Shock losses and fresh controversy at Wimbledon

World number one, Novak Djokovic can kiss his dream of achieving a grand slam goodbye after being beaten by the

World number one, Novak Djokovic can kiss his dream of achieving a grand slam goodbye after being beaten by the United States’ Sam Querrey in the third round.

Tennis great, Rod Laver, was just one of those who thought this year ‘the Joker’ would finally end his distinction as the last man to win a calendar-year grand slam, but was just as surprised to see Querrey take the first two sets.

Sure, Djokovic fought back for the third but he lacked the energy to stay in the match.

Now that the world’s best is out of contention the title could be anyone’s, though the Brits are probably hoping ‘hometown favourite’ Andy Murray is the one to take the glory.

With all the focus on Djokovic’s shock exit from this year’s Wimbledon, Australia’s Nick Kyrgios might have been hoping the fresh controversy involving him would be overlooked.

Not so.

The 15th seed at this year’s Wimbledon has been involved in yet more controversy after reportedly calling his entourage ‘retarded’ in a spat-filled tie with Feliciano Lopez.

It was the match that would see the winner face off against Andy Murray in the fourth round.

Kyrgios spent much of the second set directing outbursts at his corner, at once stage yelling “Yes, thank you a lot”.

It appeared his beef was that his entourage weren’t getting to their feet to encourage or applaud him whenever he won points.

The young tennis sensation has already earned $6,500 in fines during the tournament because of poor performance in his first two matches. Yet despite this, opponent Murray has come out in his defence saying the 21-year-old is constantly being wound up by the media.

“It happens a lot where it doesn’t seem like he’s really done much in comparison to what other players are doing, and he’s the one that gets asked all the questions about it,” Murray told the media.

That may be, but surely there are better ways in which to handle the pressures of media scrutiny?

Is Nick Kyrgios’s behaviour acceptable? What advice would you give your children or grandchildren if they were behaving in a similar way?

  1. Is Nick Kyrgios’s behaviour acceptable? NO! If this creature ever falls off his ego he will be dead before he reaches his IQ. FIGJAM Personified. For those not familiar with the term FIGJAM … FU*@. I’m Good Just Ask Me.

    He should be rubbed out, he’s not a sportsman boot-lace.

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