SCAM ALERT: New phone scam specifically targets grandparents

Scammers have sunk to a new low with this phone call specifically targeting grandparents around the world. There have been

Scammers have sunk to a new low with this phone call specifically targeting grandparents around the world.

There have been reports of grandparents receiving calls from people pretending to be their grandchildren and asking for help and money.

The scammer usually starts the call by saying they are in trouble and need money to get out of a sticky situation.

Most grandparents would jump at the chance to help their grandkids so it’s easy to get them to agree to wiring money to a bank account.

One woman in America took her story to the media to warn other grandparents about the fake calls.

Kitty, who decided not to disclose her last name, told NBC she received a phone call from a young man she believed to be her grandson.

“’I’m calling you because I know you can keep a secret and I don’t want the rest of the family to know,’” said Kitty, recalling what the man on the phone told her.

Kitty said he told her he needed money quickly and he knew he could rely on her.

“I was helping my grandson,” said Kitty. “I truly love my grandson. I would do anything for my family.”

Over the next few days Kitty wired $5,250 to the man she believed to be her grandson before talking to her family and realising it was a scam.

Authorities are warning people be wary of similar calls, saying these kinds of scams are becoming more and more popular.

Mike O’Shaughnessy, President of Guardian Pro, a security consulting company says you should never react quickly when asked to send money to anyone and always verify the information first.

“These scams aren’t going to go away,” Mr O’Shaughnessy said.

“They’re going to get worse. They’re going to evolve. This grandparent scam has evolved over time. It’s going to continue to evolve. It’s us being aware. It really is. It comes down to people.”

Have you ever been the victim of a scam? Have you heard about these types of fake phone calls before?

    • sue  

      theres nothing Free about this (?)

  1. create a password with your family, if not given when requested, you know you are not talking to who you thought you were, it works very good, it protects you and your family in these scams, especially if they are travelling, l got an email years ago telling me my dead brother was in stuck in london, and was in trouble, l asked for his password, then told them they were too late as he had already passed away

  2. I am perplexed at how a grandmother did not know the sound of her grandson’s voice 🌸

    • Bobby  

      Must say, I thought the same think Anne

    • lulu  

      Me too. What grandparents would not recognise it’s not their grandchild?

    • Yes well one would have to be terribly dumb not to recognize their grandchildrens voice!!!!!

  3. I can recommend a answer machine, I only take the call if I hear a familiar voice. Scammers and marketing usually hang up. Only one did I had a scammers who left a message, to ring a certain No claiming he was from the ATO. If you not sure,( Banks, ATO and other government departments never call you they send letters even with those letters, best have them checked out.) Needless to say I didn’t respond back. But it gives you time to call the appropriate department back and report it.

  4. I am sorry to say this but you would be extremely gullible. Surely you know your grandchildren’s voices. On top of that, I would check with the parents as to their whereabouts if something like this happened to me, although I don’t think they would phone me because they know we are not well off.

  5. Agree, we would know by their voice if it was our grandchild, and start asking personal questions to catch them out.

  6. I know all of my Grandkids voices when they call me, I find this one very hard for people to get sucked into?????

  7. I don’t answer my mobile if a name does not show. If somehow I have not entered the name/no in my contacts if a message is left then I will return the call.

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