See the moment the Spirit of Tasmania breaks its moorings after freak storm

No one could have predicted the Victorian heatwave to end with this – at sunset last night, the Port of

No one could have predicted the Victorian heatwave to end with this – at sunset last night, the Port of Melbourne was hit by a storm that knocked the Spirit of Tasmania II free from its moorings with passengers on board.

The ship drifted as close as 80 metres to the shore where beachgoers watched in amazement before being hurriedly evacuated.

The Herald Sun reports that freak wind gusts of up to 100 kilometres per hour caused the moorings to bust loose with popping, cracking sounds. Tug boats wer the heroes of the day, quickly deploying and saving the ship from running aground.

This morning, an investigation is underway to find out why the 28,000 tonne ship came loose. While the pier itself is not damaged, the ramp for loading cars is twisted and resting at a strange angle, and there is some damage to the vessel.

The ferry is now secured, however it did not sail to Devonport last night, with some passengers spending the night on the ship and others stuck in the terminal. Thousands more travellers now have their plans thrown into disarray.

A statement from TT Liner on Facebook said, “Our second vessel, Spirit of Tasmania I, which is currently in Devonport has been delayed until an engineer’s assessment is completed on the damage in Melbourne. Once the damage has been assessed a decision will be made as to whether the vessel will sail out of Devonport.

“Spirit of Tasmania can confirm that all passengers and crew are safe.”

Can you imagine being on the ship as it broke free? Have you travelled on the Spirit of Tasmania? Do you have plans to?

  1. We had a cabin on the 7th level (top) during our night crossing and the waves were breaking at the portholes!

  2. why, its not entertaining, its frightening, who is responsible for the mooring ropes id like to really know

  3. These people are amazing & often make the crossing in appalling conditions. Have you seen the size of the mooring ropes? I can’t imagine how this happened.

  4. Hope all is ok for our trip across and back in a few months. Best be getting the wrist bands and tablets ready if it is that rough…

  5. It must have been very scary for all those on board.Strangely yesterday I’d seen a travel post suggesting a few places to go and one of them was Tasmania which we so loved when we visited nearly twenty five years ago and I said the words as I read it,let’s take the Ferry and the car next time! Hopefully they are able to quickly remedy the damage and be safely on their way again.

  6. We have made 4 crossings in total over the years. Love the Spirit of Tasmania and hope they get her up and running soon.

  7. Gerry Hare  

    From our balcony, we watched with horror as the ferry drifted towards the beach. Those wonderful tugs got her safely moored again. The bridge is a wreck, they are working on it at this moment. Goodness knows when those cars already loaded will be able to get off.

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