Selfish driver shamed on social media for illegal park in disabled spot

Not again: yet another arrogant driver believes they have a right to park in disabled spot despite not having any
New Zealand

Not again: yet another arrogant driver believes they have a right to park in disabled spot despite not having any sticker or right to do so. Why aren’t people getting the message?

Chadstone local Sally Trudgen was simply going about her business on Thursday when she saw not one but two drivers try to park in a disabled spot just for their own convenience.

So after unsuccessfully trying to convince one of the selfish drivers to move (the other one left begrudgingly), Sally took to social media to shame the arrogant driver for failing to move, even after a disabled woman drove past looking for a space.

Here’s what Sally said,

So last Thursday night (17th December) my sister and I went to Chadstone Shopping Centre to finish our Christmas shopping. Whilst there, we saw a man pull into the only remaining disabled park near one of the entrances. He got out of his car (didn’t put up a sticker) and started to walk towards the center. I stopped him and asked him if he had a disabled sticker. He said no, so I told him he needed to move his car. After a bit of persuading (he was ‘only going to be 5 mins’…) he did. He parked only a few parks away in a general car park so he didn’t need to park illegally for his ‘5 minutes of shopping’!¬†Within a few minutes the car in the photo arrived, driven by a young guy, from the car park entrance, straight into this park. He hadn’t even looked for a park in the general car park. I presumed he had a disabled sticker, he got out and walked into the center. He left a girl in the passenger seat and his keys in the ignition. I approached the girl and asked if they had a disabled sticker, she said no, but they’d also only be 5 mins.
I said she’d need to move, there would be people who genuinely needed that park who wouldn’t be able to park there. She was stuffing her face with some take away food and told me she couldn’t and wouldn’t move the car!
About 5 minutes later (the driver was still shopping) a car with a disabled sticker displayed drive past looking for a park. There wasn’t one. This lady had been injured as a child (I discovered later) and walking caused her a lot of pain. Her son was also in the car. I went up to her car & told her that there was a spare park. Her son got out to ask the passenger to move the car, again she refused. When the driver of the above car finally came back, I approached him and told him that he couldn’t park where he did. He laughed at me. I told him about the woman who had wanted the park he was in… Again he laughed and called me names. He didn’t even slow down to talk to me. He went to his car and took his time, all the while calling out obscenities to me and forcing himself to laugh (embarrassed, I guess) and finally yelled ‘get money’ (which was completely random) as he revved his engine and sped off through the busy car park. We went to find security but was unsuccessful and whilst at the information desk I came across the lady with the legitimate disabled parking sticker and her son. She was already in a lot of pain having walked from a car spot at the back of the car park and clearly upset.
So to this wanker… You are an arse, I am posting your number plate on Facebook publicly in the hope that people share it and it gets back to you or someone close to you who has the moral fortitude to tell you what you’ve done is selfish and arrogant. I hope you are never in a position to need a disabled sticker – those things are VERY hard to get and you must have a significant issue to be eligible for one. Disabled parks are NOT for arrogant and selfish arseholes who think they are better than those people with true disabilities. They are not close to the entrance of the shops for your convenience, I don’t care if you will be 5 mins or 25 years. HAVE SOME RESPECT!
Share & help this person learn that there is more to life than money!

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