Sam Newman under fire for comments against co-host Rebecca Maddern

There was once a time when inappropriate comments at the workplace were ignored, and the culture of saying as you
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There was once a time when inappropriate comments at the workplace were ignored, and the culture of saying as you please to a woman was not met with disapproval. However, in the increasingly aware world we live in, comments like the ones made by Sam Newman on-air towards his Footy Show co-host Rebecca Maddern and indeed other women, are too hard to ignore.

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The comments are workplace harassment, bordering on “unlawful”, Victoria’s top domestic violence advocate says.

But Mr Newman has told the Herald Sun he sees no problem in his remarks, including telling Ms Maddern to “come get on your knees” or “lie nude” on the panel.

A defiant Mr Newman said that even if people regarded it as sexist, it would have “no effect” on what he said in the future.

Domestic Violence Victoria chief executive Fiona McCormack said Newman’s comments must be taken seriously.

“This actually constitutes workplace harassment and could even be unlawful,” she said.

“Some men kid themselves that women want the attention and will be flattered but so many women are put in these awkward situations at work and worry that if they speak up, there’ll be a backlash.”

Despite being the target of more than a dozen jibes, Maddern said “Sam will always be Sam”.

“Some people may judge his comments as sexist, I don’t particularly,” she said.

“If he says something that may be in wrong town a little bit I just don’t give it any oxygen and move on with the rest of the show. We are there to talk about footy.”

Ms McCormack said Channel 9 needed to ensure a respectful and equal workplace.

“Why aren’t they calling this out? Where are the producers?” she said.

“If we’re really serious about stopping violence against women in Australia, we need to challenge the culture that allows it to flourish.”

Mr Newman said he treated all people equally and didn’t see anything wrong with his attitude on the show.

“I don’t care what they make of it, it makes no influence in what I say at all, because I know that in the context of what I say, it’s about intent, so that’s no problem to me at all,” he said.

Mr Newman has directed several jibes and suggestive comments at the former news anchor throughout the latest season of the long-running Channel 9 show.

In June, the former Geelong champion told Ms Maddern he “detected her dress was see- through”.

Discussing being approached to run for Melbourne lord mayor in June, Mr Newman smirked at the camera, repeatedly telling his co-host she could be “under him”.

What do you think of Sam Newman’s comments? Do you think he’s taken his behaviour too far?

  1. Kath Sheppard  

    Hes a sexist pig, he thinks he can get away with anything, sack him and see how popular he was NOT!!! I find him very unattractive in his looks (beedy eyed) and his lack of personality!! He may know about footy but has no respect for anyone male and female!!

  2. Donice Keenan  

    This guy , I refuse to call him a man , has shown his nasty true colours over too MANY years !

    One is left to wonder what leverage he has at CH9 that they keep him on air year after year .

    Mind you CH9 had gone down hill so much since the Kerry Packer years that Newman is sadly , a perfect fit for what the channel has become .

  3. Vicki Hooper  

    The producers ever stop and think if this rude and totally self absorbed ignoramus was to leave the show more people would tune in .He was the reason myself and many other people have stopped watching this show .

  4. I do not like the man because of the way he smirks like a testosterone-fueled schoolboy. He’s not ‘naughty’ – he is sleazy.

  5. Jillian Price  

    Yet again Newman has made inappropriate comments, and just the same as McGuire nothing will be done. For many many years now this is what I call “The Dick and Tie Brigade.” I have a tie, but that’s as far as I’ve got in this mans world.

  6. rickie barnes  

    Hes just going senile, poor ola fella, and still thinks hes a youngun!

  7. chris  

    Sam is nothing but an uncouth sick individual , i find nothing that comes out of his mouth nice he is a pig who should not be in the media at all sack the idiot , he and Eddie are from the same mould but as someone else said nothing will be done , everytime anything from the footy world come on tv now other than a game i turn over , and the other one who`s name doesn`t come to mind who has taken over the footy show the ex cricketer is another idiot channel nine across the board is disgusting from footy show to the morning news with kochie and Sam and 60 min , thank god for the other channels

    • Neil  

      Kochi and Sam on channel nine? I’ll have same of what you’re smoking. Go to “fact check” before committing thoughts to words.

  8. He is just an ignorant pig who should be removed from tv.
    They probably think…any attention is good….they really should read the replies, people do not want this kind of behaviour to enter their homes uninvited.

  9. max allen  

    why do they even have him on air – because it brings attention to the program wankers seem to thrive on live tv shows

  10. Christine Bailey  

    Once a jerk, always a jerk! He’s incapable of change, Ms Maddern gets my vote for her grace and dignity.

  11. Glenys Dreyer  

    Blame channel 9 their inaction only encourages this disgusting behaviour

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