#SayNoToPauline campaign gains momentum

There’s no denying Pauline Hanson has become much more popular than she ever has been these last few years. The
via Pauline Hanson's Please Explain Facebook

There’s no denying Pauline Hanson has become much more popular than she ever has been these last few years. The One Nation leader is on the cusp of securing a Senate seat and is spreading her message far and wide to the people of Australia.

But not everyone is happy about what Pauline has to say – namely the Chinese-Australian community. They are standing up to the “racist” policies and “Islamophobia” that they say she spreads, and not because they feel they are the targets, but because they know how it feels.

In the 90s, Pauline Hanson famously said Australia would be overrun by the Chinese as they bought land and took jobs.

And the Chinese-Australian community haven’t forgotten, and now have started the #SayNoToPauline hashtag and campaign as a peaceful way to go against Hanson’s message.

9News reports the Chinese Australian Forum is calling on people to take photos and upload them to social media, in an effort to call out Islamophobia and “racism”.

The group held a press conference in Haymarket yesterday, stating they “can empathise with the current treatment of the Arabic-Australian community”.

President Kenrick Cheah said the organisation has campaigned for more than 30 years on the issues of race and discrimination.

“The campaign is raising awareness that Islamophobia is wrong… racism and discrimination of any kind are wrong and the reason we came out yesterday, although we aren’t at the brunt of the attacks this time, we [the Chinese community] remembers when it was in the 1990s,” Mr Cheah told 9news.com.au.

“It’s basically a peaceful way to allow people to reject her racist remarks.”

Mr Cheah said the response to the campaign had been “mostly positive” though some Hanson supporters have sent nasty remarks on Facebook.

The hashtag has since trended on Twitter, with many saying they want more acceptance for all.

What do you think? Are you saying no or yes to Pauline?

  1. Jeanette Grant  

    Definately no

  2. Margaret  

    I voted for her and I say yes, no one else will stand up and voice what we are all thinking, I would rather we look after our own homeless people before any refugees, and yes I come from a European background although I was born here. I have lived in Melbourne with Italians, Greeks and Lebanese and we all got along fine , Muslims on the other hand is an entirely different story.

    • Hanson supporters, stop parroting that Pauline Hanson “is only saying what we are all thinking”. Thanks to Turnbull’s double dissolution, she got in with 4.2% of the Senate votes. Yes, that’s right, 4.2%! That means that nearly 96% of Queensland voters did NOT vote for her, so she does not speak for “all”. Far from it. Racist politicians do not speak for me!

    • Denny Rosey  

      “What we all are thinking” – so you can mind read the beliefs of 20+ million Australians? Don’t fool yourself everyone supports Hanson’s bigotry and ignorance!

    • WendyM  

      Margaret, absolutely agree with you. NoBody else has the nerve to stand up for Australia. Pauline is not against migrants, just out of control immigration policies. We DO NOT want our country to be filled with dysfunction from other dysfunctional violent warring countries, and we definitely don’t want Sharia Law in our country! We don’t want offshore investors scrambling to buy up our business, lands or housing and renting at high prices. Refugees are few and far between ‘genuine’. I support one Iranian refugee who got here, stood on his own two feet, and built a great local Iranian style bakery in Brisbane, I buy there because he refused Australian Welfare payments !!
      Why are these people running away from their own countries and then making Australia what they ran away from? #sayYES2PaulineHansen

      • Laurence Robertson  

        Totally agree if we don’t act now and remove the non-assimilating refugees there will be a civil war. Currently Pauline Hansen is the only one being open about what I believe the majority of Australians think #sayYES2PaulineHansen. If you disagree let’s have a referendum with a simple Yes or No question. “Do you wish the Islamic refugees to remain?

  3. william peacock  

    No no no nno no no no no no no never

  4. Denise Schutz  

    Well she was right, just go to Sydney and u think u are in China, Shes only saying what most of Australia have said, but she has the guts to stand up for if

  5. Colin  

    Certainly YES to Pauline and YES to those who want to become part of the Australian culture but NO to those who want to bring their history of violence to us.

  6. Aileen  

    No, no, no Pauline we do not want to incite racial views here, they issues must be handled diplomatically.

    • Janelle  

      Diplomatically? Ie ‘pussy-foot’ around evil people who like to behead, shoot, stab, & machete others’ who don’t agree with their dark cult beliefs.

