Scott Morrison walks off LIVE TV interview after awkwardly remembering something

In the most embarrassing way to discover that he was late for something important, Treasurer Scott Morrison has run out

In the most embarrassing way to discover that he was late for something important, Treasurer Scott Morrison has run out of a LIVE TV interview.

While Mr Morrison was speaking to Paul Murray on Sky News on Thursday, he suddenly cut the interview short because people were “banging on the door”.
“I’m sorry Paul we’re going to have to stop because people are banging on the door,” Morrison said.

He then remembered that there was a division in the parliament and instead of being where he should be, he quickly realised he was at the wrong place at the wrong time.

“What?”, Mr Morrison then asked someone off to the left of camera.
“There’s a division mate I’ve got to go,” he added before pulling out his ear piece and running out the door.

What happened after that was not pretty for the Government as Labor took advantage of the government’s small numbers in parliament to pass three votes after a number of MPs left Canberra early to head home.

The opposition tried to bring on debate in a bid to call on Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull to establish a royal commission into banks.

Labor then won three divisions in its attempt to expedite debate, taking advantage of the coalition’s slender majority.

It’s the first time in 50 years that a majority government has lost a vote in the House of Representatives, reports Daily Mail.

Speaker Tony Smith was also forced to use his casting vote – believed to be for the first time – on a procedural motion to allow the debate to be considered but Mr Morrison later denounced the move and accused Labor leader Bill Shorten of taking political advantage.

“He is using a stunt to promote his stunt,” he told parliament.
The opposition, in celebration mode over the victory, said it took just two sitting days for the government’s majority to collapse.
“Tonight’s been a wake-up call for the Turnbull government – the clock is ticking,” manager of opposition business Tony Burke said.

Did you catch this awkward TV interview?

  1. David  

    This is NOT reported correctly. The division was called and with numbers so tight, no party can afford to have a member out of the office.

    He did the right thing, so try reporting that correctly next time – or do you have a hidden agenda?

    • Wayne Murphy  

      He has been in politics for a while so knows the drill, don’t empathise he is a bloody dh and wanker in politics
      tell the truth on comments

  2. Russell Grenning  

    Yes, you are right David, this story has not been properly reported at all. In fact, it has been made to appear that Morrison was trying to evade being questioned so that he why he “suddenly remembered” he had to be elsewhere.

    The fact is that he didn’t suddenly remember anything. The division bells were ringing while he was being interviewed, his staff banged on the studio door to urgently advise him of this and he made his hurried excuses and left to do his parliamentary job. Anybody who knows anything about Parliament would know that you don’t “remember” a division – divisions come when a vote is contested and that happens immediately.

    Starts at 60 has not been shown in a very good light by this woeful piece of alleged reporting.

    • John Milne  

      Yes, if you’re going to report stuff, get it right because it makes you look even sillier or biased than you really are by getting the story only half right……..(or left???)

  3. P Worrall  

    Curious that LNP supporters are never outraged by News Corp’s serial Editing & misrepresentation of comments by opposition members

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