Should Peter Dutton be sacked? This leader thinks so

One of the Prime Minister’s first measures when he stepped into power was to denounce disrespect towards women, and now

One of the Prime Minister’s first measures when he stepped into power was to denounce disrespect towards women, and now a party leader has called him to account on these words over the Peter Dutton affair.

Greens leader Richard Di Natale told Fairfax media, “I launched a domestic violence initiative on White Ribbon Day with the Prime Minister where he said very clearly that it was the responsibility of all men in Australia to call out sexism when they see it.

“That it was about men respecting their sisters, their mothers, their wives. And that where they fail to do it, they need to be called out.

“Well, the Prime Minister needs to demonstrate that he takes the issues seriously, that it’s more than just rhetoric. What’s required in this country is a change in culture. We need to see that change in culture come from the ground up, from our sporting institutions right through to politics,” he said.

“Malcolm Turnbull needs to show he’s serious about changing culture. One way he can do that is to ensure this repeat offender, Minister Dutton, is sent to the backbench where he belongs, and another suitable replacement is found for that difficult portfolio … preferably a woman, a capable woman from within the Coalition ranks.”

Mr Di Natale described Mr Dutton as a “serial offender” who was “not able to deal with complex immigration issues”. He embarrassed parliament this week by sending a rude text message to a journalist by accident.

“[Mr Dutton] has made comments towards a senior journalist that do reflect the sexism that is at the heart of the Coalition government,” says Mr Di Natale.

The Labor party has also called on the PM to sack the immigration minister, however it seems unlikely at this stage that Mr Dutton will be reprimanded over what other members such as Barnaby Joyce see as a bit of harmless ribbing between a politician and a seasoned journalist.

Do you think Peter Dutton should be stood down from the front bench for this incident? Is it sexism or a storm in a teacup?


  1. Apart from the swearing at a reporter, even if he sent it by mistake he should not be swearing like that at anyone, this was over Jamie Briggs and his incident with the young staffer another distasteful event. I think these Politicians need to wake up and realize that it is NOT acceptable behavior. I doubt Turnbull will sack him but he should put on the backbench at least for awhile

    • I think Dutton’s text really says who he really is….sent by mistake???? Oh really…..and he and his like are running this country….no wonder we are in the position we find ourselves in….

    • no Bronwyn I don’t believe it was sent by mistake, how many men call other men witches? none, a male witch is a warlock. The term witch is the female equivalent

  2. Duttons statements about (among other things) sea level rise in island nations and the recent Briggs affair show him to be unsuitable, in fact an embarrassment, as a gov’t minister. He should be removed from this position.

    • I agree and Robert they didn’t even have the intelligence to understand that women are half of the voting population and we don’t like any of this type of behaviour. These people are running our country with not enough spark to light a light bulb

    • Dutton made a very good point about these nations who want to put their hand in our pocket. You may not pay tax, but many of us do.

    • John Green, what a strange comment. I think we have all paid taxes all of our long working lives. We have paid full taxes without all the tax concession rorts or free gifts from the gov in the form of superannuation concessions, they were not available to us.

    • Jacqueline Mordaunt didn’t you get your $900 cheque courtesy of Gillard? Super concessions mean more folks off the pension. That means fewer pigs in the trough that is is welfare. Fewer feasting on the pie means a bigger slice for you. Stop whinging.

    • John Green – I think you should decide whether the pension/welfare is a pie or a trough and stop mixing your metaphors.

    • John Green – the $900 is irrelevant. In fact anything about welfare is irrelevant to the issue of Dutton and his objectionable language and behaviour as a minister.

      • richard  

        John Green I suppose you are one of the well to do Liberal voters who said no to the up to $900 offered by Kevin to keep the country working

    • John Green nope I didn’t get my cheque off Gillard because I was not on the pension.Super concessions ARE you getting your snout in the trough. You will take more in from the government in the form of sdsuper hand outs than I will ever take in my lifetime. I can promise you that.

    • Oh its ok < looked at your Facebook page and I hadn't realised that you are in fact a koala bear. That explains quite a lot.

  3. Oh for crying out loud. Everytime an MP does something out come come the “he/she must be sacked” brigade. I am glad Briggs was sacked. Disgraceful behaviour. Dutton on the other hand has an opinion about a journalist so now he must be sacked. I dont know why! Sadly he did send that opinion to said journalist but l dont see that should be a sackable offence. Just saying.

    • Dianne Robyn Gillan. It is not just this one mishap from Dutton. It is just the icing on the cake. He should go, he is unreliable.

    • This is not the first time Dutton has shown disdain towards women. He has been called out before on his sexist behaviour and his attitude towards women.

      • richard  

        Just like Tony ,a misogamist hoho

    • Please help us as residents in his electorate. How do we do handle this ‘ninny-pants’. Truly ignorant behaviour.

    • If I called someone a mad effing witch, i know i would get the sack. He is employed by us. Also, Dutton meant to send the text to Briggs – he was supporting Briggs, which makes him as bad dont you think?

    • So if some one called you a f**king witch in your job , You would be ok with that Dianne, I don’t think so.

    • Wendy Coman for at least one election be it now or later, vote for someone other than Liberal make them realize that if they want your vote, that they had better behave as responsible adults

    • Suzanne Martin He meant that text ot go where it went. He is a young man, I am 70 with cataracts and I don’t make that sort of mistake when texting. Very different names don’t you think?

  4. Egotistical jerks all of them…. he should clean the toilets in a women’s prison…..he wouldn’t grow respect if course but needs a lesson in humility!

  5. Barnaby Jones’s comment – ‘harmless ribbing’.
    He needs to go as well!

    • Or be promoted to leader of the Nationals, which appears to be likely. Fine lot of ‘leaders’ we have

  6. They have no respect at all for women, Abbott made himself the Minister for women and when asked how he helped women..he had no answer

  7. Can we get over he said she said and get on with running the country

    • Unfortunately Aileen these Politicians are doing this to themselves, it is sort of kamikaze move in an election year, Briggs leaked the photo to a reporter and Dutton swore at another female reporter..that is not an intelligent to do

    • Having a minister who makes comments like Dutton’s means that we do not have people of a suitable calibre running our country. This is not just “he said, she said” it is important.

    • Aileen Finniss – intelligence? One does wonder and that is why they are not fit to be ministers.

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