Samantha Armytage forced to apologise on-air

Are people being too sensitive about what the presenters do or should they be role models for those watching?

For a lot of people watching a segment last week on Channel Seven’s Sunrise program, no one picked out a problem with Samantha Armytage’s interview with British singer Ed Sheeran.  Once the problem was pointed out, however, it is something that you can’t unsee and will cost the presenter that the network a few dollars.

During the interview, the Sunrise team was driving the singer to a performance and they were not wearing their seatbelts in a moving car, which is illegal and will come with fines.

The backlash against Sunrise has prompted Samantha to take to the air this morning to apologise for her actions.  In the on-air statement, admitted her “mistake” and stated, “I’m sorry. It was unintentional, I was caught up in the moment but that’s no excuse.”  She also stated, “The infringement notices will be paid”.

There were some that even complained about her apology.

Are some people too hard to please or looking for a reason to be offended?

  1. Valerie Whitlock  

    Yes people are too hard to please and would complain about the littlest thing, just accept the apology and that they were caught up in the moment, Sam you are a lovely lady.

  2. Julie Brown  

    Bloody hell aren’t we all getting a bit too tetchy?

  3. Joan Tisdell  

    For some people, looking for faults on TVs shows is a way of life! I think this gives them a feeling of superiority since they can’t make the grade themselves! Perhaps just watching tv and less criticism would be beneficial to their relaxation time?

  4. bob loxley  

    We must always remember, that TV hosts are usually looked up to as examples
    When media people do the wrong thing, either intentionally or not, people
    can be affected by it…it is not for us to criticise, but media people to be
    more aware of their public influence…..not inlike some football players.

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