Scam warning issued: These phone calls are really too good to be true

Imagine you get a call from someone telling you that you have won a holiday or cash. It can feel

Imagine you get a call from someone telling you that you have won a holiday or cash. It can feel very surprising and exciting, but the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) are warning that if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

The ACMA said the scam involved a prerecorded call coming through to someone’s phone with an instruction to “press 1” to redeem the cash prize, frequent flyer points or “loyalty reward” from airlines or hotel chains.

When the receiver presses ‘1’, they are taken to a human operator who asks questions and requests credit card details.

Manager of Unsolicited Communications Compliance at ACMA, Eve Osiowy, told News Corp the organisation had first been alerted to the scam last year but they had recently seen a resurgence in people being scammed.

“In the last week or so we’ve received 32 complaints from consumers so that’s what’s told us this scam is active again”.

“Scammers will use automatic diallers so they can make thousands of calls but they only talk to people who press 1,” Ms Osiowy said. “It’s a very effective way to filter people”.

If you receive a phone call from people purporting to be from reputable companies such as Qantas or Virgin, these are people involved in this scam.

“They often say you’ve won $999 but, of course, it could be any money. Then they will ask for credit card details to verify and book but you will find that money has been taken rather than deposited from your bank account”.

Like any unsolicited call, never give financial or personal information to the person, and hang up if you feel it is suspicious. Scammers are very cunning and can try to make you feel at ease even if you say you think it could be a scam.


Tell us, have you ever been the victim of a scam?


  1. Scam I would like to share having been caught in the middle of it at the worst time in my life.
    They still run the commercial saying , you will receive the insurance within two days of receiving documents.
    This is crap , what they forget to say is that even the most straight forward claim…. No autopsy … Died at ninety plus of natural causes . The documents will take several months , they know this. So unless you have thousands in your bank your loved ones ashes will sit on a shelf at the funeral directors . One commercial imply a daughter was able to access the insurance in time to fly home and be at her fathers funeral!! Bull.
    Another proudly states that you will never receive less money than you’ve paid in !!!
    Well thanks so much for that gift !!!! Bull.

    • Exactly Pauline, they make out they are doing you a big favour and they are like all insurance companies only in it for the big profit and don’t give two hoots for the grieving family.

  2. I hang up on them if I hear the Indian accent. The tax office scam left message for me, still waiting to be arrested

  3. Simple answer. Do not engage in conversation over the phone with people you do not know, regardless of who they say they are. Just hang up.

  4. Get them by email also. Supposedly from PayPal saying they are going to cancel my account unless I update my details. Unless PayPal use your name in the email then it is a scam. Report it to PayPal.

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