Shocking claims emerge against Michael Chamberlain after his death

Police say they were presented with the evidence in 1983.
New claims have emerged about Michael Chamberlain.

It has only been two weeks since Michael Chamberlain passed and now startling claims have emerged against him.

Police say they received photos in 1983 of topless and naked women believed to be taken in secret by Chamberlain who was a pastor at the time.

The photos were captured on a long-range lens at a beach and are believed to have been taken without the women’s knowledge.

“They were photographs of topless women on a secluded beach, apparently taken with a long range lens,” a 1983 report by a Sydney police officer stated.

“A set of slides in the same name that I had viewed prior to this were of naked ladies (close up) possibly taken from some type of ‘girlie’ magazine.”

Yahoo News reports the head of the Sydney Bureau of Criminal Intelligence Brian McVicar sent the report to a colleague in Darwin with a note that said: “I don’t know if this will ever be of assistance, however it is passed on for what it is worth? You might show the police who were involved in the investigation”.

Now, the owner of the store where Michael reportedly had the images printed as broken his silence.

“Being the father of two girls, I didn’t think it was right that a bloke, never mind a pastor, would be standing in the bushes photographing young women who could have been my daughters when all they were doing was going for a swim,” Mr Tunbridge told News Corp.

“It just made me sick, it was creepy.”

While many have been surprised to hear the news, others have accused those involved of trying to tarnish Chamberlain’s name now that he is not here to defend himself.

Chamberlain and his ex-wife Lindy were thrust into the media after their baby girl was snatched by a dingo on a family camping trip. Both were accused of being involved in her disappearance, before later being exonerated, and Lindy was in jail at the time Chamberlain is said to have taken the photos.

What do you think of this news? Is there any point raising these issues after people have passed? Or do we need to raise these issues no matter what?

  1. Phil Spencer  

    The man is dead his memory should be left alone, this serves no constructive purpose, it is one mans word against a dead mans. This is a low act and should be seen for what it is!

    • let the man rip. if it is so important why wasn’t it brought up before he died.

    • Monica Martin  

      Let the poor man RIP. He has been through enough,

  2. Diandra  

    I think this is shocking that this be bought up now. For goodness sake reman has just died.
    I have to wonder though……is this the reason why Lindy ( 0n national television) said there was only one person she could never forgive…and that was her husband? When asked she just said it was a personal thing.

  3. denise  

    this is shamefull and nothing to do with the case keep it to yourself wont read this page i future too much muck raking

  4. Anne  

    Revisionist history is becoming the norm. If it was so serious then why wasn’t it followed through at the time and its not at all relevant to the events he found himself in.

  5. ted partridge  

    this starts @60 rag is surely desperate for cheap sensationalism.dont they take heed of viewers comments about this under the rock type of of so called NEWS.bringing up rubbish like this demonstrates the level they descend to .its worth it for me to see it as entertainment//looking to see if the current amazing expose is as pathetic as their previous efforts …they must be some sort of extension of the washington post or new york papers expecting people to swallow this biased one sided balderdash i said ..thats entertainment.

    • Diandra  

      It is all over the front of the Sydney telegraph, all over the news on radio and on line. I really think that ‘[email protected]’ should have taken a stance and not made it a news article on their site though. It is sad and cruel to bring this up now after 30 years. For goodness sake the man has just died and I think he should be let RIP.

  6. Jennifer  

    what a load of old rubbish! say something nice for a change.

  7. This poor man is dead and now they come up with this .An even if true what’s that got to do with his daughters death

  8. John M  

    Cheap desperate stuff by your so called news outlet. Let’s visit everybody’s albums, look under their beds and inside their minds including you clowns who report this malicious crap. Are you suggesting there is a link to the disappearance of Azaria?

  9. Kerry Brain  

    I find it very interesting that these claims are being made public now, when Michael Chamberlain cannot answer them. Whoever is responsible is grubby to say the least……the man accused has just passed away. Let his family grieve for the loss of their husband and father,without this tawdry attempt to smear his name.

  10. Peter de Weys  

    Christians are not perfect, they are just forgiven when they repent. Let him/her who is without sin cast the first stone.

    • cenzo  

      Let the poor guy rest in peace. I wonder how much this man has been paid for the story

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