Senate shocker could see more heads roll

When the Senate gathered together to discuss legislation, it wasn’t thinking that it would have to be discussing one of

When the Senate gathered together to discuss legislation, it wasn’t thinking that it would have to be discussing one of its own. However, after acting on some legal advice, it’s been discovered that Family First Senator Bob Day allegedly conned the government.

According to the ABC, the Senate is “likely” going to be out of session at least until the end of the year while the Government and the High Court decides what to do. Whatever the decision of the High Court it could harshly affect other current members of the Senate and how parties choose who will be elected in the future.

Labor and the Government both agree to refer Bob Day’s matter to the court. The main issue, in this case, is the fact that Day owned the building that the Commonwealth was leasing for his office space. Even though Mr Day sold the office to associates, but he also backed the loan that those associates used to purchase the building creating a possible constitutional breach.

Dean of the University of New South Wales Law School George Williams told the ABC, “Given the possibility for many members to have indirect arrangements with the Commonwealth, I think there may be others who would wonder just how far this can go”. Mr Williams then added, “”The parties will be keeping a very close look on it because it will affect the sort of candidates they can run at future elections.”

As the heat grew in the background of this case, Mr Day suddenly resigned from his Senate post yesterday. In his statement, Mr Day said “Accordingly, I have today tendered my resignation to the president of the Senate effective immediately. It has been an honour and a privilege to serve as a senator for South Australia, and I am sorry it has ended this way.”

With this matter far from over, what do you think about the situation? Should the government have acted quicker? What do you think the fallout will be?

  1. Rachael  

    I think this is typical of the two major parties. Unwilling to listen to the people and build their confidence through sound policy and strong leadership, they spend their time and energy investigating any way to bring down the minor parties and their very real threat to them.

  2. Stephen Duff  

    1. We have all just lived through the Gleeson bullying out of office saga, apparently he warned the government of this and they shut him down, woops.
    2. Does every bit of legislation he has voted FOR now have to be repealed, which includes 95% since Abbotts last election win, thus all of Turnball’s.
    3. In Australian politics we actually vote for the individual, not the party, by Law, which means the curtesy of appointing another same party member specifically in this case does not apply, because he was illegally elected. Therefor the electoral commission in S. Aust. has to hope they have all of the vote papers to do a recount, as they redistribute all of Bob Days preferences and see who should have been elected. If it is a Labour person won’t that stir the pot.
    4. I was around 20 odd years ago when the seeds of Family First began as a small Christian political lobby group from Brisbane with a rich backer, they were actually moral people with honest hearts seeking to get prayer upheld in parliament; come a long way since then, sad??
    5. So we now have no legislation because we have no parliament, possibly back dated through the last 2 elections, what a stuff up, now comes the Turnball blame game, again, still.

  3. John Borlini  

    It would appear that this person has broken the law and the liberals or at least some of them new about it.
    If that is the case then surly they are in breach of the law and should be charged with aiding and abetting this scoundrel

  4. Well said – let’s face it, anyone with half a brain could see this coming – the Turnbull Government is staggering from crisis to crisis – it will implode!

  5. The watcher  

    Another stuff up, followed by a cover up, followed by a blame game, followed by revelations of criminal activity, followed by evidence of vote trading for favors. This coalition is corrupt from top to bottom, if not corrupt then incompetent c and dishonest. Either way it should go.

  6. Rob Ozanne  

    I call for a new Senate election and all nominees to be examined as to business connection how ever tenuous

  7. the sooner they do implode the better we really need a party of non polies who are not just in it for them self” s or this country is buggered the reason this place is going down hill all rest on these polie’s shoulder’s

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