Scott Morrison: “You’d think he never plans to grow old”

It was never going to be an easy sell but the Treasurer plodded on with talk of patience and responsibility,

It was never going to be an easy sell but the Treasurer plodded on with talk of patience and responsibility, an analogy about driving the car to the Christmas holiday destination and a lot of calm platitudes about how we were all going to be just fine…

But at least one of the budget cuts announced yesterday has left a bad taste with the Scott Morrison being accused of taking the easy way out, and ignoring Australian seniors.

GetUp! has launched this campaign, suggesting that the Treasurer “never plans to grow old”:

Where would rather take money from – Australian seniors or wasteful tax handouts? Treasurer Scott Morrison knows full…

Posted by GetUp! on Tuesday, December 15, 2015

In the comments, GetUp organisers say it’s not just aged care that’s been hit, “He also announced a $650 million hit to Medicare that will see everyday Australians paying more for crucial pathology tests – but didn’t touch tax handouts to wealthy individuals and massive corporations. It seems that Scott Morrison MP really is Joe Hockey’s successor…”

The Australian reports today that the Australian Medical ­Association also criticised plans to make patients pay more for pathology and medical scans, and that the ACTU called for tax increases rather than “massive cuts”.

After yesterday’s budget update, Australia’s fiscal outlook is looking quite red, with the the national debt now at $278 billion and set to climb to $364.5 billion in four years.

The Herald Sun reports that this means Australians are paying ­almost $37 million a day on the interest on the nation’s credit card, or $1.1 billion per month.

Mr Morrison insisted last night on ABC’s 7.30 that Australia’s economy is “at a turning point”.

Do you think it’s fair to cut funding from aged care and Medicare? Could the funds be found elsewhere?



  1. Anonymous  

    He is on a parliamentary pension scheme, set for life. His rules don’t apply to himself.

  2. I wonder has it occurred to any of them to cut their own high salaries and pensions, The PM just got a $10 thousand pay rise, they have to be them out

    • none of them should get them Jill Scheerer while they are wanting to cut the basics like health for older Australian’s..they need to get some morals, this Liberal Government sure has none

  3. Is it any surprise to anyone that they are targeting older Aussie’s? We worked hard and payed our taxes Morrison , now let us get old in peace

    • I also had no Super, woman did not have Super when I worked, I paid my taxes and worked hard and am finding it very difficult managing, please help` us older Aussies’s.

    • The current politicians just want you to get old and pass on – we are keeping them from getting more lurks and perks!!!

    • Heather Anne Daws Very few women had super , those in 70s only had a few years, But many managed to get a small nest egg

    • Dawn, no nest egg for this working Mum, I paid bills and home loans and raised my two children, savings were not an option.

    • Super did not become compulsory until Keating introduced it in 1992 and casual workers never got Super till years after that.Women have always lagged behind. This Liberal Government is fully aware that and still they want to penalize those with nothing in the bank, while they reward themselves and their rich mates

    • I worked all my life paid my taxes but yet again these wealth pollies are at us again, I’m really worried because my husband is in Aged Care and I’m wondering what are they intending to do to Aged Care

    • Jillian Johnstone
      Yes, you can always rely on Dawn Bruce to have a go at the people who have nothing.

    • Heather Anne Daws apparently we could have salary sacrificed most of our wages and could have gotten welfare to top up BUT we didn’t know about it, by the time I found out they changed the rules and gross income was counted for welfare. The in the know women did quite well getting their nest egg. Maybe that’s what Dawn Bruce did.

    • Steph Duncan
      What is a “labour” government. We don’t have a “labour” party in Australia.

    • He appears to be targeting the older generation, as a previously comment stated there was no compulsary super , they know that after skinniing us, the following generations will have had more compulsary super, and salary sacrifices paid. We do have choices!!

    • Labour Party or Labor Party does it really matter how it’s spelt. Some people on this page love to nitpick.

    • Libbi I agree with most of your comments on a variety of subjects Maybe this country needs to be run by the oldies who have life experiences and know how to deal with them

    • Graeme Mclaren And we know how to budget and to save without starving, or getting so deep in debt we can’t find a way out.

    • Yvonne Francis I am sure it would matter to the Labor Party just like The Liberal Party their name has a trademark

    • Yvonne Francis
      And here you are ‘nit picking ‘ others comments as well.
      Pot calling the kettle black…. LOL

  4. In June 2015, lower income scale aged pensioners are granted a $15 per week increase, but have to wait for 18 months (Jan 2017) to collect it, yet Pollies can grant themselves massive pay rises which always take effect immediately?

    • The same rules should apply for to them, it’s not like they’ve slogged their hearts out with their cushy jobs

    • No back pay for the pensioners … increase just not applicable until 2017. Rotten pollies don’t have to wait for their increase though!

    • Increases that most will not get new assets test comes in on 1st Jan 2017, pensioners will again be struggling more the government needs to know we still vote. But maybe Saudi money will save the day and we will be Islamic quicker when they foreclose on australia

  5. i’m just as concerned about the 800 million it’s costing to bring refugees here from syria when our pensioners, hospitals & schools are in such a state. i’m not against immigration but our pensioners paid their taxes & deserve better than living below the poverty line

    • Close the camps and bring those people here that would put millions back in the budget and the asylum seeker would enhance our society but putting in

    • We can’t ! That does not mean we should follow America once again like we did in Iraq which started this whole mess! How can you fight a faceless enemy? And yet here we are again in Syria n still in Afghanistan following our masters geeez!

    • Sad he can’t be more ‘intelligent, innovative ‘ as MT proposes. If he is not up to the job – ship out mate! Let Dick Smith or someone similar ‘fix’ the budget.

    • Francoise Saint-Cyr no we shouldnt let the mongrels fight there own battles and we need to look after our own they will get here and want everything and still believe in there country not ours shouldnt be taking any they want to fight then settle it themselves.

    • Francoise Saint-Cyr – The ones seeking ‘asylum’ are 90% men. YES we should be concerned and NO we should not stop fighting for our freedom and way of life. I take it you are happy with the Radical Muslims killing innocents women and children and carrying out the most horrific murders. It is too late to have peace – the enemy is now among us.

    • Im wondering where the good journalists are. An article about those latest government payrises should be on the front page of every paper, what a bloody disgrace.

    • That goes for all sides vote the whole lot of them out Lab Lib Greens the lot and start again. All this money that is going overseas is an utter disgrace you would think our money belonged to politicians to do what they like with.

  6. why us old pensioners we helped australia by paying our taxes why aren’t the rich beeing taxed hockey and morrison will be living high when they retire

  7. Even when he dose retire he will have more than enough to live on

    • Not if we can help it! Petition for an investigation in that matter must be organised! Does anyone know how to start a petition?

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