Shane Warne says political correctness turns people into “boring robots’’

Shane Warne is never far away from controversy but this time he might have people supporting his opinion. Warne says Australia
Shane Warne might have a point that you can agree with.

Shane Warne is never far away from controversy but this time he might have people supporting his opinion. Warne says Australia risks becoming a nanny state if people stick to political correctness too much. He said the rush to criticise could result in sporting and public figures becoming “boring robots’’ devoid of opinions to avoid upsetting people.

“We have to be careful about being too PC on every single little thing,’’ Warne said.

“Australia is the best country in the world, if it is allowed to be.

“Don’t muzzle people, don’t (verbally) attack people, don’t be too PC about absolutely everything, don’t be a nanny state.

“If people overstep the mark and it is really bad, nail them, but if it is not really that bad then just let it go.

“I just think if we do get too PC about everything, if we are too quick to judge, scrutinise, nail, kick the boot in, lay into people because they do one little thing that really isn’t that bad, people will shut down.

“And suddenly you get these boring robots in every walk of life, that we don’t like and then we whinge.’’

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Warne said people needed to be able to enjoy themselves, share opinions and ideas, and have some fun without being too harshly judged or taken out of context.

“They (people) want to watch characters, they want to see people, they want to see emotions, they want to see passion,’’ he said.

“They want to see that stuff and if we are not careful our sportsmen, everyone, our people, will just say the right thing.

“You will never know what people really think about something because they will just say what people want them to say, and what they want to hear, because then no one will criticise them.’’

Do you agree with Shane? Is Australia becoming a nanny state? Where do you draw the line between honest and just racist?

  1. Gary Wilson  

    Very true Shane, Australia is a great country and we have evolved into a great country because we have been largely free spirited in nature and crack a joke about anything and anyone but it is mostly just that, a joke. Yes some people get offended and that must be kept in check. The biggest loss with PC is that we will lose this unique Aussie culture which in turn erodes our free spirit. It is a great quality to not take things seriously and in the strange Aussie way when we do ‘take the piss’ as the saying goes, we actually mean well and have respect for the person who doesn’t take us seriously. Not many countries understand this about Aussies, only true blue Aussies (all cultures) understand.

    • Joy Anne Bourke  

      Totally agree with you. Shane has just told how it is and we need more people to agree with his comments.

  2. Baz  

    I greatly admired Shane as a cricketer but it’s always amusing when he tries to sound clever and assumes that he is qualified to offer advice to others on how to behave, or that anyone is interested in receiving that advice. The fact that the media jumps all over his every utterance has led him to believe that he has relevance as a social commentator. After his charity debacle, one would think that he’d possess some humility and simply shut up.

    • Joy Anne Bourke  

      Baz don’t agree with your comments. I totally agree with Shane’s comments. Australia is a wonderful place but is becoming a nanny state. Also PC, we joke and people take it seriously and then the media comes down and makes things worst.

    • Guy Flavell  

      Yeah, shut up Shane. Stick to bowling maidens over. I do heartily agree with you on this one though.

  3. desleigh clarke  

    I don’t often agree with Shane Warne but I do on this one. PC is just going too far, pretty soon we’ll be afraid to even open our mouths in case we offend someone. Mind you I get pretty offended by certain things, but of course I’m not allowed to say what in case I offend someone, no-one cares about my feeling though…………………..just saying……

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  5. Guy Flavell  

    Totally agree with Shane Warne. Australia is definitely becoming a ‘nanny’ state due to the constant bleatings of the Left Wing press and the loony, loathsome Commie/ Maoist Greens. Many in the ALP have much to answer for with this situation too … the Vic and Qld premiers being in the forefront with their Marxist ideologies being forced down the throats of young children in our schools.

    • Susan Bell  

      WOW, Guy, are you not embarrassed to write such insane drivel, such ignorance, such hatred. Go live in America it will make you happier.

      • Guy Flavell  

        Susan, NEVER be embarrassed to tell the honest truth !!! It’s just so easy to use
        pathetic little swipes like “such insane drivel, such ignorance, such hatred” without being courageous enough to include meaningful and logically based arguments to support them.
        Undoubtedly you are one of the loony, loathsome Commie Greens people I referred to … far too scared to publicly declare your un-Australian and divisive views for fear of the universal derision you would undoubtedly attract.

        • Jayne  

          Hear, hear, Guy!

          She’s the one who’s written ‘drivel’!
          She also seems to have quite a few problems’.
          And it’s not the first time she’s written such tripe!

          YOU go, & live in USA, Susan, where you’ll be much happier…..