      Multiculturism hasn’t worked here, especially with muzzies, whose ‘culture’ is SO anti-westerners’.

      So many other nationalities’ still like to be in their cliques, & live in their enclaves, never bothered to learn to speak, read, & write English!

      Just go to any big shopping centre, & you’ll hear them ‘jabbering’ in their own language. They get their kids’, & grandkids’ to translate for them. AND they’ve live here since the end of WWII…..
      They’ve no respect for this Country which gave them shelter, when THEY needed it!

      GBtWYCF! applies to 1000’s here.

  7. Pam Parker  

    Too late now!! She’s an elected senator and we are stuck with her for 6 years.

  8. Tony  

    Definitely YES. We need more politicians to stand up for Australia, our systems and values. No more of the bull of not being able to have Christmas carols, lights etc., just in case the muslims are hurt by our Christian beliefs and practises! That we should be forced to eat Halal foods without our knowledge, they are just changed by the manufacturers at an extra cost to us!
    Its about time we stood up for our values. Islam is slowly worming its way into our society. They should not be in this country if they insist that their “sick” so called religion is so important to them – go somewhere else to practise it. Australia should be like China where Islam is banned as is the building of mosques as is the granting of any sort of citizenship to a muslim!

    • Janelle  

      Spot on, Tony.

      Muslims’ are banned in Japan, too.
      Maybe if many other countries’, including Australia, did the same, we’d be better off. All OUR values etc etc etc., wouldn’t be in jeopardy.
      And they might realise how unwelcome their cultist brainwashing beliefs are.

      But, of course, only a few, like Pauline, will ‘stand up’. The rest are gutless worms, just wanting to line their own pockets’, & the rest of the populace can suffer!

      • Maisie  

        Agree with Tony Pauline got voted in by the people free vote in Australia Common sense will prevail. Pauline is awake to reporters turning around what she says leave her alone we do not need these silly polls.

    • Kerry Charrett  

      Oh,we should be more like China? Their filthy tendrils are creeping into 3rd world countries to exploit the resources and the poor. They are solely responsible for the decimation of endangered wildlife species in Asia and Africa for their sick and demented so-called medicine. They are currently having a dog meat festival where dog’s are boiled alive to improve the flavour. I have nothing against them as individuals and have known plenty. It’s the country and it’s sick habits that I can’t stand. And as for the middle eastern people, I have no problem with them, I have met only quiet, friendly and peaceful individuals who just want to live in peace.

    • Jim  

      Totally agree it’s not being racist it,s trying save the best nation in the world if you come to our country come because you want a better life not to bring violence and Mahem we have freedom of speech and respect for our country men and women if we condem violence and threats of beheading Australians blowing us up being called infedals it is you who have bought your radical beliefs to our front door. So as far as I am concerned yes to Pauline and any body else who has the guts to fight for our rights go girl.


      So Tony, how was church yesterday? Very uplifting sermon wasn’t it? And the chosen hymns were wonderful.

  9. Roslyn  

    I was raised in a very multicultural area in Wollongong at in no areas were there immigrants putting their hands out wanting money from the country rather they worked in the community in fact starting some of our big companies which added jobs for all not just those from their countries All we hear from refugees is we’re is our money were is our free housing were is it time we can bring out the rest of our freeloaders to put more strain on the country And not all but a good many of the Muslims give into our beliefs or we will harm you make everything you eat conform to our beliefs what the bloody hell do we confirm to you this is our bloody country do what we do love this free country like we all do. Good on you Pauline yes yes

    • Dan Bates  

      You are so right Australia has become the money pot for these bludgers muliple wives heaps kids punched out like a dam sauge factory and who is left to pick up the bill? Us of course Pauline H is a voice in the wilderness I admire her guts n courage, this lady is not perfect after all who is? Makes a lot of pertinent points about grubs from me will never work prays 5 times a day then plots to destroy our country it has to END.

  10. I do hope PAULINE and all the senate that do not belong to liberal save our medicare as this is the first thing they attack lets give Pauline a chance

  11. Graham Bennett  

    Yes and Yes! I have a lot of time and respect for the Chinese and other Asian people and they have it right in banning Islam! Tony you have summed it up admirably. Muslims do not respect our culture and customs, our way of life or beliefs so they can go home or elsewhere to live but not tin his great country where they have one goal in taking over here. There are examples everywhere of this overseas!

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