Senator Derryn Hinch has named and shamed for ‘justice’

Never one to shy away from ‘doing what’s right’, senator Derryn Hinch has revealed the identity of a man who
Senator Derryn Hinch. Photo: Derryn Hinch's Justice Party, Facebook.

Never one to shy away from ‘doing what’s right’, senator Derryn Hinch has revealed the identity of a man who he says hit and injured a policeman in Victoria, and didn’t receive adequate punishment.

In a post on the Derryn Hinch’s Justice Party Facebook page, the media-personality-turned-politician wrote about how he encountered a policeman at a cafe in Canberra and was told about an incident involving another police officer who was injured when he was hit by a car.

It was revealed that the man responsible for the incident — 28-year-old Fawad Raoofi — went free from court and only had his licence suspended for two days.

The reason?

According to Hinch, Raoofi told the court he was high on ice and couldn’t remember his violent behaviour.

Hinch also called for the man to be sent back to his native country, Afghanistan, and that any compassion he might have received for being a refugee be removed.

While the senator got a lot of support for his naming and shaming approach, there were also plenty of calls from those commenting on the post to review the conduct of magistrates saying those tasked with the responsibility of handing down fines and sentences seemed ‘out of touch’ with society.

What do you think of Derryn Hinch’s name and shame tactic? Do you think the judicial system is ‘out of touch’?

  1. Alan Murphy  

    I think Derryn is spot on and I fully support him, what a lameless excuse “he was high on ice” definitely should be deported and then his place could be given to a worthy refugee.

    • The total JUSTICE SYSTEM needs looking at. It’s TIME for a CLEAN OUT. There are TOO MANY LAME EXCUSES. Judges ,Solicitors,Barristers The lot, they all need looking at & give the ones the flick who do not perform…. I am sick to death of living in MY OWN HOME in FEAR of getting broken in to, bashed, & the like. I didn’t work for 45 yrs for NOTHING ,I worked & saved so I could live my retirement in Peace . These drugs , are the curse of the nation, I lived through the 50/60s & managed to live WITH OUT DRUGS, HOW COME nearly all the younger ones these days HAVE to take them ?? PLEASE EXPLAIN ??

    • lyn clark  

      Magistrates definitely out of touch with community expectations of the justice system!!

  2. June CP  

    Returned to the country they came from, no excuse for breaking the law. Ice was a choice in the first place, how would he have lived in his country making the same choice.
    Our laws are an a…
    Looking after those who say we are in fear of our lives, but come here and kill someone, what about our lives?

  3. Should we also send all the white skinned crooks back to their country of origin? The country would be empty before long. I have no fault in “outing” injustice but bringing their ethnicity into it is not on. Doing so just enflames the already enflamed xenophobics. And we already have too many of them in Australia.

    • Jude Power  

      Thank you Trudy, I agree with you

  4. Iustitia  

    Without the presentation of ‘objective’ facts, this is just ‘dog whistling’.

    Derryn, the difference today between your role as a Senator and your former career as a commentator is our taxes pay your salary. From that arises a responsibility to ensure you act honestly, fairly and without bias.

    Commentator culture isn’t going to cut it in your new role. As a commentator I could always switch you off. The same can be done with your new role as a Senator. Pick up your game or …

  5. In Qld the then Chief Justice. Judge DeJersey said, and I quote. “The opinion of the Public is irrelevant in the sentencing of Criminals”

    Now we have Judges and Magistrates who we can’t get rid of because they have set themselves up so you cannot sack them. Every other person in Australia can be sacked for not doing an adequate job.The other Australians who set themselves up are Politicians who are also nearly impossible to get rid of.
    About time the immunity of Judges to be held accountable for failing to observe very real concerns about sentencing standards in Australian Courts.

  6. Mack Carson  

    The judicial system in this country is NOT decades behind the times.

    Decades ago. People were punished. In some cases. Severely.
    As it still should be today.
    That judge that says public opinion/feeling are irrelavant.
    Shows just how far out of touch and the real world they have put themselves.

    When I was young.
    back in the ’40’s. we had local cop that clipped you round the ear.
    ot took his belt off to you if a repeater.
    IT WORKED. with 95% of the population.
    and the ones it didn’t. There was the Birch. cat. and prison.
    Which WAS prison. stone/brick cells. no heating, plank bed, one blanket.(and that was in UK.)
    locked in cell with your bucket apart from 1 hr a day.
    Maybe more exercise. But walking and WORKING. not playing in heated gym’s.
    ONE TV in canteen for all.
    That sherif in Texas has the best idea. read up on him.

    A copy should be sent to ALL Judiciary’s here too.
    The bad, will always be bad.
    but proper, and “matching the crime” punishments,
    would go a long way to relieving and stopping the starters in life
    Pointing them more in the right direction. And make others, hopefully think twice.

    A clip and a belting when you do wrong.
    is a surefire way of bringing growing kids and adults into line.
    Never hurt us.
    and we grew up with respect for elders. and women. and rules. and property etc etc.

    They’ve gone a long way down the WRONG path regarding such since then.
    But if we could get rid ot these “gods with heads in clouds”.
    Do-Gooders.and whingers.
    and give the correct levels of discipline to all. in the future
    The world would be a better place.

    Would take a few generations from now.
    But we (and future adults) HAVE to do something.

    MOST of us bring up decent.respectful kids, I have 3 and 10 1\2 grandkids.
    ALL so fa. on the right track.
    The most mine ever got from me. was a crack on back of hand and deprivation of what they want, don’t want. to have. go. do. etc. Works fine if utilised properly

    • Macks a knob  

      you are so full of it, this man (sic) screwed around on his ex wife when she was pregnant and beat his kids from his first marriage.
      It always these overzealous preachers we should question.

      He personally ripped off the welfare system since arriving in Australia in the 70’s had no job but had a yatch and 2 cars + a motorbike.

      Mack its time you just shut up and stop trying to lecture people to be what you never were.

      Do you count the 3 kids as the ones from your first marriage as well?

  7. Lori  

    Send him back, and many others too. Hinch
    Is right on this one. We had enough. Yes, the justice system is a complete joke. Go Pauline!!

  8. Lori  

    Send him back, and many others too. Hinch
    Is right on this one. We had enough. Yes, the justice system is a complete joke. Go Pauline!!

  9. Gary TImuss  

    It is contrary to the principles of natural justice for anyone on here to claim what did happen, it ought to have happened with the convicted person, without providing an opportunity for him to respond.

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