Shaynna Blaze opens up about the abuse she gets from The Block contestants

If you’re a fan of The Block, then no doubt you’ve watched some of the abuse judge Shaynna Blaze has

If you’re a fan of The Block, then no doubt you’ve watched some of the abuse judge Shaynna Blaze has received over the years.

Now, the interior designer has opened up about how she handles the abuse.

If you don’t watch the show, Shaynna is known for speaking her mind about the designs she’s judging.

In the past two years, it’s led to her being labelled a “bogan” twice by contestants on the reality TV show.

You might remember last year when outspoken contestant Dee Jolly called her ‘a bogan from Wantirna’, claiming Shaynna was underscoring her.

Dee told the other contestants Shaynna “had no f***ing idea, and I’ll out style her any day”.

Last month, the Selling Houses Australia co-host was also blasted by current season contestant Carleen.

“Shaynna Blaze, you absolute bogan from nowhere…..who’s done good,” she said.

While Shaynna laughed off the abuse both times, she’s spoken publicly about it for the first time.

She told New Idea she doesn’t take it personally.

“I totally get that [the contestants] are tired, so I don’t take it personally,” she said.

“I do think it’s a case of having to keep your body and mind fit

If you love Shaynna, you’re about to see a lot more of her.

She’s embarking on yet another lifestyle program, called Deadline design in which she helps real families with their renovations – if they work to deadline.

It starts on Lifestyle HOME on October 19 at 9.30pm.

What do you think of the attitude of The Block contestants towards Shaynna?

  1. linus  

    i need Shaylnna Blaze to help me in my renovation. I have no idea what to do after removing dangerous arch from front of house. It needs oomph and pizzazz. I

  2. Lesley Hotchkin  

    Love Shaynna this lady knows her stuff. Please come to W.A. Shaynna need your help desperately on two bedroom cottage.💗😀👍🏻

  3. Barbara  

    Does Shaynna listen to herself on the show. I find her & Neil very rude and many times their off the mark when judging. Neil is too old for the job and Shaynna, maybe feels her profession might be in decline if she likes the room. Time to change judges, leaving Darren there.

    • Barbara, you’re certainly entitled to your opinion, but in MY opinion, Shayna is a good judge – the contestants need to suck it up and listen to what she’s telling them. She’s the one with the career after all. Neil Whittaker is very fond of himself, I agree with that.

  4. Shayna single handly saved the Lighting industry in Australia with her comments. As the owner of 2 lighting retail shops i will always be grateful to her along with retailers in the home furnishings industry throughout Australia

  5. Peter McGrath  

    Don’t watch a lot of the block, but what I have seen its a bit like calling the kettle black, most of the contestants are absolute knobs,at least Shaynna knows what she’s talking about and has the score on the board.

  6. Wiso  

    I do watch The Block and I can’t stand the woman !! I think she is so full of her own importance and she is very rude and doesn’t always give credit where it is due. If she takes a dislike to you, you might as well give up because she will mark you down every time, and it will then be up to the buyers to judge.

    Not all buyers are young so it is good to have a mix of young and old with Neil and Darren, to get a balanced opinion.

  7. Joy  

    I think everyone has a right to an opinion but Shaynna needs to be kinder in the way she says she doesn’t like a room. Sometimes the judges disagree and so will the buyers. Each to their own. I agree that if Shaynna takes a dislike to a contestant, she will mark them down for that.

  8. Shaynna can be very blunt at times, Yes the contestants are tired, And they will react to a blunt comment, wouldn’t you? Time poor, not enough sleep, just makes you want to hit back.
    But Shaynna knows her stuff, needs to work on her delivery of some comments. 👍🏼

  9. Sharron Hampton  

    I think the contestants forget that each of these judges are highly regarded and respected in their field. No wonder kids of today can’t take criticism. What a shocking example some of these contestants are. They are welcome to disagree with any persons likes/dislikes. Personal attacks? Grow up!. This show a total lack of maturity. Remember contestants Shaynna has been very successful in turning homes that have been what could be described as unsaleable into homes that people are literally climbing over each other for!

  10. Barbara  

    Dee and Carlene are both bogans say no more. Love Shaynna.

  11. Never ceases to amaze me how arrogant the contestants are. They think they know better than the contestants. It’s one thing to simply disagree with colour choices or minor things but often contestants are quite obnoxious, act like they are the experts.

  12. carolyn kessell  

    Shaynna your awesome and what you do, some people just can’t handle it when people are really successful.

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