Sarah Ferguson says one Royal Family member terrifies her

Sarah Ferguson is currently in Australia to mark the 120th anniversary of the Ladies Pavilion at Sydney Cricket Ground and

Sarah Ferguson is currently in Australia to mark the 120th anniversary of the Ladies Pavilion at Sydney Cricket Ground and she stopped by the KIIS FM studios to chat to shock jock Kyle Sandilands and his co-host Jackie O.

The bizarre interview included live animals with Kyle bringing out a chicken at one point, but also delved into the Duchess’ life as a royal.

She revealed that there was one person who still scares her silly every time they come face to face: the Queen.

“Who was the last person you got tongue-tied over?” Jackie asked the Duchess of York.

“I always get really nervous before meeting the boss,” Ferguson replied, explaining that she meant her former mother-in-law, Queen Elizabeth II.

“But does she make you feel at ease and comfortable in her presence?” pressed Jackie.

“Oh of course, she’s brilliant. She makes you feel comfortable within the first five seconds,” Ferguson replied.

They also spoke about her relationship with her ex-husband Prince Andrew, with whom she’s remained close since their divorce.

When asked if there was a change of them ever getting back together, she gave a rather vague answer.

“Well, I always think — we’re divorced to each other right now … so we never really left each other,” she said.

“In the fairy tales that we’re brought up on, a prince comes along on his white charger … but what if the real true thing is to find peace and happiness in yourself? Then after that, see what happens.”

Are you a fan of the Duchess? Do you think she and Andrew could reconcile one day?

  1. Heather  

    I always like her and still do. Let me say I don’t like some of the things she did that were in the News at time. But Happy is still .and Love for her Ex is still there ..Life of a Royals is hard going I a. Glad to be a “Normal” person…

  2. Truth 13  

    Fergi the Duchess of Pork, was married to Andrew & went on a “Toe Sucking” holiday with another man. Both men left her, and now she is trying her very best to get some “Free Money” from the British citizens, as she is unable to even find a stupid rich man, to fall for her. She may be short of money, and now trying to get back to have another ‘crack’ at the Palace coffers. Suddenly her two daughter have come out, asking for extra “Royal” duties, only to make more money. What bloody ” Royal” duties do they expect. If they wish to help people, they should go to a poor African or Asian country & work for a charity. Only problem they will have is, there’s no money in them.

  3. Joan Marshall  

    Sarah Ferguson does not and never will fit in to the Royal mold. Sarah is not Royal material. No Class !!

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