Schapelle Corby’s parole officers say they’ve lost track of her

With just over five months to go until she’s allowed home, you’d think Bali parole officers would know exactly what
Parole officers say they don't know where Schapelle Corby is living.

With just over five months to go until she’s allowed home, you’d think Bali parole officers would know exactly what Schapelle Corby is up to and where she’s living, but it turns out that’s not the case.

Schapelle’s parole officers have made the bizarre revelation that they have no idea where she is living right now.

The convicted drug smuggler is registered to at her brother-in-law Wayan Widyartha’s address, but neighbours say they have never seen her there.

It seems the local police aren’t too bothered by the reports, with a parole officer saying “it’s impossible” to watch her all the time.

“We don’t know for sure whether she is still living in Wayan’s house now,” a parole officer told the magazine.

“We never receive any reports of her doing something that breaks the rules. But we don’t directly observe or monitor her 24 hours a day, it’s impossible.”

Schapelle is the first foreign prisoner to ever be let out on parole in Bali and only the second in all of Indonesia, so you’d think they’d be a little more diligent right?

However, the officer said as long as they don’t get any reports she’s doing anything wrong they are happy.

It’s a far cry from the strict parole rules former inmates in Australia are subjected to.

Schapelle is set to return home for the first time in 12 years next May where she will settle back in with her family on the Gold Coast.

Will you be happy to see Schapelle back in Australia? Have you followed her story over the years?

  1. pete harper  

    I personally couldnt give a Rats Arse

  2. Diana  

    The media seems to be able to find her without any trouble. I think the Indonesian authorities know very well where she is, but aren’t concerned. After all, she can’t get off the island and is no threat to anyone.

    • Joy Anne Bourke  

      Diana, yes the media know definitely and the Indonesian authorities know but will not say anything. Leave her alone and hope she returns to Australia and stays with her family on the Gold Coast. I still say that she was set up and now she has paid the penalty, be interesting to know who set her up.

  3. Christopher Jones  

    Give the poor girl a break she’s spent longer in an Indonesian prison than most murders do in Australia

    • Ebola  

      So what if she spent more time in an Indonesian prison than murderers do in Australia? She should have done it in Australia so she could do less time.
      Its a pity that she was not shot like the artist and the preacher.

  4. SDKay  

    Why should they be concerned. Here is an Aussie who has cost them dearly money wise because of her trafficing. And before you start the hostile comments, she was convicted despite the millions Aussies spent to try and get her off!!!! I should think Bali would be glad to see the back of her!!!!!! Why would they rock the boat . May is not so far away and they can then be well shot of her, back to her own country. Lets see the newsos paying her big time for her story. She will be one rich lady…… She alone knows the truth really.

    • Natalie McDonnell  

      What happened to Shapelle Corby could happen to anyone travelling overseas. . I doubt if she would have gotten through customs without being caught here in Australia. I believe it was planted there, not by her. So most of the evidence was not presented. Her fingerprints for example were not on the drugs, but that evidence never went to court. We should never judge a person before we have all the true facts. Shapelles Brothers and Dad are drug users but that doesn’t mean she’s guilty. My sons are drug users but I’ve never ever touched the crappy stuff. I hope people don’t judge me because of what my sons get up too, both of them are grown men. The Indonesian laws are very different to Australia and I would not like to trust them like many other countries overseas, plus they don’t like Australians.

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