temperate any way out legislation of the government.

  3. Hels  

    I think in some ways a hung parliament would be good for Australia. It would show the politicians that they aren’t God and we the people rule this country.Maybe it will get them to act on all the money grubbing perks that politicians past and present enjoy at our expense, while we take all the cut backs & watch Australia being sold from under us. We don’t want them selling the farm or the coal deposits or our ports or anything else.
    God forbid we have a war as all our manufacturing etc have all gone overseas thanks to the greed of Politicians and multi millionaires. I pray that this election will wake them all up and get busy running this country for us and not for buyers overseas. Let them ruin their own countries

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