Shoppers are turning their backs on Coles over this food safety issue

Coles is under increasing pressure to refrigerate its supply of eggs, as farmers warn that grocery shops are the “missing

Coles is under increasing pressure to refrigerate its supply of eggs, as farmers warn that grocery shops are the “missing link” in preventing salmonella outbreaks.

Woolworths has already pledged to refrigerate eggs, keeping supplies chilled below seven degrees. However, so far Coles continues to stock eggs on regular shelves.

Starts At Sixty has previously reported that The Victorian Farmers Federation believes eggs “should be treated exactly like raw meat”.

“We should be doing multiple things to try and prevent salmonella occurring”, said Brian Ahmed from the federation. “It is a priority. We’ve seen lots of outbreaks”.

Salmonella infections have risen throughout Australia, with 40% of cases related to contaminated eggs. However, Coles remains unconvinced about the need for refrigeration.

The grocery giant said in a one-line statement, “Coles adheres to all health and safety regulations regarding egg storage”.

With Woolworths and Coles approaching the storage of eggs so differently, Australian shoppers have been left squarely in the middle.

One Facebook user wrote, “pretty disgusting that people do not refrigerate their eggs”.

Whilst another added, “I asked (Coles) why as the carton says ‘keep refrigerated’. The explanation gave was they are a quick sell”.

On the other hand though, one woman pointed out: “No way would (Coles) risk a class action on salmonella poisoning by putting (eggs) on shelving that could get customers sick”.

Where do you stand? Do you trust Woolworths, Coles or another grocery store entirely to handle food safety? Do you refrigerate your eggs at home?

  1. I refrigerate my eggs at home so I think the shop should do too, but often the air conditioning is quiet cool I use a lot of eggs and they always seem ok

  2. have been buying eggs from both and i fridge them at home, so ive never had a problem, why now???

  3. …I have a local meat market I use to purchase my meat. (I’m only one person, so it’s less expensive instead of big packages) – but I trust them. It’s clean! I used to be a butcher’s assistant, so I see what sits in the corners, and how they keep their coolers. As for local grocery stores? I travel around and get my veggies and other things at different outlets. I’m not consistent. I bought eggs at a farmer’s market, and when I went to use them – they were all rotten. So how long had they been hanging around before I was the lucky one to buy them? So – sometimes the farmer’s market can be iffy unless you are a regular shopper of one

  4. Ive had to throw out fruit 3 weeks in a row as it goes off after wash it it doesnt even last 2 day. From coles

  5. I have been shopping at Coles for over 30 years and buying their eggs. Never had a problem. The shop is air conditioned which probably helps and they do fly off the shelf. Refrigerate them at home because 12 eggs can last us 2 weeks.

  6. Don’t buy my eggs at supermarkets regardless of whether they are caged or free range they are cheaper at the green grocers and the turnover is great so don’t have to worry about freshness

    • And Aldi, they seem to be getting a free run, and must we go on and on with this story, over and over

  7. Coles & Woolies at Tuggerah, NSW have their eggs in refrigerated areas. Always keep mine in the fridge. 👵🏼

  8. As other people have said supermarkets are air-conditioned, the eggs are ok off the shelf, then put in fridge at home, why now after decades of buying off the shelf has it suddenly become an issue?

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