SCAM: Experts issue warning over this ‘sophisticated’ banking scam

There is a new scam sweeping across Australia tricking people into giving criminals their personal banking details. The scam comes

There is a new scam sweeping across Australia tricking people into giving criminals their personal banking details.

The scam comes in the form of a text message, which appears to be from your bank. The messages look professional and contains a fake┬álink to your bank’s website.

Usually people would catch on that something wasn’t quite right when they click the link and are taken to a dodgy-looking website. However, these new scammers have reportedly gone to great lengths to build fake banking websites that look so good it’s difficult to tell the real thing from the fake.

Customers who bank with Bank of Queensland, St George Bank, ANZ, Suncorp Bank, NAB, Macquarie Bank, Heritage Bank, Bendigo Bank and GE Money customers have all been targeted.

The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA), who issued the scam alert to customers, said the scammers behind the hoax were “constantly refining their SMS messages and associated fake banking websites to increase their chances of success,” reports the ABC.

The ACMA used the ANZ bank as an example in its alert, releasing pictures of the fake ANZ website, which looks alarmingly similar to the real thing.

ANZ scam

“You can see how legitimate each screen looks, especially as they’ve tried to tailor their design to reflect the same look and feel of the ANZ bank’s branding,” the ACMA said in its alert.

“In the fake ANZ mobile banking website scam, you can see how they have even used a fake ‘loading’ page to simulate standard mobile banking transactions.”

The ACMA is advising anyone who received or opened the fake text message to contact their bank immediately.

Take a look at the examples below to see if you’ve been targeting by the scammers.

Scam text examples:

Account notification: hXXp://m.anzmobilebank. com/
Account notification: Verify your identity hXXp://m.anzmobilebank. com/
Account Notification: hXXp://anz-notification. Com
Account Notification: hXXp://mobile-anz. Info
Internal message received: hXXp:/anzmobilebank. com
Notification: hXXp://anz-mobile. Center
Verify your identity: hXXp:/anzmobilebank. com

Have you ever been caught out by a scam? Have you received this new scam text?

  1. Got my first one today from nab. Very well done only I do not bank with the nab

  2. If it contains a link for you to click on – then beware. Most genuine messages or emails from your bank will advise you to go to their site and log in. They will not provide a clickable link.

  3. i had a lady from india that was scaming one day and i did say to her this is a scam and put the phone down about 10 secs then the phone rang again, she says to me , this is true , you mother fucker yes true haha.

    • i did like it , you have to play with them then say the same thing back with the f word like your indian as well it stops them for a few weeks but it is fun haha .

    • Or ask them to wait a moment while you get your husband to sort out the problem – he’s a policeman!! Quick hang up!

  4. This is why I never ever bank on line, sorry if people are stupid enough to fall for scams like this well they havent learnt anything. Nothing you do on line is safe. BANKS NEVER CONTACT YOU ON LINE.

    • I do use internet banking. I do get emails from my bank advising, eg, availability of online statements but NEVER any links. I need to go to the bank’s site and log in from there.

  5. You can put these posts up everyday and some people still fall for them, PLEASE ASK FOR THEIR NAME AND NUMBER then contact the bank if you think it is legitimate before you do anything. BANKS DO NOT OPERATE THIS WAY. GRRRRR it is so frustrating that people are still sucked in by these SCAMS.

    • Jan Edwards  

      I know we are talking about bank scams here but be aware I had a number of scams supposedly from telstra coming through so I rang telstra and they traced the calls and they were from NSW phone with telstra accounts. I have a block put on them after I just ring unwelcome calls. If you keep theses people talking for 10 seconds they can trace them. Telstra will on;ly ring you by arrangement with youi at a specified time fter you have contacted them.

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