Sam Armytage sends a strong message to smokers

Most of us know Sam Armytage’s smiling face from Sunrise. But if you follow her on social media you’ll know
Sam Armytage has taken to Instagram with a fire safety message. Source: YouTube

Most of us know Sam Armytage’s smiling face from Sunrise.

But if you follow her on social media you’ll know she’s not afraid to speak her mind on issues close to her heart.

This time she’s taken up the fire safety cause, and it’s an issue close to her heart because her father is a volunteer firie.

Armytage posted on her Instagram account about a bushfire burning in New South Wales, and had a message for smokers.

“My dad (& many others!) have just spent ALL night fighting a bushfire out past Currawarna,” she wrote.

“It started beside the main road.


“FFS. Think about it people.”

You tell them Sam!

Her followers have been right behind her on this one, with hundreds of comments backing her calls and praising the hard work of volunteer firies.

According to the Daily Mail, her dad Mac Armytage has been a volunteer firie with the Rural Fire Service for more than 43 years.


How great is that?!

Are you a fan of Sam Armytage?

  1. J.Loehr  

    no i am not at all a fan of her , she uses all she can just to stay in the paper any which way she can

  2. J.Loehr. By Sam making a comment and it goes in the paper. If she gets the message across to smokers who do through their butts out of the window, then that is a bloody good thing. I have seen the devastation that fires can do, and it is not a pretty sight, most of the country fire fighters are volunteers, and some have even given their lives during a raging fire, not to mention the number of homes that have been last, because some stupid idiot couldn’t be bothered to reach across and butt out in the ashtray. What do they think that it’s there for decoration. Start using your brain.

  3. Good on you Sam, I am right behind you on this. Too many firies have lost their lives because of stupid people doing stupid things. A lot of the firefighters are volunteers and they do a damn good job. So let’s have some respect for them, and show it by butting out in the ashtray, instead of throwing it out the window.

  4. Hans de Rycke, App. Kin. Clin. Kin.  

    And while we are at it, also stop throwing your empty stubbies out of the window. We all know drinking alcoholic beverages is a dumb weakness. You don’t have to prove it!

  5. paul low  

    How do they know itwas abutt .anti smokers agin social agenda

  6. Jean McAlpine  

    So easy to avoid by putting out butts in the car….When people throw out a lit cigarette they don’t think about it being enough to start a fire probably. They need to be told that when the grass is as dry as it gets in Australia after months or even years in some places it can ignite easily. Not only that but if we get a rainy year that increases the dry underbrush fueling fires that spread even faster. Fires destroy homes and lives.

  7. David Koppman  

    Glass bottles can start a fire so keep rubbish in car.Anyone who is silly enough to through lighted cig out is crazy.Even when I did smoke that was a definite no no

  8. MrPhysio+  

    I agree with Sam. It has been estimated that 7% of bushfires are caused by cigarette butts. As smokers seem to think they have a right to pollute everyone’s air standing outside doorways next to no smoking signs (smoking causes eyesight problems – apparently), plus they also seem to believe their discarded packaging and butts are not the same as litter (look around any public transport shelter), they need to be educated to the environmental and economic cost of picking up after them and added healthcare costs to the community. And do not get me started on smokers who take a big drag on a cigarette, put the butt under foot then walk inside of a non-smoking establishment breathing out toxic fumes around the 85% of people who chose not to smoke.

  9. Doug Powell  

    Sam (it’s all about me) Armytage

  10. sandra  

    No doubt some fires are caused by stupid people. But for God’s sake leave us bloody smoker’s alone. Wot happened to people’s rights. After all non smoker’s probably do things we don’t like but at least we are heavily taxed

    • Jenny Graves  

      Your taxes don’t come anywhere near to covering the cost of treating all the health problems associated with smoking!! Maybe my husband (who used to work in the Federal Health Dept) is right. He says smokers should cover their own medical costs for health-related illnesses. And anyone who throws a cigarette butt out of a car window needs their head examined! Would you throw them on your carpet at home?

  11. Denise  

    I like Sam but that’s not why I write this. Last week – in the middle of the city – in over 30 degree heat, there was a cigarette butt lying, smouldering on the ground in Martin Place. While I don’t think that was in much danger of causing a fire, that’s not the point. If you are going to smoke, make sure when you throw your butts away, and that they are not still on fire!
    Think it through people and carry something to put your butts in. That way, if anything does go up in smoke, it will be you!

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