Samantha Armytage gets the apology she deserves

You might remember all the media debate over an article that shamed Sunrise host Samantha Armytage for wearing “granny panties”

You might remember all the media debate over an article that shamed Sunrise host Samantha Armytage for wearing “granny panties” on Monday?

Well, it appears the hoo-ha might finally be over.

After public outcry and Armytage threatening to sue, The Daily Mail has done what many of us wanted and  apologised for the story, removing the word “granny panties” from the article.

“An earlier version of this story contained critical statements regarding Samantha Armytage’s appearance,” an apology at the bottom of the article reads.

“While the story has since been amended, we apologise for any distress caused to Ms Armytage or readers more generally.”

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The original headline of the article, which shamed the Sunrise host for her underwear, has been changed.

“Casual Sunday! Sunrise host Samantha Armytage goes solo as she heads out on a shopping trip after slamming rumours about her dating life” the new headline reads.

You might be wondering why the Daily Mail finally decided to apologise?

Well, it turns out Armytage was threatening to sue – something many of you no doubt would have done if you were in the same situation.

The Daily Telegraph reports a three-page letter was sent from Addisons Law Firm to the editor of the Daily Mail.

“The publication of the article constitutes an indefensible breach of privacy which a court is likely to recognise and in relation to which it would order compensation be paid to Armytage for the hurt, distress and humiliation which the publication has caused.” the letter stated.

No doubt many of you are hoping that’s the end of what seemed like such a silly issue to begin with.

Do you think an apology is enough for what was done? or is it too late to sorry?

  1. Dianne Evans  

    I do not think it is a silly issue! All the time women are insulted and it is accepted as ok well it sucks and I am glad she got her lawyers in on it ! Fed up with the press just no true reporting just lies and gossip not my cup of tea!

  2. Greg Hills  

    What else do you expect from the rag tag newspaper group that publishes the Daily Mail, which also happens to include that loose canon columnist, Andrew Bolt!

  3. Julie Whalen  

    Ohhhh my God. All women ware spanks, grandma nickers, big nickers (call them what ever you want) who cares leave this poor woman alone. Was it a man who wrote this ???????? If so let’s see his undies. If it was a woman put her on a lie dector bet she dosent pass.
    Surely there are more humane issues to comment on.

  4. Lesley Davis  

    Hey, Cmon! This is bull, neither worthy of you nor her elastic. We simply do not care! Please don’t start acting like the nasty American crapchats, we over 60s in Australia follow you for the good, informative and illuminating stuff. Thanks

  5. Michele Mathers  

    Sam, sue the pants off em!!!!!

    • Yes , sue for what you can get , feeling guilty ? Dont , give it to kids charity’s!

  6. Bill Carey  

    I would love to see her in a G string. I love Samantha

  7. Mary  

    What’s it got to do with anyone else what sort of underware she wears? Get a life.

  8. Hope she ” sues ” time to shut down gutter media ! Lift ya game !

  9. Annette Strong  

    What has become of society when it is ok to name and shame, to bring down others, to berate people because they dont agree with your particular platform. It is time that the press takes responsibility for its actions. The lies that are continually put out on the unsuspecting public are shameful. As Denzel Washington said recently, “to be informed you need to read the newspapers, to read the newspapers you are uninformed.” He then went on to say that the press needs to speak the truth and check their facts. I think that they need to get the message as in the USA their readership is crumbling.

  10. Diane  

    The paparazzi has stooped to the lowest level, whoever took the photo and the others involved in putting out there for all to see should be sacked. Is nothing personal anymore. Grow up paparazzi and have some respect.

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