        • Brucey  

          I want to read your meaningful and logically based argument to support your claim that ‘loony, loathsome Commie Greens’ are responsible for a nanny state. You make other unsupported claims but this will do for a start-you must have accidentally omitted it from your post. After you do that, could you then explain what ‘un-Australian’ means.

          • ...  

            Bruce, I was simply under the (perhaps) misapprehension that the majority
            of logically thinking Australians didn’t need to be convinced as to the lunatic
            policies and ideals of the Communist Greens Party.
            But, to clarify this I’d like to remind you of the following, ie:

            1) Their completely obstructive attitudes to ANY form of budgetary repair.
            2) Their divisive and un-Australian attitudes on our sovereign borders …
            including their non-acknowledgement of potential terrorism activities
            within our country.
            3) Their irresponsible, imbecilic and uncosted ideology on climate change
            that would only guarantee a huge loss of jobs in the energy and
            manufacturing arenas. But this doesn’t matter … only their idiotic mantra
            does (without question).
            4) Their blindly illogical acceptance of all forms of immigration with the
            resultant devastating effects on our Australian culture.
            5) Their passionate hatred of the wealthy and the successful in our society.
            6) Their pathetic non-acceptance of free speech in this country with their
            silence on the dreadful ramifications of section 18c. The ONLY free
            speech they allow is that of the left wing morons bleating the Greens
            7) Their total lack of interest in offering any positive solutions to improve
            the welfare and lifestyles of indigenous Australians – BLATANT
            HYPOCRISY !!!
            8) Their constant fallacies and lies spouted about the ‘illegals’ on Manus
            and Nauru … shameful untruths and totally unfounded nonsense. Plus
            their corrupt encouragement to the loathsome money-grabbing refugee
            9) Their financial donations received from the evil Commie CMFEU thugs
            together with their corrupt objections to the reintroduction of the ABCC
            which could well reduce the costs of housing and infrastructure by up to
            30% !!!
            10) Their idiotic ideal of a classless society … with everyone wearing drab-
            green clothes and caps and chanting their moronic mantra… and living a
            near stone age existence.

            Now Bwuce, if that’s not enough for you, I’m sure I can give you another ten
            logical reasons why all Australians should be on constant alert to the
            danger of the rattlesnake Greens vermin crawling under rocks
            all over the country. THEY ARE A COMPLETE BLIGHT ON AUSTRALIA !!!

  6. Truth 13  

    I think Shane Warne should stick to what he is good at, that is spin bowling. Beyond that, he has no qualification or any experience to talk about anything else to the people of the country. He may have been a very good bowler, a good drinker, and had several women in life, but that does not qualify him to make any comments about social life style, and the human rights of people. He was very famous of making nasty comments, standing at slips, at batsmen of the opposing teams, and he thought he had fun. What actually he did was, only running himself down. Everyone knows, that he at times, behaved like an ass hole, but, would he like been called, that. Learn to respect others, whether they are off white, cream, pinkish, brown, black or yellow, and don’t think you have a superior colour of your skin. Why not make up a list of things that the country should get rid of, and then put forward to the people, without just making statements. What people would like to see or hear is the substance, of what should be changed.

    • Baz  

      Shane has been allowed to become a legend in his own lunchtime because of the media slobbering over his every moronic utterance and the slavish acceptance of celebrity-worshippers who have been duped into thinking that he is qualified to make sociological judgements about what is wrong with this country. Ironically, he is a living example of what can happen when an idiot and a Twitter account come together.

  7. Brucey  

    Guy, I was looking for a logically argued case, not a tirade. You’re obviously one of those who believes that he who shouts loudest wins the argument whereas the only thing that you have going for you is that it’s difficult to argue against a fool’s logic. You could have saved yourself some time by simply saying that you are a LNP or One Nation hack who has learned its mantra and can repeat it verbatim. At least I’ve changed my opinion of Shane Warne; you’ve made him sound smart.

    • Guy Flavell  

      C’mon Bruce, how about some logically argued rebuttals of my “mantra” ? I’m sure most Starts At 60 readers would enjoy a good laugh.

      • Brucey  

        I’m sure that they’ve already had a good laugh. I wouldn’t waste my time rebutting the rabid political dogma based on haphazard snarky tabloid tripe that you think is an argument so I’ll check in about a month to see if you’ve managed to separate reason from emotion and established what might pass for an argument with premises that haven’t been invented by somebody with dementia. Of course, you might have gone to Trumpland to join the Tea Party by then.

  8. Martyss  

    Warne’s offers opinions on everything. He is a critic of so many things. G away Shane. PLease.

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